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23 / F
Posted 10/18/09
1. Amber
2. 14/F/Swe
3. I don't know o.o
4. I don't even remember
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25 / F / Estonia
Posted 10/18/09
1. Kristi
2. 16/Female/Estonia
3. Interesting? Don't know, but my friends say, that I make inappropriate remarks...
4. I started out with Sailor Moon, I think.
The thing is, I was like 10 or something and it was on some German Channel.
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25 / M / my room
Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/18/09
my namee is Kehnee, I'm 16 years oldd and I'm pretty sure I'm malee and I'm down in CA~
Hmmm. people say I'm really asian XD, I love meeting new people and just having a random conversations XD oh. taking pictures is pretty fun also, I love dancing, expression~!

Mmm sadly I'm not into anime as much as I was in the past, but I get like into it, around Anime Expo time...
I'm more into the asian dramas now, if you watch asian dramas you know why 8]]

Posted 10/19/09
1. Andy
2. 17, Male, QLD
3. I have no idea lol that's a really hard question...
4. I'm asian lol there's no way I could avoid it even if i wanted to hahaha
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21 / F / england.
Posted 10/19/09
im danielle (:
im 13 next tuesdaay, yaay im female, and i come from england?
erm, i'm real mature for my agee and i'm not dumb xD lol, i dont know what else really, lol(:
erm, i didnt acc realise this was a anime site thing, but i'm sure i can become interested in it if i carry on using this site? xD
lol :)
add me [:
Posted 10/19/09
Im Andela-Veronika
I'm 15 years old, Female and living in London.
I live computer games and games consoles. Alot of Super Mario! haha :3

Feel free to add, if you want. xx
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27 / M / Brazil
Posted 10/19/09
1. I'm Samuel
2. 18 years old/male/Brazil
3. I'm rly funny (maybe not :P) / i don't know how to speak in english (but i can understand words, of course :D)
4. My friends (and my sister lol)/ i love music (i always love) / i play games since 1993 :P

I love tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman), and doramas too. XD

My favorite music is: Stargate Overture (theme from the Stargate film [1994]). ^^
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24 / F / Earth
Posted 10/19/09 , edited 10/19/09
1) Technicolor
3)I'm random at most points....I shout Rawr! randomly
4) Well I was at the library and saw anime comic books and I've been reading them when I get The chance


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32 / M / Yakima Valley...WA
Posted 10/19/09
1. L.J.
2. 24/M/WA
3. I love the color orange and do not know why and I am also a genius with tunnel attention span syndrome. I also love funny pictures and sharing them.
4. Hmm... years ago... when I watched DBZ, Sailor Moon, and Outlaw Star on ... sadly cartoon network in the states.

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31 / F / England
Posted 10/20/09
1. Sabulana.
2. 22/Female/England
3. I'm addicted to roleplaying on LJ and am trying to set my own game up. Is that interesting enough?
4. My dad got me into videogames when I was about 10 /11when he bought a PS1. He is also responsible for the Final Fantasy obsession I have. I got into anime properly sometime later but I forget how. I guess the first anime I watched was Pokemon after school but I can't remember what the first fansubbed anime I watched was. My manga obsession came when I realised my local bookshop actually stocked it. The first manga I ever bought was Chobits. XD
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33 / F / Illinois
Posted 10/20/09

1. Crystal
2. 24/f/Illinois

I'm really random when bored, and often do silly things that come to my head. 4. I started out watching Dragonball Z and Sailormoon on Cartoon Network after school. Over time I started watching other series and began to grow an interest in anime. The first manga I read was Rurouni Kenshin volume one after I saw it in my library, and I soon began checking out manga from there whenever I went. As for playing video games, I've been playing games since my parents first purchased me a SNES with Super Mario World.

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26 / F / Germany,Cologne
Posted 10/20/09 , edited 10/20/09
1. Mona
2. 17 / Female / Germany
3. I wash my hands more than 40 times a day and I hate it wehen someone touch my hair
4. dunno. I think it was SailorMoon and that stuff. Then the Pokemon Games for Nintendo.
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28 / M / Phoenix, AZ
Posted 10/20/09
Name: Jasper Ng
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Weird: Nerd =)
Fun: Hip Hop Dancer
Anime: Inuyasha! FTW!
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34 / F / Far away from rea...
Posted 10/20/09

1. Anju
2. 25/F/Away from Reality.
3. I like the smell of skunks...? o_O
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31 / M / Currently travell...
Posted 10/20/09

1. Paul
2. 22/M/London (but currently travelling Asia)
3. I have 4 creases on my little finger :O
4. Saw an advert for Akira about 6-7 years ago and got myself hold of a copy and fell in love with anime after watching it.
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118 / M / Moonlit Path
Posted 10/21/09
1. deffbot
2. M/34/Dublin Ireland
3. I can bake a cake in three languages?, I wrestle alligators (in my mind) and I invented denim (probably).
4. i have always loved games and anime
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