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28 / M / LA, CA
Posted 7/19/12
1. Daniel Lieamvong
Because my last name is hard to pronouce and Daniel sounds too formal, just call me D.
2. 23/ LA/ CA
3. Been doing AMVs for about 10 years and I have just became a avid PVC collector even tho my wallet hates me
4. Akira showed me the rabbit hole and ninja scroll pushed me in!
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24 / F / Romania
Posted 7/19/12
1) name is Sabina
3)I like to eat ramen, or somthing close to it because there's no way to find ramen here...I guess ...I also love to draw...I love make-up know...girls stuff
4)I watch for the first time Inuyasha on TV ...and then was Kaleido Star, Paradise Kiss....then I start to draw them...

So if you wanna add I am:P bye guys!!
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24 / M / Austin, Minnesota
Posted 7/19/12
I'm a talkative fellow, shoot me a FR and we can chat as much as you like (:
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20 / M / Milton Keynes
Posted 7/20/12
Join my G.O.T Fan Group if you are a fan!
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Posted 7/20/12 , edited 7/20/12
What's up?

Real name is Tommy, love to watch anime, love to game. If you've got a PS3 send me a message and I'll add you! Currently a senior in college majoring in Japanese and minoring in Business. よろしくお願いします!
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25 / F / Manila, Philippines
Posted 7/21/12
1. Kat Liu
2. 20 / f / Mla
3. I'm so random, Like now, I want to be a boy. ROFL
4. I play DotA, I play Flyff, Im a certified gamer girl, I just do whatever I want, I listen to whatever I want , watching whatever I want. Whatever =)

HI everyone!
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22 / F / Netherlands
Posted 7/21/12
Hi all I'm Kuberu my real name is Naomi I'm 17 years old, in 2 weeks 18 and I come from the Netherlands.
I mainly joined crunchyroll for it's forums and community and I am quite talkish but very random x)
I really love anime and games, my favorite anime is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, and if you ask about games well I recently quited Jade Dynasty that I have played 3 years and I have yet to find a really new "addiction"
Don't be shy leave a message on my page if you want.
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24 / M
Posted 7/21/12
Being a boy isn't fun. xp And welcome to cr.
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F / United Kingdom
Posted 7/21/12
Okay, well I am not a new user. But I have been gone from CR for a really long time and have decided to come back. So here is some stuff about me:

1. Name: Katie
2. 19, female, UK
3. I have imaginary conversations with my imaginary butler. Does that count as interesting?
4. No idea what first got me into anime. Too long ago to remember.
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29 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 7/21/12 , edited 7/21/12
1. Amanda
2. 24/F/Los Angeles!
3. I have an unhealthy obsession with Kalafina's Keiko Kubota. ;D
4. Ex gf of mine got me started on Claymore back in the day and I fell in love with anime (series) instantly. I pretty much flock to anything yuri/shoujo-ai related, magical girl, comedy, romance, slice of life....epic stuff like STEINS;GATE.

Always been a gamer. WoW for 4 years, Aion for 2 years (just got back into it), Guild Wars, League of Legends. Went to my first anime convention this year at Anime Expo and I loved it! So many interesting people, which made loving anime and manga even more awesome.

Derp derp....looking for new friends to watch anime with and talk about manga and stuff.
Posted 7/22/12
1. Sarah :3
2. 17/Femaleee/VA
3. I Make jewelry and bags out of candy wrappers :-D ?
4. One of my old friends introduced me when we were in 7th grade~

I Love meeting new people ^^ I'm here mostly for anime but I love talking to people ^^
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19 / F / Anywhere
Posted 7/22/12
I'm still new here I just joined last month
1. I'm Miharu
2. Nd I'm 16 years old
3. I'm rlly gd at drawing manga nd love watching anime <3
4. I love 2 make new friends but I'm kinda shy when it comes 2 talking 2 them for the first time nd sometimes I don't know wat 2 say ><

I like 2 play video games like kingdom hearts it's my fav game I have nd final fantasy nd I hope I get along with everyone xD
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21 / F
Posted 7/22/12
1. Alice
2. 16/mtf/Michigan
3. I get easily emotional
4. An old friend of mine showed me a lot of anime when I came over.
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20 / M / Your Dreams
Posted 7/22/12
1. Leonardo
2. 15/m/nj
3. i am proud to say i am an otaku
4. it all started with dragonball z on toonami...
Posted 7/24/12
Well, my full name is Mitchell Erving Flint.
I'm 19 years old and in my second year of college.
I'm pretty chill about everything.
I got a crunchyroll account because I'm majoring in animation. So it made since for me to try and support the industry that I will be working in.
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