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24 / F / Florida, US
Posted 7/31/12
My real name's Ashleigh, but I usually use "artsygirl" in all my accounts online And yep, I'm 21, I live in Florida, going to pharmacy school this fall *yay 4 more years til it's all done*. This is like my 5th forum I've joined (3 of them Bleach) lol. I love art, writing, reading, youtube, and of course manga and anime. Rock, trance, classical, soundtracks, and some J-pop are the types of music I love. Hope to meet some new friends here!
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16 / M / Canada
Posted 7/31/12
(Name:Jonathan Landriault)
(Im 13, I live in Ottawa, Canada)
(I'm A good calm or sometimes hyper guy and i love listening to Showtek and B.A.P)
(Anime favs: Naruto Shippuden, FMA Brotherhood, Eureka 7 and Ao no exorcist)

(I dont remember when i started watching anime, All i can say is I LOOOOVE IT BABY!!)
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19 / M / Maryland, Owings...
Posted 7/31/12
Brandon :)
Just recently finished going to Otakon in the Baltimore Maryland area love it^_^
Shoot a friend request i love making friends and enjoying new talk about anime and other stuff !
Posted 7/31/12 , edited 8/11/12
Old / F / Canada
I can touch my nose with my tongue
I grew up with it.
Posted 8/1/12
Hi my name is Joanna, but everyone calls me Jay-Jay or Jo.
I am 27 turning 28 in September.....goodness, I'm feeling kind of old looking at these introductions.
I am female and I live in Minnesota....(Best Place to Live)
The most interesting thing about be is that I am a mother of two boys, Xander 6 and Logan 4.
They mean everything thing to me. I'm sort of picky and I LOVE putting thing in order.
I watched Hunter X Hunter about 3 years ago and got hooked! I love anime. If there was a way to become one or go into a world of one, that would be heaven to me.
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27 / M / Texas
Posted 8/1/12
Arlington, Texas
New to Anime. Need something new to watch. TV has gone to ****
Posted 8/1/12
I made this account for one reason.
I need help from someone on an issue.. I don't know what to do.
I haven't eaten anything, I can't think straight. I really need help.
Posted 8/1/12
Not new to the site, but new to the forums.

My name is Sam. 21, female, as close to sane as is acceptable. Shoot me a message anytime for super fun chat tiemz. I'm occasionally clever.
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Posted 8/1/12
1. Connie
2. 17 female USA
3. I am ambidextrous
4. I love animation ever since I was young. I think my first anime was Sailor Moon (if people don't count pokemon/DBZ/Digimon). I am not a fanatic as people are nowadays, but I'll still watch plenty.
Posted 8/2/12
Alex .
21 Philippines .
Loves anime , and currently looking for people to talk to .
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23 / F
Posted 8/3/12
1/ Name: Alex
Im 16, Female.
I like Shugo Chara, Bleach, Skip beat and way more!
I really like Watching anime!!!
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21 / M
Posted 8/3/12
Hi I'm Jeremy.

I'm an 18 yr old guy in Michigan.

I like to hug people....like I have a sign that says Free Hugs....it works.

Saw this documentary about the rise of Anime, and it talked about where it began and everything, and how the Matrix took some scenes from Ghost in the Shell. That made me think, "Then Anime must be where it's at if people are taking ideas from it." Then I looked on my Netflix for some anime and watched Death Note and then Elfen Lied. My love for anime was then born.

And now you know the whole story. hahaha.
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29 / F
Posted 8/4/12
1. Nina
2. 26/F/Texas
3. I like a lot of things...
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21 / M / Florida
Posted 8/4/12


I love reading and vidja games. Something weird about me... I'm perfectly normal. :|

I don't really remember.
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Posted 8/4/12
Hey I've had this account for the longest time but never posted on the forums.

My name is Nade

I'm 22

I'm a renaissance man
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