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23 / M / my mother's womb
Posted 8/23/12
1. Kevin
2. 17/M/NJ, originally from Hong Kong
3. Unfortunately, I am not interesting. Maybe that makes me weird
4. GUNDAM SEED. Pokemon, Digimon, etc. were on TV ALL the time in HK but Gundam Seed got me staring profusely at any screens that have Gundam on it, thus, landed me into Anime watching.
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33 / M / Saint Louis, Miss...
Posted 8/24/12
1. Eric
2. 27/M/Saint Louis
3. I'm a performance artist
4. Eureka 7, Full Metal Alchemist and the Brotherhood version. Anything that's deep and doesn't involve gratuitous butt shots with the outline of essentially a camel toe.
Posted 8/24/12
1. Rekein Dean
2. 21/M/Massachusettes
3. I Make An RPG!
4. Sailor Moon and Tenchi in Tokyo was amazing they made me dive deeper into the anime scene to a point I even go to cons ;3

Hope we all can get along and be friends!
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Posted 8/24/12
my name is Saul ..... i been coming to CR since shinji started CR back when we had chatrooms and even before then . when we had unlincesed anime but shinji turned to the dark green side of the force and sold out ...... most who know me know me as KitanaiKoneko a flamer with a anthro addiction .... i started loving anime before most of you where even born ...... my first true love of anime other then saturday morning toons was Naussica''a'' of the vally of the wind i seen it when i was a lill kid im about to be 34 & will love anime intill the day i die ...... i went hardcore on anime back in the ORION days .... the vhs days before dvds & even before us manga corp
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31 / F
Posted 8/25/12 , edited 8/25/12
My name is Lola P Gaston.
I am 25 year old from Florida.
I am doing my Masters currently. I am also working with multiple website for income generation.
My interests are graphic designing.

Lola P Gaston

Wealthy Affiliate Review
Home Gardening Tips
BYU Sports Guy
Beta blockers side effects
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31 / M / USA
Posted 8/25/12
Hello people!

My name is Paul. I'm 25/m, and I live in Ky.
Not entirely sure what I really like anymore... I used to be really into anime and video games when I was younger, but I haven't been as interested lately. I'm trying to get back into now, and I just started watching Brave 10 and I'm liking it a lot so far.
Other interests of mine include: reading, writing, photography, some very basic web design, biking, coffee, sushi, and probably more.
I'm not sure, but I think the first anime I saw was Cowboy Bebop. I'd say it's still my all time favorite.

Oh, and I just finished creating my profile skin. What do you think?

For my writing and photography, you can visit me here.
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33 / M / Wellington, New Z...
Posted 8/26/12
Hi all! I just found out about this site and I'm very excited to get back into anime.

1. My name is Ignacio, but most folks just call me Iggy.
2. Just turned 28, male, American currently living in Wellington, New Zealand.
3. I'm a previs animator who gets to work on fun movies, so that's a fun talking point! I'm also weird, so there's a weird thing about me.
4. Saint Seiya got me into anime - when I was a kid visiting Mexico, I'd always watch it on tv in Spanish (where it was known as "Los Caballeros del Zodiaco!) That led me to Record of Lodoss War which then led to Eva and by then I was completely hooked for a long long time until life got in the way.

Hope to talk to you folks more!
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32 / M
Posted 8/26/12
Hi everyone I'm Olly.

1. 20 something live in UK
2. Er, I often sleep with my eyes open I guess that's pretty weird???
4. Saw Akira and GITS and Gundam growing up and that started it for me! Cowboy Bebop has to be my favorite Anime!
Really enjoying Space Bros and Heroman atm!

Looking forward to hanging out and getting involved in UK based community stuff here at crunchyroll central hub!
Posted 8/26/12
1. Leila
2. 25/F/usa
3. I don't really have anything interesting about myself or weird..sorry
4. Well, i was dating someone who liked anime and we watched chobits together and i was hooked. lol
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26 / F / Down South
Posted 8/26/12
2.20/F/PH- down south
3.I'm a college student, studying BS Education major in English Language
I'm gonna try to practice and enhance my english skills here
4. My brother is into anime and stuff, at first I think it was so childish but after watching shugo chara I got hooked
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31 / M
Posted 8/27/12
1. Marcelo
2. 25 / M / Brazil
3. I'm a consultant, coder, part time game developer and photographer hobbyist
4. I'm a hardcore gamer and my family's from Japan so I'm watching anime since birth (mainly Doraemon that time..)
Posted 8/27/12
Hola, I am Senor Williams and I do no hablo English.
Posted 8/27/12
1. Kiki Lee :)
2. 18/F/US
3. I'm a Korean-American and while I can understand and read Korean well, I suck at actually speaking it :p
4. Well I love Korean dramas and I just had some friends who told me to try watching them, so I did
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27 / M / Dallas, TX
Posted 8/27/12
1. Hello my name is Sammy and im an anime addict
2. 22/M/San Antonio, Texas
3. I am going to art school:3
4. I had the pleasure of being introduced to anime through Toonami (the original Toonami not the resent one) ever since then Ive been addicted
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27 / F
Posted 8/28/12

2. 20/female/Philippines
3. I'm super Interested with Anime!!!!!
4. Action figures, and watching it on Tv and Internet
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