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30 / F
Posted 9/4/12 , edited 9/24/12
hello all i am new here

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Posted 9/5/12

syapa wrote:

hello all i am new here

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29 / F / UK/Japan
Posted 9/5/12
Welcome all newcomers =)
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28 / M / Las Vegas, NV
Posted 9/5/12
Hi nice to meet you all here in CR!

1. Jae
2. 23 / M / Las Vegas, NV
3. I love sushi so much that I started working at a Japanese sushi-house. If anyone wants to go eat sushi with me, I'm down! :D
4. I am Korean, born and raised half way in Korea, so anime/manhwa is a cultural thing where everyone loves it and watches when growing up. The anime that really got me into it though was Dragonball. Anyone remember or know what that is? (I'm talking about baby Goku here haha). Also I wasn't very into video games until I started playing Final Fantasy 7. That game was epic. Tifa is still my childhood crush >_<!!

Seeyou around~
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33 / F / Georgia
Posted 9/6/12
Hiya! I'm a n00b

1. Karen
2. pss it's over there <----
3. my first and middle name rhyme
4. I guess I started watching anime in my teens with AdultSwim. Music, since birth? Gaming...just recently I've gotten more serious about it.

Yep, ya doin'?
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24 / F / California
Posted 9/6/12 , edited 9/6/12
Nice to meet you everyone! Actually I've been on crunchyroll before... like when I was 13-15 years old, but lost interest in anime and never watched again until recently so here I am :)

1. michelle
2. 19/f/cali
3. I love languages. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and currently on my 2nd year of Japanese language class. I am planning on taking Italian, German, Korean, and French language classes as well in the future ^.^
4. I keep thinking Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched, but it was actually Dragon Ball XD So I got to know of anime cause of my bros ^.^
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23 / M / Wonderland
Posted 9/7/12
1. Hey I'm Dark King
2. 18, male, and I live in Wonderland
3. I'm known to be the most weirdest creature ever by my friends xD
4. And, my bro got me into anime/video games. He raised me most of my life when I was little and has brought me up into the anime/video game world. I watched Fist of the North star as my first anime (watched it when I was 5). Then later on, my mom introduced more anime and video games to me
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32 / F / Millersville, Mar...
Posted 9/8/12
1. Amanda but I go by Sae
2. 27/female/maryland
3. I'm still in college perusing a degree in Psychology AND Graphic Design, as well as working on a gender studies certificate. I also have a dog, cat, two snakes, geckos and a ferret. Me and my two best friends run panels at the local anime conventions (Otakon, Katsucon)
4. My mother used to be a hardcore gamer so she got me into video games, Music I was given my own radio at 10 and just kind of discovered music outside of 80's and country music on my own as for anime I kind of fell into it watching MTV//SCIFI late at night and then soon Toonami.
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31 / F
Posted 9/8/12
Welcome xii


anuncios gratis, anuncios gratuitos
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27 / F / Las Vegas
Posted 9/8/12
Hi everyone!

1. I go by D because my name isnt the easiest.
2. 22/ F/ Las Vegas.
3. Interesting? not all that interesting. I guess Im premed, im weird, and I prefer being alone mostly.? kinda weird i suppose.
4. Case Closed was on Adult Swim was the first anime I watched. I didnt watch anything else until a few months ago. I dont really remember how i got into music. I grew up with my dad and brothers always playing games so I played as well.
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29 / M / Montreal Quebec C...
Posted 9/9/12 , edited 9/9/12
Well i guess this should be told
1. M.X short for Mathieu Xavier
2. 23/M/Montreal Quebec Canada
3. I watch too much anime / play too mcuh video games I guess that makes me weird LOL o and im crazyyyy and i except myself of grammar errors :P
4. I was basicly like 7 years old when ifirts played a video game so i guess video gamin gin my blood video games brougth me to anime and since then ive been hooked.
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31 / F
Posted 9/10/12
My name is Lola P Gaston. I am from Florida. I am a student and a part time internet marketing and business solutions provider. My interests include nail art, hair-dos, soccer, politics. Like most of us, I am internet and TV addict.

Lola P Gaston

sportsbook reviews
Posted 9/10/12
1. Ask.
2. <---/F/ :D
3. Shouldn't matter, should it?
4. Yay.
Posted 9/10/12
Hi, not really new, technically been using Crunchyroll without an account for 3 years, hehee.

1. Endear for short if need be.
2. 23/F/New York
3. um, I play DDR to lose weight.
4. Idk, it's an instinct, lol.
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20 / F
Posted 9/11/12 , edited 9/11/12
kyara H
2. 14/F/TX
3. something interesting? don't i like playing soccer,sculpting,and uhhh i look white but im hispanic?
4. Ive always had an interest in anime/games maybe because i hang out with guys a lot when i was little.
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