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19 / In my bed >;)
Posted 9/20/12

1. Jeremy Kitty Skye ( At your service. ;] {You are dumb if you think that, that awesome name of mine is my real one.} )
2. USA ._.
3. I'm unique.../To many to list...
4. In 2008 I saw an advertisement for three anime books that I later got, read, and enjoyed. I was then hooked for life./Music...!/Ever since I could freaking talk, I have been playing video games.

I have been here since 2008 so I'm actually not new to this site.

Xbox Live gamer-tag: xxxxHorroRxxxx (If you add me please send me a message after and state who you are. I only keep people who talk/play with me.)

Add me! =^-^= I have no buddies. D,:
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Posted 9/20/12 , edited 9/20/12
Hello Crunchyroll

1. David (D.C.)
2. 27/M/UK
3. My music tastes are very varied...
4. Started through Dragonball Z tp Beyblade to Inuyasha to Code Geass to Gundam Seed..
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M / Canada
Posted 9/20/12
Hi there folks!

I'm Andy.
Nothing really interesting about me.
Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing/Seed, and Inuyasha were the show's that I watched as a kid that got me into anime!
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23 / M / England
Posted 9/21/12
I've been apart of CR for the past year but never bothered introducing myself so here goes

Hello my name is Austin
I'm 22 and of the male breed and from England
I can roll my tongue and then exhale through my mouth to create a convincing owl noise . Also I hate being called "British" I'm English
My dad got me into anime I started with like Macross Saga when I was a baby then watched more and more
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14 / F / Namimori Chu :P
Posted 9/21/12
1. Winnie
2. 13/F/UK
3. i go very hyper around the time 10pm xD
4. i've watched anime since when i was little and i've been hooked ever since
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18 / F / Oslo, Norway
Posted 9/21/12
1. Vanessa
2. 16/F/Oslo, Norway
3. easier to read the profile if you want to know something special about me
4. started watching Naruto long time ago, and got a friend that was even more into anime than me
Posted 9/21/12
name : Hintkin (Just call me Hint)
a/s/l : 18/F/PH
something interesting/weird about you : I enjoy eating exotic foods.. & I do programming
what got you into anime/music videos/games : What got me into Anime?? DEADMAN WONDERLAND
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21 / M / In a small town i...
Posted 9/21/12 , edited 9/21/12
Konichiwa!! My name is Victor Angel, just new like a pair of hours ago but have been into Anime for some time

I cant look people in the eyes and always have my whiskers Trafalgar Law style

Im 20, male and live in New Jersey and started to watch One Piece on Tv since i was 17 and kept looking for new episodes in internet and then started to like other animes, also i like to cosplay...Before that? i spent almost all my time playing Video games like Pokemon and KOF
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19 / M
Posted 9/22/12
1. Seipon. Call me either Sei or Pon if you want too.

2. 17/M/?

3. When sitting on a chair, I like to sit on my feet. (Knees sticking out)

4. Watching Bleach and Naruto on Friday nights when I was younger. Also watched Cardcaptor Sakura and Shaman King.

I think I'll be on late nights for the most part, but I like long conversations with people, though I might be a bit shy at times.

I agree with the person above me, considering myself being a lazy otaku who only watches anime and plays games on weekend. Add me if your interested, I'd love to talk with you.
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21 / M
Posted 9/22/12
1. Name: AkaYoru. I know this is spelled wrong, but that's what I found back when I just started to get into Japanese stuff and I used it too much to suddenly change it. I would forget where I used what name.

2. A/S/L: 19 / M / Somewhere in Europe.

3. Weird stuff about me: I keep buying games when they are on sale even though I never play them. I have a mini-fridge under my desk so I don't have to go downstairs when I want something to drink. My next goal is to convince my parents to let me buy a microwave.

4. How did I get into anime: ~6 years ago, a friend told me to watch Love Hina. After that I started to look for more 'cartoons' (not knowing they called it anime). After I found out it was anime, I started to watch most of the popular animes before switching to manga 3 years ago. Just recently I got back into anime, catching up with all the anime I was following.

If anyone feels like chatting, just send a message. The change of me starting a conversation is very small.
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20 / M
Posted 9/22/12
Hi CR!

1. Kei
2. 18, Otoko! / Male, Philippines
3. Downloads anime episodes for collection, but never re-watches them xD
4. My Cousin, She got many anime dvd's and she introduced it to me.
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27 / F
Posted 9/22/12
My name is Lola P Gaston.
I am 25 years old from Florida.
I am a freelance graphic designer and an internet marketing professional.


make money online, make money gambling, free cash, free money
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17 / F / Florence,Italy
Posted 9/22/12
Uh....hi,I'm new here and I was wondering if um....anyone was interested in roleplaying with me in my Hetalia Rp group....B-but It's okay if you don't want to,I completely understand.
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Posted 9/22/12
1. Hello~ My name is Maise / Mace (not my real name ^^)
2. I'm a nineteen year-old female. Living in the Philippines :3
3. I am pessimistic and I like cutting myself. I have a blade named Bob :DD
4. My older siblings :3

would be cool if you add me and be my bud ;D

to make things clear, I am not a newbie~ I simply created a new account :]
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Posted 9/23/12
Hello, I'm new My name's Jae and crunchyroll is a pretty cool place.
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