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Posted 10/30/12


I know how to run a radio station.

I guess what got me into anime was when Poke'mon red and blue came out in the states for the first time. Got me interested in things from Japan, next thing I know im watching Ghost In The Shell: The Movie. Then i started watching one new anime after the other....and now here I am
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Posted 10/30/12
Hello everyone!

I'm not exactly new but this is the first time I've been back here in a long long time. I faded out of this site because of various life demands but I've had some free time recently so I've come back and I've been having a look around. This place has definitely gotten much more, I should say, mainstream than several years ago but I think that's a great thing.

I'm still into animes, watching quite a few good ones this season, and I'm big on anime music and the like so feel free to send me a buddy request if you feel like having a chat, I've always been a very open guy and that has never changed about me.

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22 / M / USA
Posted 10/30/12
1. Josh
2. 19/Male/PA
3. Hmmm I can't really think of anything. How about i like to overthink things, which is such a bad habit of mine.
4. First i started with DBZ on toonami on cartoon network. I then saw some of Yu Yu Hakusho, and then saw some of Inyuyasha. I didn't get serious into anime until i started watching Naruto and Bleach and then my love for anime continued from there!
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24 / F
Posted 10/30/12

1. Allison (aka Natsuo)
2. 21, female, from Ohio!!
3. I am a cosplayer! *points to status* Check out my work if you would like to.
4. My love for pokemon, digimon, and sushi growing up! The Japanese culture has always fascinated me.
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16 / F / Outside
Posted 10/31/12
1. Sam
2. 13, Female, and Wisconsin's my home
3. I like Astronomy and extremely dislike skirts.
4. Well, it all started when my brother and I bought Pokemon Firered at a garage sale, and I got hooked...really bad.

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22 / M / United States of...
Posted 10/31/12
1. Da name's Brett Wallace but I tend to answer to other names as well like Brent, Wally, Avery(my middle name), and Bob.
2. 19, male, Texas
3. I talk to the TV when watching romance comedy anime (not something I am proud of)
example: "Why did you leave her you idiot!", "She loves you! You damn moron!", etc.
4. After five years of being anime free I went to college and found someone reading manga, being a dick I made fun of him for it and now were friends and I started to watch anime again. Funny thats all it took
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28 / M / san francisco
Posted 10/31/12
1) James Huston
2) male / 25 / in FL but moving to San Francisco
3) I am working on an anime and campaigning on Kickstarter.com. The anime is called Hacker Mind.
4) I love anime because of the artistic freedom. You can do a lot with anime that you can't with live action films.
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24 / M / CA/Napa Valley
Posted 10/31/12 , edited 10/31/12
1st. Jesus is first name, but Sky will be new middle name soon i hope.

2nd. Age 21/ Male/ California

3rd.Hmm... interesting huh? umm... errr... I dont know much i could say im very quiet in real person and extremely shy as well And Honest Hard Worker.

4th. Got into anime since i spend my time dreaming about it and looking at so many mangas as well resemble on one character but i forgot from which name since i have the hairstyle i think not really sure oh well... I enjoy Animation Styles of any kind without doubt.

Forgot one thing im not new today just havent had time to post my introduction, i apologize for the error. since i joined.
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24 / M / Missouri
Posted 11/1/12
Hey everyone, newish to this site. Decided to actually be somewhat active with my account


1: my name is Jake
2: 21/m/MO
3: its very hard for me to find anything that I can't enjoy, oh and I'm about 6'5"
4: I guess I got into anime when dragon ball z was out, watched it every day after school, and it just went from there
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25 / F / Dark Side
Posted 11/1/12
2. im actually 18 but i love puting 22, dont judge me xD from Australia
3. Fujoshi, in otaku language im pretty much a sleazy purv on BL
4. Where do i start, i was 5
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Posted 11/1/12
Hi! My Short name is Al.
I'm 16 and female.
Love anime from the first day I laid eyes on Hungry Heart <em.. does anyone know 'bout it?>
Well i think almost everything 'bout me is weird <yeah, i sleep with my violin!+ i named it "Len" khehe>
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30 / M / UK
Posted 11/2/12

My names Rich but online I usually go by either "Tricks" or on here "Shadowtricks"

I'm currently 28 (September 19th) and work as a Web Designer for a small company near my home, which resides in Matlock within the Derbyshire Dales in the UK, this is also where I play the odd game (Guild Wars 2 - Desolation) and watch copious amounts of Anime.

Other hobbies include plenty of Music and Magic (cardistry at the moment)

I'm a rather open book so I'll be happy to chat and or answer any questions, but other than that it's a pleasure to meet you all.

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25 / M / US
Posted 11/2/12
1. Stan
2. 22/M/US
3. I love to draw, though I am not good that good at it -- I am a big fan of Pokemon, especially the games and the manga
4. I only 'really' got into anime around 6 years ago when my friend introduced me to some good ones (also around the time when I stopped playing soccer due to injuries).
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27 / M / Israel
Posted 11/2/12 , edited 11/2/12
1. Igor
2. 24/M/Israel
3. Nothing much, I like quiet places that calms you down though I don't mind loud places either and I love instrumental music.
4. My illness got me into video gaming at age 10 then I started sink into depression at age 15, then I discovered anime but after 3 years of army I started to pay more attention to manga, I rarely watch anime now but I read lots of manga to the point I got no series left to read.

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Posted 11/2/12
well, i'm new here so 1) eddie
3) loves to watch anime and play niche games from japan
4) been watching anime since the early 80's and my first console was an atari 2600
5) been disabled all my life
6) anything else just ask
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