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27 / M
Posted 11/19/12
1. My actual name is Melina but everyone just calls me Mena.
2. 20/F/SoCal
3. I am currently going to school for special effects makeup but my dream career is to be a voice actress for Disney/Pixar. * u *
4. I would say I got into anime simply from watching Sailor Moon on my TV after school(even though I didn't know it was anime at the time.)
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20 / M / Earth
Posted 11/19/12
The name is Jonathan.
Addicting to Dr Pepper. Lots weird about me. But to myself, I am normal.
On TV in few years ago, I always watch cartoon. Somehow some of anime in there. I notice it's different than usually cartoon, like InuYasha, Dragonball, Konjiki no Gash!! then I found out that it's call anime and I falling in love with world of anime!
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23 / F / Northern California
Posted 11/19/12
Hi, my name is Erica~
I'm 22 years old. I am a female, and I live in Northern California.
I love pocket watches and antique keys.
I got into anime from watching Sailor Moon and Pokemon when I was young. :3
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F / ..Right here..
Posted 11/20/12 , edited 11/20/12
Hey everyone!! My name is Emily!!

I'm 20, I am a lady, and I live in Michigan (aka the most boring place ever)

I am super easy to get excited and tend to have random excitement mode when I see something I like a lot.
like I see a cute guy, or anime, or anything pertaining to Japanese culture, or really good food. I usually talk in gibberish and get all crazy
and jump around in circles or do a cartwheel or a flip looking for a way to let out my excitement. LOL

My ex showed me Bleach when I was like 16 and I have been hooked on anime ever since. But I also used to watch it when I was young.

If you want to chat messages me or buddy me.
I am definitely a people person
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18 / F / N. Ireland
Posted 11/20/12
1. hiya i'm robyn
2. i'm 17, girl and i'm from northern ireland!!
3. idk if there's anything weird/interesting about me- i'm really boring irl
4. i got into anime when i was 12 i think?? i remember this kh fanfic writer i use to love started making fanfics for fruits basket and death note so i looked into them and i got hooked, i guess!! (although i don't have as much time to watch anime nowadays because of school)
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18 / M / Gulfport, MS
Posted 11/20/12
I'm late in this. My name is William L. Jasper, I just turned 17 since my birthday past a few weeks ago, and I lived most of my life in Japan, but I wasn't born there.
I seriously love video games, especially RPGs, music, and fighting games.
I make a few blogs in Destructiod.
Even though I don't go on the Internet much, I am very lonely, inside and outside of the Internet....Maybe this place will cheer me up. Time to seek out friends.
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30 / M / Florida
Posted 11/20/12
1. Alex
2. im 29 from Queens, NYC. Currently live in Orlando, FL
3, Interesting? Umm find out i guess..
4. I began enjoying anime by watching saint seiya, voltron and Captain Tsubasa back when i was like 9 or 10. I have enjoyed anime since then.
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20 / F / Upside down
Posted 11/21/12
1. Taylor
2. 19 / f / Nebraska
3.I can be easily entertained sometimes
4. I got into anime back when I was in Elementary school/Middle school, I would come home, turn on the tv, change the channel to cartoon network and watch the new episodes of Dragonball Z when they aired on Toonami, call me weird for it being the first one that really interested me but I loved that show and still do!
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23 / M / Colorado
Posted 11/21/12
1. My name is Tosis Maguill.
2. 22 years old, male, I live in Colorado.
3. I have a ton of talents and I eat a ton of food. Also, I am a lonely, reclusive person.
4. I think the first animation I ever saw besides stuff like Pokemon and stuff like that was Heavy Metal, right around 1995. The animation, art, and fiction/fantasy aspect of it completely fascinated me. I believe it was a combination of that with a lot of the games on PS1 such as Bushido Blade and Final Fantasy that got me hooked. I've been continuously looking for new things ever since!
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27 / Washington..But c...
Posted 11/21/12
My name is Michael Touch
Im 26 years old ,Male, and i live in washington
I Love to go out and do active things like Snowboard, Paintball, Drinking, etc
I really love to cook I found that out after I had a lot of time to myself when i was in rehab lol and im actually really good at it especially thai food since im thai durr.
I got into anime back in the DAAAY son..i was like 5 watching speed racer and then it just turned into a love from there..recently though Ive been on a manga reading rampage =P..Sad to say but i have over 150 days of my life spent reading and watching this stuff...well sad in others eyes but fulfilling in mine.
I also Play Pc FPS and Xbox FPS if you wants to knows my user name just ask. Anyways this long introduction is getting in the way of watching more anime so peace out!
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24 / M / Pittsburgh, PA
Posted 11/21/12 , edited 11/21/12
My name is Jordan
I'm a 23 year old male living in Pittsburgh, PA

Something interesting/weird about you?
I guess the fact that I've lost a lot of the sensitivity in my hands from working in restaurants for the last 6 years.
I have an obsession taking computers apart and putting them back together.

What got you into anime/music videos/games?
My guess would probably be Dragonball Z, Digimon, Pokemon and Gundam Wing back in the late 90s early 2000s.
Posted 11/21/12
My name is Emilia but u can call me Hertz
I'm an anime fan and a video gamer
i'm 17 years old studying in 12th grade

I like to observe people and get to know them
Hopefully u'll find me nice so dont hesitate to talk to me
also if anyone requires or is in need of any advice i will try my best to help them i shall hear ur opinion and i shall give u mine then we will discuss and come to a conclusion which wud proopably solve your problem
THank you
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19 / M / Earth
Posted 11/22/12 , edited 11/22/12
1. Derek
2. 18/m/living on the rice fields
3. I love rice
4. IDK

I hope to talk to u guys more
Posted 11/23/12
Hello everyone, I'm Lala Satalin Deviluke. Nice to meet you. ^-^
Posted 11/23/12

1. Tony
2. 33/M/Raleigh, NC
3. I like big butts and I cannot lie.
4. My dad buying me a NES got me into video games.
4a. Watching Ranma 1/2 got me into anime.

Nice meeting you.
Posted 11/23/12
1. Abby
2. 19.female.East Coast
3. i dyed my hair fire engine red a couple days ago
4. the first anime i ever watched was My Neighbor Totoro and have been enamored ever since.
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23 / F / Washington
Posted 11/23/12 , edited 11/23/12
1) My name is Hannah or Banana or Strange.

2) I have lived 22 years as a female I grew up in WA and I will be moving back soon but have spent a lot of time moving around. Currently I'm in Southern Cali!

3) Uhhhhhhhh! Shoot. I have a big interest in surviving an apocalypse not that I think one is going to happen but it's just fun to learn the skills of fending for myself if it were to happen. It's like I live in a survival film/tv series! I might be delusional. I love a lot of things mostly KPOP, horror, weird or strange, and salty foods. Also I am sort of in love with Chan-Wook Park.

4) My friend sort of got me into anime but I wasn't all that interested and I ended up watching a few things over the many years but it was whatever but now I'm sort of getting into a lot of shows and slowly catching up! Music videos can be amazing and I love games D:<
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