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22 / M / Australia
Posted 12/9/12 , edited 12/10/12

1. Isaac!

2. 17/M/Australia

3. I'm currently in the time between finishing school and starting University, so I'm trying to watch as much Anime and make as many friends as I can before I have to start studying again :P

Anime - Probably watching Dragon Ball Z as a kid, but was never a huge fan of anime until my Cousin showed me Bleach
Manga - Stumbled across the Manga section of a bookstore near my house and picked up a volume of Bleach and flicked through it, instantly started reading it.
Video Games - When I was 5 I got a Nintendo 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for Christmas, took me a year to finish, but I've been playing video games ever since.

Add/Message me! I'd love to get to know some more people!!! :D

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26 / F / A Fictional City
Posted 12/9/12
Hey! Hope to get along with everyone here.

1. Cindy

2. 21, female, US (Cali)

3. I like scary movies even though they make me feel awful and sometimes I can't's like I have to keep watching.

4. Meh, all my friends seem to like anime so I gave it a chance!
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24 / M
Posted 12/10/12
Hello there,

My name is (1) Amnael. I'm a (2) 19-year-old-male trapped in the wilderness of Oregon. I think it's somewhere in the western area of the United States of America. (3) I also happen to be an avid procrastinator. I always seem to want to put things off. I've only recently decided to come back to Crunchyroll after six years, I think? I lost my old login information and decided to finally create a new account. (4) I originally started watching anime during a family vacation when I was quite young. It was during a stay at a motel. If I remember correctly InuYasha was running on Adult Swim. Ever since then, I don't remember anytime in which I wasn't interested in anime. I don't quite remember when Manga entered the picture, though. That memory is quite foggy.

Anyway, I'm hoping to make friends that probably have the same interests as me! I'll eventually get my profile spiffed up....until then, please take good care of me!

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F / Somewhere on a Sh...
Posted 12/10/12 , edited 12/10/12
1. Byaku-Tachi (Dawn)
2. Immortal / Female / No idea
3. I am a Target Shooter and a Future Mangaka
4. Youtube mostly, and Naruto & Bleach
Posted 12/10/12
Hello Crunchyroll Gents,

I've signed up with Crunchyroll a few weeks ago and thought it would be nice to start of with a self introduction

My name is Iby and I do live in Australia, I am very happy to sign up with Crunchyroll as they do fill my heart with their Anime and Dramas, I do hope to see a lot more new series coming out.

My favorite anime so far would be Gintama & Bleach since I do watch very little Anime.

I'm hoping you guys might throw me out few of your favorite Animes, Dramas and recommend me something to watch !

P.S I've posted my introduction in General Discussion before I noticed this haha
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Posted 12/10/12
Hello to everyone reading my post,

The names Paul. I'm 21 years old and I live in the great white north (Canada).
I'm like watching sports but playing them isn't my thing. I got hooked into anime when I was still a kid. Video games kinda got to me when PS3 came out, since then I became a trophy hunter (what weirdo)

Anyways I would love to meet people here and have some friends here too! It's great to chat with people that has the same interests as you. Feel free to add me and message me.
Posted 12/11/12
My name is Jacob. I'm a 21 year old male that moves constantly, so where I'm from is irrelevant. Hmm. I don't find myself interesting, so I suppose that's something I'll leave for you to discover. I was randomly flipping through channels one late night, and I saw InuYasha on adult swim. That was in the fourth grade, and my anime spectrum has only broadened since then.
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25 / M / LA
Posted 12/12/12
1. Brayan
2. 20/M/LA
3. "When I'm sad I Stop being sad and be Awesome instead"
4. Naruto!!! lol I watch alot of old Anime like Yu Yu hakasho and Tenchi Muyo DBZ is still the bes!!
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23 / M
Posted 12/12/12
My name is Adam! and I am 18 currently. I am a guy from Canada! Something interesting... I am terribly nice to everyone? The first anime I ever watched (Excluding Pokemon) was Naruto, which I still watch to this day! (I guess you could count Cardcaptors..) First video game I ever played was pokemon red on the game boy woo!
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M / in the underworld...
Posted 12/12/12
angel, 27,Male. everyone has some thing interesting about them to some buddy lol but dont know what to say about my self, I write i take photos and more i guess i started out with dragon ball and dbz sadly i watched some sailor moon cause a girl i liked in middle school liked it also robotech then i fell in love with anime
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32 / M / Winnipeg, Manitoba
Posted 12/13/12
27 - I think, I never really pay much attention to this
I write for my personal blog <- I'm passionate about fantasy, anime, and gaming so I write about them :)
First anime was Samurai Pizza cats, first game was Dragon Warrior
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38 / M / United Kingdom /...
Posted 12/13/12
1 michael

2 33/M/england

3 im the silent type so im boring so nothing to say

4 ninja scroll (movie) was the first anime i saw back in 1995 that anime was sick it would get anyone into anime
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25 / M
Posted 12/14/12
1 Andrew

2. Twenty/ male/ usa

3 I'm painfully shy and pratically unable to start conversations. I am quite the gamer, or would be more of if i had more games.

4. It all started with toonami. awesomeness.
Posted 12/14/12
1. Mark

2. 21/male/Houston tx

3. no one ever pays me in gum...

4. started with yuyu hakusho and cased closed
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20 / M / Canada
Posted 12/14/12
1. Tony
2. 15/M/Canada
3. I sleep a lot.... i guess
4. Started out listening to Osts then moved onto watching stuff
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