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23 / F / UK (England)
Posted 12/24/12

the names claire and i'm 18
I'm from Nottingham in England (robin hood country)
umm I've always been into anime and manga my first anime was cardcaptors :)
errrr I also do martial arts and love music and K-drama
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34 / M / Scotland
Posted 12/24/12
1. Kozou (a nickname I was given when I was 7 by a karate shihan - it just kinda stuck. I wanted it on my cr account but it was already taken so I went with the nearest approximation that wasn't being used)

2. 29/M/Scotland

3. Interesting: I taught myself to play the piano when I was 5 and subsequently passed all gradings without the need for a tutor.
Weird: I'm allergic to onions.

4. I never slept through the night as a kid, my parents eventually got bored trying to convince me to go to sleep, instead they let me watch TV and I happened across a late night anime marathon. I was hooked instantly.
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28 / M / Phatuum Thani, Th...
Posted 12/26/12

xXfkyourtrunkXx wrote:

1. The name's Go. Naomi Go ;D haha James Bond reference for those of you who do not know :3
2. just turned 6teen/your average female/Chicago!
3. I'm full-blooded Mexican but I have some Korean too thanks to my great-grandma
4. Some friends in 6th grade read manga and one day while browsing the manga section at Borders, I found Kitchen Princess:3 And fell in love with it. My first manga <3 Anime-wise, they also showed me Shugo Chara!...which I was heavily devoted to for the next 2 years [: I love rock music, Foo Fighters and The Strokes <3 metal [ANTHRAXXX \m/] and some singers like Florence + The Machine and Lady Gaga...Gaga is the only pop singer I can tolerate actually rofl

Anyways...I'm not going to bite:P Add mee <3

Ohai thar :3
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29 / M / Essex, UK
Posted 12/26/12

1) Aaron, as if you didn't guess that already :3
2) 24, male, England
3) Something interesting? 'kay... uh... I play guitar and do character sketches for a friend's stories >_>
4) Watched DBZ years and years ago, and then a few years back I got talked into watching Bleach, Code Geass and a few other things and just started again from that.
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22 / F / Germany
Posted 12/26/12
Hello, I'm Anna!

I'm 17 and I'm from Germany.
There is no interesting about me.
I'm a little strange and I'm a Japan addict!!
I think it began with Pokemon and Digimon and so on. The 'standard' Animes I would say. :D
And with 12 I want more than Animes and Mangas, so I started with the music from Japan and was interested in the country. And now I'm 17 and I really love this country!! :D

Oh, and sorry for my English. I'm not so good. :b
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F / Pokemon
Posted 12/26/12
Hi !nice to meet you!

1. I'm Kirimina Ebiko ( Pennname )

2. 13 years old ( Birthday is in Jan 4 ) I'm a girl.. ( Duh. ) I live in Califronia :3

3. I tend to eat alot, enjoy waaaay to much otaku time, I watch anime alot and clearly for days LOL.

4. My childhood friend :O She introduced me to Inuyasha and everything when down hill from there~

Lets try and be good friends~!
Posted 12/26/12 , edited 12/27/12
Didnt even see this till just now... like a month in lol

Yo, names Teddy, or star. whatever ud like.

Live in York,PA, USA, M,16

Something interesting is i do parkour and act like an assassin from the game Assassins Creed.. eh thats it, if youd like to know more message me, im pretty friendly.

And actually i only started wacthing anime like 6 months ago i think with Rosario Vampire on netflix, was hooked right then and there.
Posted 12/27/12
names mark like watching anime and boxing and any nerdy thing u can think of i probably do it. Single dad of 2 one boy and one girl loves of my life..other than that im a boring guy
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F / philippines
Posted 12/27/12
...... im boring.... :)
a friend introduced me to naruto... i just got hooked...
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19 / F / England
Posted 12/27/12
Hollie This sounds so awkward when I write it!
I'm 14 and from the UK
I can only drink through a straw Even tea!
How did I get into anime?... One day, I was sitting on my laptop, and I stumbled upon someone's naruto fanart, and it kinda went from there!
I don't watch naruto any more, but that must be the best coincidence of my life!
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Posted 12/27/12
1. Germaine
2. 19/F/US
3. I can't think of anything right now... :(
4. I'm Asian, I don't remember any part of my life where I was not watching anime/playing video games. haha!
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F / Pokemon
Posted 12/27/12
Hi nice to meet you all

1. Kirimina Ebito ( Penname. )

2. 13/F/Califronia ( My birthday is on January 4. )

3. I like hearing good scary stories, and anime :3

4. When my friend introduced me to it when I was 9 years old and it went all down here from there. :3

Let's tryand be good friends~!
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23 / M / Los Angeles
Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/27/12
1.) Luis

2.) 18, male, Los Angeles, CA

3.) Im a computer science major AT CSULA.

4.) i think the anime that got me into anime was Clannad and FMA.
Ever since i got into anime i've always enjoyed Romantic, slice of of life comedies.
My favoite animes would have to be clannad, say i love you, or Accel world.

Favorite quote: When you smile, the Whole world smiles with you.
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22 / M / England
Posted 12/28/12
I'm Will

17, male, I live near London,

I write, draw, critique anime and manga, I'm currently trying to get into a university to study animatin

I think the first anime which I really properly got into was The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimya
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19 / F / Gensokyo
Posted 12/28/12
1) Autumn

2) 15/F/California

3) Uh, I can write with both of my hands, and I'm a brony!

4) I'm pretty sure my cousin introduced me to both anime and games
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