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Posted 1/2/13
Hello my name is: Ernesto
I am 20 years old
i am male
I live in Nevada
I like to do anything that comes to mind really
I got into anime by building interest in it so i came to this website to check it out, and i like it.

My favorite animes are: Idol Master, YuruYuri
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39 / M / Tacoma, WA
Posted 1/2/13
I'm Christopher, a 33yo anime fan from Tacoma, WA.

I have been enjoying the 360 Crunchyroll app very much over the last few days. Any service that supplies licensed subtitled anime as quickly as this service does is good, and I hope that it manages to put a dent in anime piracy on the Internet.

My other interests are movies, manga, video gaming, and using my Y membership daily.

I started watching anime when I was 11. I was introduced to it by Streamline Pictures, and not even their horrible dubbing was enough to turn me away. When I was 12, I rented subtitled versions of "The Venus Wars" and "Madox-01" from the local VHS rental outlet, and I've been officially hooked ever since.

My favorite animes include - Golgo 13, Bubblegum Crisis (the original OVA series), Sol Bianca (the original OVA), Battle Angel, anything by Go Nagai, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Black Jack, Ai no Kusabi.

My favorite manga series include - Monster, 20th Century Boys, Buddha (by Osama Tezuka), Barefoot Gen, Battle Angel Alita, MPD Psycho.

My favorite games (between my PS2 and my 360) are - GTA Vice City, Ico, Devil May Cry 1 & 3, Asura's Wrath, Lost Odyssey, Limbo, Sine Mora, Deathsmiles, Akai Katana, Ikagura, The Witcher 2, Shadows of the Damned.

As far as movies go, I like to watch everything I can get my hands on. Even a bad movie has something in it that is worth mentioning. Besides, I have another hobby - writing reviews of the movies I watch. I just recently started writing reviews of anime series to go along with that.

In any case, I am glad this service is around. This is a great option for an anime fan like me, who has a slim wallet.
Posted 1/2/13
Carson (last name as first name type deal)
not new but back, buddy me.....i like fwiends
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22 / M / AMERICA
Posted 1/3/13
1. My name is Dusty. Nice to meetcha.

2. Sixteen/ Imma guy/ Good ol' America, unfortunately

3. It really irks me when people don't bless me when I sneeze. "Bless you." I'm not asking for an impressive display of your speaking skills, which I'm sure are absolutely magnificent. It's two frickin syllables, cough em up. But other than that, I'm a really pleasant person. ^_^

4. I was never really into anime until a few years ago. When I was younger I would watch Spirited Away constantly, over and over, on Cartoon Network, and it freaked me the hell out every time. But I loved it. That was probably my first exposure to the wonderful world of anime. Then last year I was watching the tele with a friend and he flipped it to Fullmetal Alchemist. It was love at first sight. I was hooked and watched every episode on netflix. Then I discovered Elfen Lied. It was...quite different from my previous viewings...but in an awe-inspiring, disgustingly brilliant way. That was also when I became aware of just how diverse and varied anime is. I've always been a sucker for drama/romance and when I realized how much anime fell right into those genres, I couldn't wait to start exploring. The path to crunchyroll was a perilous one, filled with many a sketchy forum reference and more unexpected hentai than I would like to admit, but I'm here now. So lets be buddies, eh?
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31 / M
Posted 1/3/13
1. julius' the name.. but you guys can call me kuya (big bro' in our local language)

2. 25 year old onii-chan from manila, PH

3. strange enough,most of my cats like sleeping inside my room... with me / I also like getting lost and will walk for hours as a form of enjoyment

4. happened a few years back.. it started with voltes 5, now I watch any anime my eyes land on lol but seriously, no specific reason. i liked the humor and the story overall.. that's it

i hope i have fun hanging out here.
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24 / M / Hamburg / Germany
Posted 1/3/13
Hy everybody,

1. I'm Phi,

2. a 19 years old male teenager from Germany (My Parents fled for a long time during the vietnam war from Vietnam to Germany, so I grown up bilingually there)

3. I love write short stories in my free time and be one of the best in my German course in the school/ I don't know why but everybody in my (old) class who watch Animes are very bad or lazy in the school. (Of course except me )

4. It was a long time ago. As I was 6 years old I watched coincidentally "Sailor Moon" then one year later "Dragon Ball" on tv. But the first Anime which really enthusiasticed me to animes was "Detectiv Conan". Eventually a few years later I started to find another Animes on the Internet. And so it went on and on.
In focus I can say that I owe the discovery of animes a television station, which meanwhile does not broadcast animes anymore but rather trash.

However, I hope that I have fun here at Crunchyroll
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33 / M / California
Posted 1/3/13
1. John
2. 28/M/California
3. I'm a video game producer
4. As a kid, I always watched stuff like Dragonball but it wasn't until high school when I saw Evangelion that I thought anime could be so much more than fireballs and invisible punches. Growing up, I loved hand drawn 2d art (all the Disney animated films, anime, & American cartoons) and it seems like anime is really the only 2d art style still kicking in today's CG world. We gotta support it and keep it alive.

This looks like a nice community of people. Now if only someone can get all the episodes of Fairy Tail up...
Posted 1/3/13 , edited 1/4/13
=) changing username...mods, could you delete this please?
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29 / M
Posted 1/4/13 , edited 1/4/13
hello i am huba i am here to find an old friend who use to be on crunchyroll her name was mika if you have any info let me know. thanks
Posted 1/4/13
1. Alex
2. 27/S/ in my own world
3. I have my own world
4. anime has always been a part of my childhood and my anti-stress reliever

*totally feel lost in here*
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22 / M / The World of Music
Posted 1/4/13
1) Jeremiah (or Jerry)
2) 17/m/cali
3) I play the baritone in my high school marching band
4) I guess when I was younger hearing my cousins talk about anime got me interested and after i watched Ouran High school I started watching more and more

Nice to meet all you guys
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24 / F
Posted 1/5/13
19 / Female / Australia
I'm 1/4 Goth!
Just an innate curiosity and interest for anime/music videos. As for gaming, my dad introduced me into that when I was a tiny kid-beast.
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32 / M / Lost in this worl...
Posted 1/5/13
Names Eric
Nothing really interesting I can think of
Been into anime since I was very yound. Started off watching shows Like Voltron.
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Posted 1/5/13
1. Kennedy
2. 17/M/Ontario
3. I love 2D girls
4. Earliest anime memory was Gundam Wing back in the '90s which is the reason for me being a huge mecha fan. Sony's home consoles got me into world of gaming
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21 / M / Vantaa, Finland
Posted 1/5/13
Well, since I don't have much time to wate, I'll give you guys a brief summary of who I am:

1) My friends call me Juissi. I won't tell you my name, but it is related to my nickname a friend made for me.

2) I'm 15, male and I live in Finland, at Vantaa.

3) I'm Vietnamese in nature, but I consider myself to be more of a European-Asian type. I don't like Vietnamese food that much.. xC

Aaand last, but not least..

4) What got me into video games originally was because of Halo: my parents bought Halo: CE for me in 2001-2022 when I was little, and I was so hooked into that game, that I wasted most of my time in front of the Xbox just blasting aliens! Though at some point, I got stuck in a level, and couldn't beat it until a year after when I beat Halo 2 on Normal...

What got me hooked on anime, however, is a bit complicated, but much of the reasons comes from my interest to the Japanese culture: I just want to live with it some day!
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