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Posted 1/5/13
1. Kennedy
2. 17/M/Ontario
3. I love 2D girls
4. Earliest anime memory was Gundam Wing back in the '90s which is the reason for me being a huge mecha fan. Sony's home consoles got me into world of gaming
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17 / M / Vantaa, Finland
Posted 1/5/13
Well, since I don't have much time to wate, I'll give you guys a brief summary of who I am:

1) My friends call me Juissi. I won't tell you my name, but it is related to my nickname a friend made for me.

2) I'm 15, male and I live in Finland, at Vantaa.

3) I'm Vietnamese in nature, but I consider myself to be more of a European-Asian type. I don't like Vietnamese food that much.. xC

Aaand last, but not least..

4) What got me into video games originally was because of Halo: my parents bought Halo: CE for me in 2001-2022 when I was little, and I was so hooked into that game, that I wasted most of my time in front of the Xbox just blasting aliens! Though at some point, I got stuck in a level, and couldn't beat it until a year after when I beat Halo 2 on Normal...

What got me hooked on anime, however, is a bit complicated, but much of the reasons comes from my interest to the Japanese culture: I just want to live with it some day!
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19 / F
Posted 1/5/13
1. gelatini
2. 17/f/usa
3. i am the only person in the world that hates sushi
4. pokemon

wao look at how detailed and descriptive i am :0
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M / U.S.A
Posted 1/5/13
1. Greg
2. 29/M/ Louisiana
3. alway love meeting and learning from ppl
4. Robotech got me started when i was young

Hi, i a m a new member and happy to be apart of this cool site and talking about anime with ya'll.
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40 / M / Atlanta, GA
Posted 1/5/13 , edited 1/6/13
Hello one and all!

JT (or Justin)
38 / M / ATL
I sometimes feel awkward being open about being an anime fan at my age
My first animes were Gatchaman and Yamato, but I will always be a Robotech fan. That is what brought me into this wonderful world.

I'm glad we have sites like CR to enjoy anime on!

Look forward to meeting you all!
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21 / M / New Zealand
Posted 1/6/13
1. :/
2. 18/Male/New Zealand
3. Sometimes I wish I were a cute girl.
4. Probably Mononoke Hime, studio Ghibli had quite the impact on my life
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22 / M / USA
Posted 1/6/13
1.The names Aaron.
2.I'm 20 years of age,male, and I'm on the outer parts of the Windy City Chicago.
3.Lets see i love anime and working on cars that seems weird to me.
4.What got me hooked to anime in the first place was watching Naruto on adult swim.
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22 / F / San Antonio Texas
Posted 1/6/13
1. Kosmos
2. 20/F/Nashville
3. I make House and techno music and working on my record label.
4. I have no idea! :3 Just been for years.
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23 / F / Illinois
Posted 1/6/13
1.Coyotess :)
2. 21/F/Germany
3. I have some tendency to speak before i think. or in the case right now type without thinking. :d
4. Ill admit it was Naruto that got me hooked. (but its getting old now). and a friend from highschool got me reading manga.
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Posted 1/6/13
1. Pete
2. Yes, I am an aged person that is currently in a location.
3. I really need to get back to practicing music
4. I've always enjoyed comics and games. Stumbling upon Project A-Ko as a young teen got me hooked on anime.
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24 / M
Posted 1/6/13
(Don't think I've posted here yet

1. MR Gobbles

2. 22/M/US

3. Rurouni Kenshin got me hooked into anime!
Posted 1/7/13
1. name: as stated
2. a/s/l: 24
3. something interesting/weird about you: everything is :p
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games: no dramatic reason. i just got sucked into it.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/7/13
Hey new CR users ^.^ I'm Alex a forum moderator here on CR just a friendly reminder to look at the forum rules before you post anything in the forums! Yes we do have rules and if you don't follow them you will be banned from the site

Eater of Worlds
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29 / M / East Coastin'
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
Hello everyone and welcome to the CR family!

Ps. when in doubt, look at the rules!
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30 / F / Kpop Land!
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
1. name: trish

2. a/s/l: 28/usa

3. something interesting/weird about you: im socially awkward

4. what got you into anime/music videos/games: my brother was an anime fan & i saw he has naruto & Avatar(Last airbender) DVDs,so when i heard this movie The last airbender coming out & i wanted to see the movie,so i then checked the cartoon of it forst b4 watching it,after finishing up avatar i tried to watch NARUTO & got hooked after the 1st episode but i remember i used to like watch animes when i was young,i have 3 brothers of course their shows rule the house lol i dont get to watch majority of girly shows

hello everyone! how is 2013 treating u guys so far? great?
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