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24 / M / Maine
Posted 1/11/13
1.) Name is Ryan, nice to meet ya!

2.) 22 Y/O living in Maine, but moving to Florida to attend Fullsail University for Game Art

3.) Well i just said it above but I'm a Game Artist in the making! But something new, I'm planning on doing a lot of Cosplaying at Conventions now that I am out of the Middle of Nowhere Maine...Otaku ;)

4.) I've pretty much watched Anime for as long as i can remember, even before I even knew what Anime was. I was watching Dragonball Z among several other Anime on TV when I was a kid, and i just though they were just another normal cartoon!

I didnt really start getting hardcore into Anime until Bleach Episode 1 (Dub) Aired on Adult Swim i think it was, and I REALLY enjoyed the crap out of that, so I went and started watching Sub's of the show like crazy and that's when my, "Normal" life ended and I became a happy Otaku :)

5.) From my experience, the vast majority of the anime fans that I meet are awesome people, full of life and energy and are just simply fun as all hell to be around. I hope to get to know many of you in the future
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M / Scotland
Posted 1/11/13
1. Dean
2. 27/M/Scottland
3. I like to be helpful but rarely am also IM secretly supreme ruler of the universe
4. kind of a two birds for one stone deal Frist wild arms game
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16 / F / Australia
Posted 1/11/13
1) Emily
2) 14/F/Australia
3) umm, can't think of anything other than I'm insanely good at claw machines.
4) Mainly my love of video games that are like Kingdom Hearts & the Final Fantasy games, but also J-POP. First ever anime that I watched was either Naruto or DBZ, but the first anime i watched all episodes of would've been Shugo Chara!
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29 / F / Kpop Land!
Posted 1/11/13

Bedlam wrote:

Hullo trish! 2013 is treating me well so far. i'm hoping this goes on for the rest of the year too.

same for me too thanks for the warming welcome

Eater of Worlds
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29 / M / East Coastin'
Posted 1/11/13
you're welcome!
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17 / Florida
Posted 1/12/13
1) Robert.

2) 15 (nearly 16!), male, living in Florida (I hate Florida)

3) Interesting, huh? I guess you could say I'm a peacekeeper, in a sense; I defuse a lot of would-be arguments and fights.

4) Anime? First one I remember was DBZ (which I now hate, go figure) when I was little kid. I got back into anime a year ago when I started watching FullMetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood.

Charmed to meet you all!
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18 / F / Sweden
Posted 1/13/13 , edited 1/13/13
1. Amanda
2. 16/F/Sweden
3. I'm born almost 4 months too early.
4. I discovered it when I was about 12 or 13 and then I've just kept on going... I'm more into roleplaying now though. The first anime that I really liked was Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni (still my favorite).
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Posted 1/13/13
1. Johnny
2. 21/m/Virginia
3. I smoke Weed
4. what got me into anime was rurouni kenshin dubbed in Spanish first saw it when i was like 6 in my home country El Salvador.
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18 / F / New York
Posted 1/13/13
1. name: hi I'm lindy!
2. a/s/l: 16/f/ny
3. something interesting/weird about you: I have a pug named lily
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games: my friends
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21 / M / Norway
Posted 1/14/13
1. Jonas
2. 19/Male/Norway
3. Passion for outdoors and experiences.
4. Stumbled over it, weird since i thought Anime was for weirdos when i was younger, seems that opinion changed. :)
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24 / M / Hawaii
Posted 1/14/13
1. Frank
2. 22/Male/Hawaii
3. I'm part Hawaiian :D
4. My ex girlfriend actually got me into anime.
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18 / M
Posted 1/14/13
2. 17/man/London
3. How is everyone!!
4. I made a new year resolution to watch all the anime i could
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18 / F / His not the only...
Posted 1/14/13
1) I don't go by my real name so just call me Christine there is reasons behind the name
2) I'm 17 and Iive in the sunshine state
3) I'm emo/goth/punk (depends on mood most of the time) I can sing, I'm a awesome artist
4) I don't remember what got me into it
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19 / F
Posted 1/15/13
1. Cutemuffin(ask me when you get to know me).
2. 17 and live in the south.
3.I really don't know. Crazy huh.XD
4. Cartoon network.^_^

I would love some friends! So add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^
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17 / M
Posted 1/16/13
1. Mitchell
2. 15/Male/Australia New South Wales
3. I have a lazy eye however i can "control" it
4. Watch naruto for the first time when i was yr6
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