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Posted 3/16/13

I subscribed two weeks ago to date and only just came across this thread

1. Sophie (pleased to meet you all!)
2. 24/F/UK
3. I'm in the second year of my PhD, studying Children's Literature (writing my thesis on YA Fantasy fiction). I'm always on Crunchyroll for (ahem!) research :-)
4. No, actually it's because I'm addicted to anime. My first ever series were Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon. I fell in love with Naruto in high school and enjoyed a love-hate relationship with Ninja Scroll, End of Evangelion, and Angel's Egg (I'm still working my way through all the studio Ghibli movies!). X
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24 / M / Ontario, Canada
Posted 3/17/13
All right, so I'm new here. I guess I should start off with my name, which would be Paul.

I'm 22 as of last December 12th, 2012. Awesome, right? I know, I thought so too. I even got a tattoo for it. I live in southern Ontario, Canada, and I am a guy.

Now, for something interesting? Hmm. I'm not sure "Oh I build computers" or something like that would be considered weird in here, perhaps frequenting the gym would be? Ha. I'm 6'5", and proportioned, meaning I fit my height, which is pretty weird. I guess some say it's interesting too, I'm huge on the whole gaming thing [As I'm sitting here wearing my razer t-shirt]. I think that's about all I'm going to post here about that.

Dragon Ball. From when I was just a wee lad, I watched animes like Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Trigun, yadda yadda. So I guess anime got me in to anime. As for videogames, well... Same thing, I always adored electronics, and I often enjoy running off in to a fantasy world, something alien to my own.

Anything else need be said? Um... Hi? Guess I'm off to do my profile~
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Posted 3/18/13
Herro all!

Nice to meet you. Noodle is my name.

I am two decades old, not male, and live in the regions of North America.

Hmm..i have nothing particularly interesting about me to note...oh wait, I tend to randomly dance when the feeling comes. Not very well mind you. Oh and opera sing funny sounding words.. such as shenanigans.

I have been watching anime since the fateful day my mom bought Sailor Moon S and Kiki's Delivery Service vhs tapes. I was 5 and would replay those tapes nonstop. After that I came to love almost any form of anime..though I was limited in what I could watch since I spent the majority of my life overseas in Deutschland. I didn't really know the category/culture of anime till I was 14. I didn't even know manga existed til I was 16 and back in an english speaking country. After that the rest is history, and well.. here I am today!

See you around my fellow peeps
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20 / M / Somewhere very cold
Posted 3/18/13
I'm bad at these but here goes....
My name is Paul also(shout out to the other Pauls out there!) 18 yrs old, male, and i live someplace very cold(figuratively speaking).
Nothing really interesting about me.....
I've watched anime ever since I first saw Dragonball and got hooked with other shows such as Naruto, Bleach and etc...
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21 / M / Newport,Wales
Posted 3/19/13

3.Huge console gamer and recent Pc gamer(1 year), Lifelong Vault hunter :D
4.Like most I watched Dragon Ball Z when I was young,I started getting interested in anime a few years back in a media class when someone brought in Death Note for us to watch and from there I was hooked.
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Posted 3/19/13
Hi everyone,

My name is Emilia (My friends call me Emi)

I'm 29 years old female and I live in Finland.

I have a bit of social anxiety so I can be extremely shy, but when I start to feel more comfortable I can become really talkative and I tend to joke around a lot. I guess it's needless to say that I love comedy/humor and laughing

I'd consider gaming to be my main hobby even though I keep it a secret most of the time (I'm tired of being judged for it) I've been playing
games since I was around 5 years old. I started with Ghosts 'n Goblins on Commodore 64 (Now that's a game you don't want to use when introducing someone into gaming) I also love board and card games and tabletop RPGs.

What got me interested into anime is, when I was 6 years old and I saw this rather unknown anime called Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin. Back then I had no clue that it was something called anime but I fell in love with the animation style and how the plot was a bit more serious
and "mature" compared to the other cartoons I had seen.

It's also anime that got me interested into J-rock and J-pop. I think it was when I heard "Blurry eyes" by L'Arc-en-Ciel used as OP for DNA². After that I got curious about what other Japanese bands there is.

Anyways, it's nice to meet your all
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Posted 3/20/13
Name: Sel (not my real name)
Age: 20
Location: US
Sex: Female

Something weird about me? All of my dreams are framed as video games, usually RPGs or adventure games.

I've loved video and computer games since I was about 5 or 6, starting with Spyro and Heroes III, but I didn't get into anime until last year. I was bored one weekend and was browsing Tumblr while trying to come up with something to do. Someone mentioned Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I'd heard about it somewhere else and thought it sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I've been hooked every since.
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17 / F / Daten City
Posted 3/22/13
Name: Brianna (or Bri for short)
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Location: US

Something interesting/weird: I tend to say extremely awkward/weird things at times and I have an undying craving for sweets that can never be satisfied. (Kinda like Stocking Anarchy)

What got you into anime/music videos/games? Toonami <3

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19 / F / Florida
Posted 3/22/13

DeadmanAnarchy wrote:

Something interesting/weird: I tend to say extremely awkward/weird things at times and I have an undying craving for sweets that can never be satisfied. (Kinda like Stocking Anarchy)

Das cute.
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22 / M / United States of...
Posted 3/22/13
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Posted 3/24/13

Name: Josh
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Location: Canada - brrrr.

Interesting? I enjoy being underwater more so than being on land (diving). I also work as a 3d artist.
Anime? Dunno I was always doodling as a kid and the territory just became familiar.
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27 / F
Posted 3/25/13
1. My name is Meghan, but I prefer Meg, Rai, or Kat. It differs with the friends that I'm around.
2. I'm 25, but I'll be 26 in a couple months. I 'm a girl, if you didn't catch that from my name... And I'm from Michigan, USA.
3. I love Japanese food, and the presentation of it. I love RPG's, JRPG's, dating sims, and FPS games. I left the job that I love at a certain game store to make more money at a certain electronic store, and I hate that I'm a sell out. I also love to cosplay, but I hardly ever get to anymore, and I never get to go to conventions anymore either... Oh yeah, I'm pretty fickle about my hobbies, so it differs between origami, polymer clay, baking or cooking, and anything else I find interesting.
4. The original thing that got me into anime was my Godfather. He and I watched Tenchi Muyo when I was in my early teens, and I haven't gone back since. He also got me into sushi, and Iaido lessons in a dojo near his house. I originally got into video games by an ex boyfriend who introduced me to Final Fantasy when I was more in my mid teen years. It was Final Fantasy X, just after it came out. The first video game I beat was Final Fantasy VII, and much better in comparison, in my opinion.

I've been using this site for a little while now, and I love it very much! I just wish that sometimes the episodes were dubbed instead of subbed, cause it's difficult to read so fast sometimes!
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24 / M
Posted 3/25/13 , edited 3/25/13
Hello there everyone.

1. Johnny, Some friends of mine like to add a "5" or "Bravo" after my name. I don't usually say my name much since, it sounds like a child's name, but I don't mind, it makes people laugh. Haha.
2. 22/Male/S.F U.S.A Currently a student looking for work.
3. Hmm..I am double jointed so I'm pretty much flexible in my hands and arms. I've been given the title circus freak by a good old friend.
4. I first learned about anime when my folks bought cable back in 98'. I remember watching Pokemon and Tenchi Muyo! At first I didn't know what it really was, and it was an awesome experience watching those series and many more as a kid, ever since then I have been hooked.
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Posted 3/26/13
Name: no
Age: 17
Gender: female
Location: no

I'm not interesting at all haha.
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