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19 / M / australia
Posted 4/12/13
hello everybody!
my name is Doyley.
im 17yr old, im a bloke and i live in central Queensland Australia.
nothing interesting/weird.
what got me into anime; my first girlfriend got deathnote for her birthday we broke up but a year later i was stuck in another town for a week and i was just reminiscing and remembered deathnote and decided to watch it.
what got me into video games was playing halo with one of my older brothers it was the only thing we've ever done together.
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M / The Pacific North...
Posted 4/13/13 , edited 4/13/13
Hello everyone!

My name is Stephen but I go by hidekipooj on the internet!
I currently reside in the pacific northwest of the U.S.A.
I am 24? no...25? no....26? Somewhere around there? Once you get past 21 it really doesn't matter anymore also you tend to forget very easily.
I've been watching anime ever since the Neon Genesis Evangelion tapes were being sold on vhs format. (late 90's. I swear kids are spoiled these days with the internet and instant delivery streaming.)

Something interesting about me.
I run a bi-weekly videogame podcast and do let's plays on youtube.
http://www.youtube.com/user/underleveledvideo - youtube
www.under-leveled.com - podcasts

I also have a corgi.


I just wanted to add, I've been here forever but I don't think I've ever actually used the forum before until now.
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Posted 4/13/13 , edited 4/13/13
1. Johnny
2. 27/Male/Cardiff
3. I still watch cartoons at my age...is that weird?
4. Akira and Ninja Scroll
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16 / M / California
Posted 4/13/13
1. Michael
2. 14 years old and i live in U.S. California
3. ^^ same here :P
4. i started off with DBZ then bleach then deathnote and it sort of continued on from there
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30 / M
Posted 4/13/13
Hello Im Chris

I am 28, Male and from Michigan

I go to the movies every weekend

I have always been into anime ever since I seen Sailor Moon in the 90's. I have been into gaming since I got my Nintendo and Super Mario Bros when I was 6.
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19 / M
Posted 4/13/13
Well, I'm new here... Hi guys! umm hows it hanging? XD
I'm 17 and i love anime! yeah, thats pretty much me
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F / United States
Posted 4/14/13
1. I don't like giving my real name.....
2. I'm 19, Female, I am from the United States
3. Nothing interesting to say about myself.
4. I got into anime when I was young by watching Sailor Moon and Pokemon. One of my favorite animes are Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
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28 / M / San Diego
Posted 4/15/13
1.Hey, name is Mike.
2. I'm 26 (>.<) , male and from Southern Cali
3. I like Bikes, Jrock, and window shopping around the web >.>
4. I started watching Spanish/English dub anime when I was 6 or so, shows like Rayearth, saint seiya, escaflowne and dragon ball.
In the early 2000's I grew to love subs, and now is all I watch.
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25 / M
Posted 4/15/13
Hello Everyone,

I'm harry & newbie in this community..Hope here i get a good knowledge about latest TV Shows, Movies & Much More!!
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17 / F / In your brain, un...
Posted 4/16/13
1. Ι am Irene
2. female, 15 years old from Greece :3
3. I like watching romance anime like clannad but at the same time i can watch something like hellsing ._. weird eh?
4. A friend of mine suggested me to start watching anime ^^
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20 / M / look behind you ._.
Posted 4/16/13

totally new here... XD

how you doing? :blush:

everything u need 2 know about me is in my profile :D

All you need 2 know is this:
The Kureijī kemonomimi otaku

if you can translate that, you will know EVERYTHING about me :3
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20 / M / look behind you ._.
Posted 4/17/13
thx. already made a friend and we roleplayed on my IRC server like crazy! i am now her "neko slave" :3
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M / ?
Posted 4/18/13
Might as well throw out an intro.
1) Name is David 33/male
2) I live in Utah at the moments but have lived all over.
3) Playing the original Street Fighter is what started my anime interests. Now I watch all genres, compete in Arcade tournaments, u know where this is going..
4) I live by my motto, Do your thing just don't get the cops called.
Any way just giving everyone and Crunchy Roll a shout out, peace.
Eater of Worlds
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29 / M / East Coastin'
Posted 4/18/13 , edited 4/18/13

Welcome David! See you around CR! I have a fight stick (mainly for street fighter) but I'm not good enough to compete. I'm actually thinking of selling it off because i don't play with it at all lol.

Hullo Carrie! (not really carrie? o:) Welcome to CR and I hope you enjoy your time here. =]
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