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31 / M / Northwest England...
Posted 5/24/13
Hi my names Martyn
I'm 27/Male/ North West of England
I analyse different types of samples in a lab for the presence and amount of precious metals
It's going to sound cliché but Neon Genesis Evangelion was the first anime i ever watched as a 14 year old and it totally blew my mind, needless to say I've been hooked ever since

Any way its nice to meet you all!!!!
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29 / M / New jersey
Posted 5/25/13
1. hi! im johnny
2. 25/M/NJ
3. I enjoy building gundam Models/ i work alot/ i buy to many games on steam (Jstarz) add me .
4. Toonami got me into anime with gundam and dbz, trigun, outlaw star and i have been addicted ever since and also late night adult swim
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26 / M / USA
Posted 5/26/13 , edited 5/26/13
Hello Everyone....

1) Ed
2) 22/Male/MI
3) I love olives to death XD
4) It was a combination of 90's Saturday morning shows and my father showing me epsiodes of Mazinger Z and Saber Marionette J.
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19 / F / USA C:
Posted 5/27/13
1. My name is Maya <3 But internet calls me Kitty or Soppy
2. I am an American 15 year old girl. ^^
3. Well, I guess I am a writer, musician and artist! C: I love piercings and tattoos. I love VOCAloid with a passion.... I dun know what else to put owo
4. Sonic the hedgehog
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27 / M / Seritei
Posted 5/27/13
Hello Everyone!

My name is Corey but most people call me Lord Reaper.
I'm a 23 year old American gamer addicted to anime since I was 12-13 Cowboy Bebop is probably the series that has had me hooked for so long . I have lived in and around the Mid-West region and I currently reside in Indiana. I live a pretty simple life now as a package handler for a small packing company. When not at work I'm usually with friends gaming, partying, or watching anime! I hope to meet new a lot of new people and become great friends! <3 GAMERTAG: xVLx Reaper
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26 / M / In your Dreams ;P
Posted 5/27/13
1) Robert
2) 22/M/Cali
3)I like to cook/ I work too much -__-
4)Started off with cowboy bebop, then with full metal panic and so on.
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31 / F / USA
Posted 5/28/13
1. Call me Primula. My first name is really rare D:
2. 26 in Minnesota.
3. I like to geek out doing math and learning about neuroscience
4. Started playing video games when i was little, i read a lot as a kid and ran out of things I could read at my public library but manga... and then re-connected a little over a year ago with manga and anime.
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Posted 5/28/13
1. The names Alex, but some call me Andy, I'll leave that up to you

2. 21 / M / Alabama

3. I love to draw! I'm always doodling and I'm really creative. I have a huge imagination so I come up with crazy scenarios in my mind. SOOO you should totally send me a buddy invite so i'm not lonely!

4. I was introduce to anime when I was little (6 or 7) by my mom. She gave me and my brother Limited Edition DBZ Goku figurines that came with the first episode. Ever since that day I haven't stop watching anime!
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Posted 5/29/13 , edited 5/29/13
Hello everyone, I am kim.
I am 20 years old, female lives in USA.
I am new here and so I am not sure what todo. I love to talk to people and make new connection. And so if you guys kike, can we become friends?
Just send me a friend request or a pm :)

Like to listen to music and reading manga for my free time.
baking when I am wiyh my friends.
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25 / M / SoCal
Posted 5/29/13

Hi, Im Lag. only my super secret best friends are allowed to know my other name.
I am 21 years old and have been loving anime for a very long time. I have been on CR for a bit now but never made a post here, and decided what the heck.
I am a very social person who loves to talk to others, and you will more than likely see me posting constantly in the forums. Im pretty down to earth and I enjoy anime, manga, video games, movies, kickin it with friends, staying up way too late, and phone calls from my boss saying I don't need to come in. Befriend me if you'd like to get to know me, as I don't bite.
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27 / F / Utah, USA
Posted 5/30/13
1. name:

2. a/s/l:

3. something interesting/weird about you:
I am story writer at the moment haven't been published yet but i'm hoping soon I will. I also draw, sing, and I'm a film major studying 2D animation styles such as anime ^.^

4. what got you into anime/music videos/games:
What got me into all this stuff is simple. I was watching Trigun (good anime) by accident (was trying to watch InuYasha) and ended up just falling in love with the style. After that I perfected my drawing skill (which sucked badly before.) And now I just can't ever get enough of anime or Japan.

I really hope to make some friend in that like anime as much as I do. Please feel free to add me and drop me a line whenever.
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20 / F / Earth
Posted 5/31/13
I'm not really new, but I have never introduced myself and I deleted my old account cos of the username and just made this new one, so hi everyone!
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20 / F / Earth
Posted 6/1/13
wow I'm dumb I never put this
1. Genesis
2. 16, teengirl, US of A
3. God created me sooooo
4. 7th grade, my mom introduced me to a manwha of Maximum Ride from the book by James Patterson. Then my first anime was Ghost Hunt. A person on the JamesPatterson community recommended it to me and I loved it. I read manga more than watch anime honestly.

Please friend me if you'd like! If you wanna know more just go on my guest book and ask
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31 / Sweden
Posted 6/1/13
Name Hint:

27, M , Sweden

I think most normal people would say I have OCD if they knew how I deal with everyday problems. I try my best to think of all alternatives before I decide on an action. The solutions I come up with would probably seem to defy rationality, But I have always done things my way.

Not sure, but NGE is on my mind, thou other came before.
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21 / F / Hiroshima
Posted 6/2/13
1. tsukumo
2. 17 / F / Hiroshima
3. 腐女子です!
4. My childhood was CCS
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