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21 / M
Posted 6/9/13
1. You may call me Reaper. With respect to everyone's privacy I tend not to give or ask for anyone's real information. I have however made some very close friends online with whom I feel comfortable sharing such sensitive and personal information. So perhaps given the time within this community and with each individual here, you just may learn more about me, little by little.

2. Early 20's, Male, United States of America.

3. My self assessment will be far different than what others perceive me as, Therefore if I were to say something regarding myself, it would corrupt their original perception of me and will replace it with what I say. Therefore I would like to invite any and all, if any, whom wish to converse with me to approach me with their own unique view of what I maybe like and find out if they are correct or not. I believe it will make for an intriguing chat and a good conversation starter. The diversity and individuality of everyone is very interesting to me so I try to always give people room to express their true selves.

4. For a long time I was ignorant to the existence of anime. I used to conceive every animated show as simply cartoons. But then as I aged, I started to notice differences, at first small then eventually as anime aged along with me, great differences. I always have been and will be fond of Japan and the Japanese culture, so it wasn't long before I was able to see anime as usually possessing Japanese culture while cartoons were...cartoons. After some looking into I finally found a few titles and began to watch those. My first anime was as I am sure with most Yugioh, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Afterwards however I entered into the anime world with shows such as: Naruto, One Piece, Blood Plus, Code Geass, Tokko, Gurren Lagan and Samurai Deeper Kyo. Some of which I have yet to finish, and seek to do so here.

I was introduced to gaming by two video games. Tekken and Halo. Of course, since they were on opposite systems, I found myself drawn to Tekken and thus ps2. But currently I have both top tier systems and have enjoyed a wide verity of games over the years. I look forward to the next generation of systems and tomorrow's E3 to see what we should expect.

That is all from me, thank you for your time and attention.

~ Sincerely, Reaper
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26 / M / Portsmouth
Posted 6/9/13
Hey Doodz, I'm Lux (real name Adam)
I forgot my age (born in 1988) and I;m from Portsmouth in the UK!

First anime? I guess I was browsing channels and saw stuff that wasn't Pokemon... (God I dislike that show... still do... Which sucks as the games (well main ones) are great!) so I'd say a mix of Card Captors, Shin-Chan (non funamation dub) and a weird show called DinoZaurs a weird anime that involves dinosaurs fighting dragons and transforming to do so!
And a few years later I subscribed to a magazine series called Manga force that sends a mag and DVD a month... and that's it!
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22 / M
Posted 6/10/13
Hi, Nice to meet you!
-The names, Jake!
-I love to play video games and watch anime! I've been a Crunchyroll member since 11' but never looked at the social side of it. Finally after a long while I decided to become active on the profiles! Ha!
- I like a really wide array of anime from "Bleach" and "Naruto" all the way to others like "Another" threw "Oreimo".
-I'm more of an RPG kinda gamer! I do have a PS3 but at the moment it has the unwanted YLOD! Darn....
So I've been PC gameing more often since the passing of my PS3! Always open for suggestions on good MMORPGS to try!
You can check out my profile for my game list!
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16 / F / USA
Posted 6/11/13

1.) my online name is Mizuki
3.) I'm in marching band(play the trombone and clarinet)
4.) in 4th grade my friend introduce me to anime
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19 / F
Posted 6/11/13
Salutations! I'm Pawlitics. 18, female, USA. I've been using Crunchyroll for a while but I never realized how active the forums were so I finally decided to join. I'm active on Yahoo Answers and Tumblr a lot and the other day I bought these peanut butter M&Ms that ended up being really tasty but the store was sold out when I went back. My first anime was Chobits in fifth grade (not the best show for an elementary schooler, eh?) and I officially started watching anime after seeing an AMV for it but before that I would watch Pokemon/Ghibli Films/Toonami and listen to my cousin talk about her favorite anime.
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18 / M / E.P.I.C
Posted 6/11/13
The name's Nocts,
Nice to meet you all ^^
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23 / F / Colorado
Posted 6/12/13
(Name) Just call me x2 or Bubbz until I get comfortable around you xD
22 / F / Colorado
Ahhhh...I never know what to say when this question is posed. Here's something random: I've been treated in an Italian hospital! On possibly a more serious note though, I'm very caring and typically drama-free.
I first got into anime before I truly understood what in the heck "anime" even meant. I think Sailor Moon and DBZ were definitely the gateways of my childhood enjoyment of anime. Much later, I watched the first Bleach film and then began seriously watching shows. Now anime shows and movies are a main staple of my entertainment diet.

Thanks for reading - it's nice to meet ya!
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32 / M / some where betwee...
Posted 6/12/13
Neko Tallii
i have been to many places around the world first due to parents in the air force then joining the navy. Fukuoka, Japan Fremantle, Australia and England are the places i wish i could return and spend more time.

didn't realize it till much later but i grew up watching anime. even if it was the edited dubed versions. robotehc, voltron, speed racer, all of these i watched on tv in england. the first anime that got me in to anime was blueseed watched it on showtime latenight in highschool i have never looked back.
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28 / M / usa
Posted 6/13/13

angel beats and bleach got me hooked and theres been no looking back otaku all the way
nice to meet you all
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19 / M / 626
Posted 6/13/13
hi im john


i think im a little socially awkward in the beginning but eventually i get.. better

clannad and one piece got me hooked
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24 / M / Nashville
Posted 6/14/13
Whattup C-Roll? My name is Jack.

17, M, Tennessee

I skateboard

Yu Yu Hakusho got me into anime

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Posted 6/14/13 , edited 6/14/13
1. My name is Charity
2. 19/F/ KY
3. I'm not that interesting. All I do is work anymore. But feel free to say hi anytime you want. I don't have many friends that are into anime, so making some on here would be awesome
4. Sailor moon and Inuyasha got me into anime when I was younger.
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24 / M / ON,Canada
Posted 6/15/13
Hello people :)

1. Name is Daniel
2. 22/M/ON,CA
3. I like to sleep...? I fake my way into making people think I can play guitar as well.
4. I've always kept hidden the fact that I like anime from everyone I know...recently I decided to change that. Least to say I have no friends that are into anime at all. Looking forward to meeting people that love anime and know more about it than I do
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23 / M / USA
Posted 6/15/13
hi people.
Just call me solo -I kind of like the way it sounds-
im 21 from the west coast.
I dont kniw what im doing but i plan to do it well. I love cooking, eating sushi, driving fast cars and video games.

My first anime was dbz, yup on toonami and i cant stand bad va(s) which lead me to crunchyroll.
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28 / M / New Zealand
Posted 6/18/13
Hi all I'm Simon, but every one knows me as Ducky.

I'm 26, male and born and breed in The Mighty Waikato of New Zealand

First anime or anime's I should say was Bubble gum crisis Tokyo 2040 and Cowboy Beebop
And loving it ever since even though i haven't watched much in the last year
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