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24 / M / Texas
Posted 6/21/13 , edited 6/21/13
1) I'm Ben
2) 19/Male/Texas
3) I once wrestled a guy who was a lineman on my high school football team and weighed 75lbs more than me, I came out with a severely bruised/fractured rib, (Idk, never went to a doctor).
4) I had a crush on this girl my freshman year of high school and she was really into anime, showed me some and it became like drugs for me.

Drop a message if you want to know more, I try not to bite too hard.
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18 / M / California, USA
Posted 6/22/13
1) Brendan
2) 14/M/Cali.
3) I have an obsession with wanting to go to hotels. Hotels are so cool
4) One of my friends thrust anime upon me, and I got into it
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22 / M / FL
Posted 6/22/13
1.) David

2.) 18/M/FL

3.) Besides Anime I'm obsessed with EDM Music

4.) I was bored when I just started college, I was in a small school in Summer Semester, so there was no one to talk to. A friend of mine recommended me some Anime to watch, so I decided to give it a chance & I've been hooked ever since!

I'm still new to Anime, so if anyone can give me recommendations or be my friend, I'd appreciate it!
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Posted 6/22/13
1. Cakey
2. 28 (I feel super old for this site), California.
3. I don't know...I'm pretty sure everything about me is weird and/or interesting.
4. Sailor Moon on tv and Anime boobs and The love of Donkey Kong country 2 pretty much opened the door for this stuff.
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29 / M / Charleston WV
Posted 6/23/13
I have been signed up with crunchyroll for about six years its just I have never really been a big forum poster. I thought I would change that.

1. Steve
2. 25/M/WV
3. I love anime conventions plus I love different types of artwork.
4. Long story short, I started learning Japanese after a while I started making some friends and even become friends with my instructor. My friends suggested to me to watch sub anime. I had seen anime before but only on toonami and adult swim. So I decided to watch a few then it just took off from there.
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28 / M / wv
Posted 6/23/13
I just found out there are forums today lol.

Im jordan
24/male/west virginia
I squeal like a fan girl sometimes... as in too often
TechTv's late night anime block, im talking serial experiments lain, Betterman and Silent Mobius, been watchibg entierly too much since.
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25 / M / Colorado
Posted 6/24/13
Hi I'm James!

I'm 21 and from Colorado.

I'm super stressed out all the time but I come across as super easy going, and as stressed out as I am, I'm usually still very happy

What got me into anime was when I was visiting my cousin when I was just a lil' guy. He said, "Oh man! Dragonball Z is on in 5 minutes!" and I was like, "What's that?" and that's where the magical adventure began ...haha

Be a buddy! We can talk about stuff! and things!
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20 / F
Posted 6/24/13
Hello, I'm new here
So I'm Souhila and my Username is Shiawase_Yuki
I'm 16, I love Manga, Anime, Game
I would like to try some cosplay haha

I don't have friend who like as much as I love manga
So I'm not just here to look for new manga but I'd like to make some friends who has the same hobby as me haha

You can Inbox me whenever you want ^^

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19 / M / Florida, United S...
Posted 6/24/13
I...never made one of these. Rather late than never?

1. Tyler Dunn. Feel free to call me as you wish (Within reason).
2. 15/Male/Florida, United States
3. Words cannot desribe my abnomalities.
4. Well, I suppose it was a mix of friends and the internet. After constant bugging and curiosity, I watched my first series, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Really liked it. I came here and rewatched it. After that I'm here, just trying to do my best to help out other users and have a good time.
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25 / M / Florida
Posted 6/24/13
I'm surprised how many fellow Floridians there are here.

Anyways I'm mostly into Mecha Anime and Slice of life Anime.

Like Gundam, Nichijou, Azumanga, those sort of things.

Well I hope to get some friends here!
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19 / M / Britain
Posted 6/24/13
Hi, I'm Sam ( or Samu ^_^ )


I love Japanese culture and gaming. I'm one fo those guys who's all about the story-lines :)

I got into anime because a friend on Twitter started talking about it. I think I watched a few episodes of various animes before become totally hooked :D

I've never been good at becoming a part of online communities so I hope I get some friends here!
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20 / F / Florida
Posted 6/24/13
1. Rakel
2. 16/F/FL
3. Sometimes when I laugh I cry. This one time while I was presenting a project I totally had a melt down of laughing and crying (weird)
4. Well I always play video games when I was younger (tomboy). And for anime one of my friends told me to watch blue exorcist, found this app now I'm hooked. I think I'm addicted.
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26 / F
Posted 6/24/13
.........Aaaaallllllrriiight, then.
1. Jo, The JOS, "yo, Blondie"
2. 22, (fe)male, Dahnorth
3. I haven't posted anything on a forum since 2006.... @___@;
4. Zelda and Pokemon consumed my early childhood.....From there.... It evolved....
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27 / M / California, USA
Posted 6/24/13
Hi I'm Gerry, 23, male, and from California
I got into anime back in 2004 when a friend introduced me to Fooly Cooly by DvD, and it's been a passion of mine since.
I game and am much into that as I am into anime. I havent been active on the forums but I just decided to dive in
Hoping to get along with all of you
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