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16 / F
Posted 7/3/13
~MinaseBelle at your service.
~Is Female, aged 14 years of age & lives in the Philippines
~I play Sword Girls Online & is an avid fan of the trading card game itself
~Quite shy, I think ?
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21 / F / United States
Posted 7/3/13
My name is Narisa! (That's my online a large fraction of the time.)
I'm 19, female, and live in the United States.
Ummm, I'm pretty random.
I got into anime through playing Naruto Clash of Ninja, (Naruto was my first anime) I got into J-pop, J-rock, K-pop, through the ending song of RomeoxJuliet, "Cyclone". I picked up video games through my dad, (when he was a hardcore gamer) I loved watching him play RPGs and fighters. XD
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F / London- United Ki...
Posted 7/4/13
Heeey, my name is Scribbles or you can call me Sophie
I'm 15, female and have lived in the UK-London all my life
I love playing video games whether its on pc or xbox also i have been doing horse riding for 9 years
I think that I mainly got into anime when I was little and then came back to it about last year
oh and I love making new friends so feel free to add me ^_^

Thanks for reading :)

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18 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 7/4/13
My name is ZinLP I prefer to be called Lek :D
I'm 16 years young, and currently living in the UK
Hmm... something weird about me would be that I alternate between American-English and UK-English when I speak,

What got me into anime was probably DragonBall, my first ever anime I watched. My first game was Final Fantasy IV and then converted to PC gaming :D. I like a lot of musc, mostly K-Pop, J-Rock and some DnB

I would like to meet/befriend new people so just add me if you want to get to know each other
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24 / F / In my bed!
Posted 7/4/13 , edited 7/4/13
Name - Chris, (its's a nickname, people usually call me by my gamer names, Neu and Bear, but its up to you ^^
A/S/L - 21 (turning 22 in august), Female, Denmark
Interesting thing - i sing i the shower :3 i play unusually loud music when im in my apartment! I love music, anime, manga and my xbox :3

What got me hooked to anime - my cousin FORCEDA me to watch naruto when we were 15, and i absolutely HATED it, then she forced med to watch bleach, and i hated it even more, so for 2 months when we were together every weekend, the only thing she would put on her computer was Naruto. I slowly came to love it and we started exploring new anime's. Now my love for anime and manga is bigger than hers, and i keep recommending her new series to watch and read, but if it isnt better than naruto and code breaker in rankings she refuses to check it out!
BUT I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw, im writing this on my phone, so theres bound to be typos!
Posted 7/5/13
Hello you can call me Lillith-please feel free to friend me,I am very talkative and have many interests and enjoy meeting new people
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M / Wouldn't You Like...
Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/5/13
Hello, I'm Gene and I'm relatively new to these forums. I'm a big anime fan and gamer so it would be great if I met some folks here who have similar interests. Peace.
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22 / M / Mississippi
Posted 7/5/13
Hello, names Joshua, 20yrs old I'm from Mississippi, I've been a member on Crunchyroll for awhile but I didn't stray over into the forums until this year lol.
I'm a one of a kind person, I enjoy watching anime obviously haha but I'm a gamer to heart. Gaming and Anime has been probably one of the biggest parts of my childhood. I Started young watching DBZ after I got home from school and some other great shows. Gaming I got started out on my brothers SNES playing Mario, metroid, megaman. Then from there the ps1 era and FF9 was a big opener into the RPG field for me, from then on I was a FF fan.
I plan to join the community and be an active member here. Hope to make some new friends!
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18 / F / In Space..
Posted 7/6/13
Hello, my name is Naomi nd im 16 yrs old. i was only a member in CR for few months but then had 2 drop out nd make a new CR profile.
I'm a bit shy but i try 2 speak as much as i can with people so ya i'm not mean just so u know. i LOVE to draw anime characters nd i like 2 play video games also listen 2 variety of music (even tho i dont understand the language lol). Most animes i admire is one piece, fairy tail, nd naruto shippuden, sword art online. i will make sure to be active nd hope i'll be able 2 make lotz of friends on CR.
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27 / F / Texas
Posted 7/6/13
I'm Kat, 25 years old, speech pathologist by day, budding otaku by night. I'm decently new to the world of anime - I actually used to be super creeped out by it when I was younger (it's a long story involving being homeschooled, scared of literally everything, and watching Sailor Moon at my cousin's house.........). I watched Howl's Moving Castle about five years ago and that changed everything. Since then, I've begun this gradual descent into obsession. I've got a long way to go from here, but between being a lazy jobless housewife last year, and now ever-glued to my computer the rare hours I actually have free time away from work, I've made pretty good progress.

I decided to try out a premium membership today, because I've been spoiled by the free 1080p episodes I've watched here, and got super sad when I had to watch episodes of Chihayafuru and Tsuritama in 480p :)

I'm a slice of life/shoujo girl for the most part. I like good character development and stories that finally make me understand the whole crying-into-a-bucket-of-ice-cream-on-the-sofa thing (I never got that with western chick flicks). It doesn't take too much convincing to get me to watch something with a little more action (or blood, or guts, etc.) though - I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Elfen Lied and the new Evangelion movies.

I like to draw. I'm obsessed with Animal Crossing at the moment. I'm totally part of the Harry Potter generation. I'll read the occasional visual novel if a friend is pestering me to. I also like food a whole lot.

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17 / F / U.S.
Posted 7/7/13
Ayooo. My names Melody but I go by Mellow or Lem. ;P
Forgot that I had a CR account untill a few days ago. . so, yeah. o3o. New to these fourms is what you can say.
I'm 15.
I'm quiet sometimes, sometimes outoftheblue random. :3
Came to this site since the other site where I usually watch anime closed down ;~;
Yay for anime c:
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24 / M / Corner of Moon &...
Posted 7/7/13
Hello everybody
Names Ivan
22/Male/ Delaware
Fun and relaxed person who likes to enjoy life and make the most of what i have. Love going outside and getting drenched when its raining.
Something weird about me? Hhmm... every now and then i like i like to randomly sing a tune in my little Elmo voice :p
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25 / M / New Hampshire
Posted 7/7/13
1.My name is Bobby
2. 22/Male/NH
3. Something weird or interesting... I once got myself locked inside of a car. It was pretty ridiculous, message me if you want to hear the story.
4. I remember the first anime I saw was Sailor Moon. I saw it over my sitters house at six in the morning while my mother was heading to work. It became a tradition and spurred my obsession, which was only exasperated but Dragonball Z.
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27 / M / Ohio
Posted 7/7/13
1. My name is Stephen
2. 25/m/Ohio
3. I hate doing dishes enough to only use paper plates and plastic cups! Now if I could get rid of laundry...
4. Sailor Moon and DBZ started it for me.
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