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23 / F / United States of...
Posted 7/17/13
My name's Emily.
18/ F/ US
I am weird in every way I can think of! YAY for me?!
I was born to watch anime. It's so natural that I don't know when I before that...hmm....
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21 / M / Arlington, TX
Posted 7/18/13
1. Jon
2. 16/M/TX
3. I have no idea what to put here without coming off as vain.
4. I watched Code Geass back in the day and I thought it was pretty cool, so I thought to myself, "is there more of this out there?" Turns out there was, and so I started watching anime.
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26 / M / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 7/18/13

1. Daniel or DEE
2. 21 / M / Montreal, New York & Philadelphia
3. I love photographing and i love legs haha
4. I've been into anime, MV's and video games since i was a little kid. I've been always into traditional american cartoons and japanese anime all my life.
Posted 7/18/13
I'm pretty late on this since I've been here since last year, but:
1. Me name be Suzume.
2. My age is 6,000, my gender's female and if it truthfully isn't, then I'm pretty confused and my location's a secret. I can't tell anyone because then my boss would be pissed.
3. I have a love for weapons, though I would never hurt someone unless it's in defense or an accident (like while sparring). I also don't know how to wield very many.
4. I got into anime cause of Toonami back when I was a little kid, music videos from..well, I don't really know and games from my aunts (if we're speaking about video games, though they introduced me to board/card games, too). I believe they got me into them when I was either three, or four.
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26 / M / Utah, USA
Posted 7/20/13
Well this is kind of stressful.

Yo, I'm Dylan C.
At the grand age of 21, being of the male variety and located in the humble state of Utah.
I hate stating things about myself, because I feel like I can never come up with anything good.
One day, I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. My entire life went downhill from there.
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33 / M / TX
Posted 7/20/13 , edited 7/20/13
Hello, all! I've been a member since 2007, but haven't actually gotten to visiting the site until earlier this month. ^^; Blaming it all on "Free!". XD

Okay, here goes...

1. Michaelangelo (I also go by Mikey, Leafshino, or Reedhana)

2. 28 / M / Somewhere in Southeast Texas, Sol 3

3. Nothing in particular. Just your average twenty-something who just happens to love Japanese culture.

4. What got me into Anime... I don't really remember. I just love animated shows / films. Loved the old Warner Brothers and Hannah Barbera toons, then Disney, then it just segued into anime in the mid-90s. One of my first anime titles was "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing".

My first exposure to Japanese music was globe. I remember hearing "feel like dance" randomly on the radio, then when we got this Japanese channel on cable that showed JDoramas, Anime, and random JPop music videos.

Video games on the other hand, I've been a video gamer since my dad got us a Famicom. One of our first games then was Super Mario Bros. 3.
Posted 7/20/13
Hey everyone! I'm new here, so go easy on me haha.

1. Well my name is Scott.
2. 20 - M - New Mexico
3. Something weird/interesting about me.....I can't think of anything haha.
4. I watched a lot of Pokemon and DBZ when I was younger, but I didn't know it was anime at the time. I was just a dumb little kid haha. What really got me into anime was watching Death Note a few months ago. I just happened to watch it online and was hooked. I began to look for a good site to watch anime on, and came across Crunchyroll. The rest is history.
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35 / M / Stavanger, Norway
Posted 7/21/13
1. My name is Henrik
2. 31/male/Stavanger, Norway
3. I'm a computer programmer, hobbyist powerlifter and I do my own (light) car repairs. That combo will usually raise some eyebrows. :)
4. I've sort of always had a slight fascination for anime, but then Crunchyroll appeared on my AppleTV, I ended up watching the first episode of Amnesia and got sucked un by its amazing art style.
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29 / F / Georgia
Posted 7/22/13
Hello D:

I'm Sarah and I'm currently 24 years old. I live in Georgia and it's way to hot here. I love congoing, traveling, reading, video games and tons of other things.

I've been a huge fan of anime since I was roughly 10 years old. I'm not sure what my first anime was but I want to say either Dragon Ball or Speed Racer. My anime watching was limited until Toonami came around and I was exposed to tons more and instantly fell in love with it. Thanks to the internet, anime watching as become so much easier. D: Anyway! I hope to meet some new friends through CR~
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24 / F / Amsterdam
Posted 7/22/13
Hi! I'm Faéna and I'm 19 years old living in the Netherlands.
I'm an interaction designer who loves cooking, sleeping and cuddling with my three doggies.
My first anime that I didn't even know was an anime, was Dragonball Z (dubbed).
I have a Dragonball tattoo always reminding me of my childhood joy <3

My first subbed anime was Death Note and I never really stopped watching after that.
Hope to make some friends!

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Posted 7/22/13
i'm a random person
Boa,Namie amuro, Koda kumi got me into anime
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25 / F / Canada
Posted 7/22/13

My name is Amanda, I'm 20 and currently a student living in Ontario, Canada!
I'm pretty much extremely weird, so there is not one thing I can simply point out...haha
I love all shoujo anime, espeically Kimi Ni Todoke, Clannad, Haruhi, Fruits Baskets and sooooo many others!

Hope to make some new friends and broaden my knowledge on new anime/manga!
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27 / M / Mobile, Alabama
Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13
Howdy, folks. I'm Jacob. I'm 22 and I live in Mobile, AL. I am currently a fast food cook at a Sonic. I enjoy writing and reading and not getting called in on my days off.

I don't read manga much (that is weird, right?), but I enjoy watching anime and more and more I find myself preferring subs over dubs even though I used to be the other way around.

I am all over the place when it comes to anime or music or movies or anything, really. So suggestions are always welcome.
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21 / F / California
Posted 7/22/13
Hi everyone! I'm Lena
Weird thing is I'm totally obsessed with Kazuichi Souda from Danganronpa 2. Also I have tons of anime crushes,
Well I found the Bleach manga at the store and decided to buy it. Then I watched the anime and I was immediately hooked. I've been watching anime for a year and a half now and well, it was the best decision I ever made.
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27 / M / Union city nj
Posted 7/23/13 , edited 7/23/13

alanisyn wrote:

Let's see if I get this right

1) Sam (I'm a chick)

2) 20/f/ny

3) I was a Hostess for two years but I don't like meeting new ppl. ( I also like the feel of typing, might be why I write for 17 diff. fandoms...)

4) All of my scifi shows got cancelled (Farscape, Roswell, Mutant X, Firefly, etc.) expect for SG-1 and Atlantis, so I needed something to do. LIke Alec, it seriously spiraled and in about 5 months, I've completed 6 animes. It's getting scary.

So you feel your obsession with anime is just starting ? I been obsessed with it for like 4 years lol.
You know what's funny mostly everybody on this thread got started because of toonami and dragon ball z

And I'm Felix

2) 22/m/nj
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