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30 / M / CA
Posted 7/26/13
Hello, my name is Adrian.

I am 28, male(last time I checked) and live in northern California.

i enjoy watching anime, music, movies, and reading. I also collect knives and swords, as well as tomahawks. I love submission grappling, though it has been years since I've been able to actively practice.

The first anime I saw was Akira, followed by Fist of the North Star. My favorite anime would have to be Neon Genesis Evangelion. All of them. A friend of mine let me borrow the first VHS in exchange for me loaning him Fist of the North Star and I was blown away. A gap of a few years went by when i didn't really watch anything that I didn't own, so I asked on another forum what would be a good one to watch. I was directed to Jubei-Chan: Secret of the Lovely Eye Patch. I thought it was hilarious, and got back into watching new(to me) shows. I've mostly been watching comedies, but also some meaner ones like Shingeki no Kyojin, Elfen Lied and Deadman Wonderland. I recently watched and really liked Hataraku Maou-sama, Henneko, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Toradora, Oreimo, and Say "I love You".

Maybe the most interesting thing about myself is how amazingly uninteresting I am, hahaha.

I've always enjoyed cartoons, and feel that anime is a natural progression in that. My favorite games would have to be Xenogears, Persona 3, Bioshock 1 and 2, and Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

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18 / M / Europe
Posted 7/27/13
Why aren't Fairy tail and Attack on titan available in Sweden? Pls can you make it available, I really want to watch them.
Posted 7/28/13
Yooo Ellie hereee :333
as eu can see from my username, I am smexeh ~ ;3
haha disagree and I'll bite you c:

I'd love to meet new people so feel free to add me and drop by my guestbook ne? :3
I might be quite annoying at times, so im sorry in advance~
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21 / F / Missouri
Posted 7/28/13
I'm a 19 year old princess from the midwest.
I'm not actually a princess. In truth I'm just a girl who wore a tiara to prom without a date.

It all started when... I compared Pokemon to Ed, Edd n' Eddy (which I also adored) and realized that there were two kinds of cartoons in the world. I started keeping an eye out for bubbly eyes and pointy chins. Dragonball Z, Cyborg 009, and Inuyasha held my interest. I loved Spirited Away. However, it wasn't until Naruto came about when I finally realized what this "anime" thing is and then I bounced off the walls for a while like the 11-15 year old I was- but now I'm stable. No more improper/broken Japanese for me.

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18 / F
Posted 7/28/13
I got an account just so I could, using this website, tell you that the darkness that hovers over is a sign that we were right in growing out of that.
But Sailor Moon will always be best, Sara. It will always be best.
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20 / F / Houston, Texas
Posted 7/28/13
I'm Stephanie and 18, about to go off to college.
My very first anime I saw was Inuyasha 6 years ago when I came across it on Adult Swim. I finished all 167 eps in about...a week.
I've never been to any type of Disney theme park, but I've been basically everywhere else. Sad, I know.
I like all kinds of animus like Inuyasha, Vampire Knight, Trinity Blood, Maid-Sama, Kimi ni Todoke, Bokura Ga Ita, Ouran High School Host Club, anything that'll make me laugh or interested

Hi, everyone!

Also, none of my friends know I'm into anime. So yeah. It's nice to have this website to talk about it and have an outlet.
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24 / F / Virginia, USA
Posted 7/28/13
Hello. :3

I'm a 23 years old graphic design student, very shy and in disbelief that I am even posting anything here! I never do. I always tend to kind of lurk (but not in a creepy way, I promise!) ._____.

I got into anime in middle school when I found copies of Marmalade boy and DNAngel at a yard sale and a lady gave them to me. I never stopped since! I watch all kinds (Sailor Moon, Soul Eater, Studio Ghibli) ^______^ I've always been hooked on dramas or romance (because they make me feel all fuzzy and stuff,) but I'm really love everything! I can never say no to a comedy! :D
I've always wanted to go to Japan! I love to cook Japanese food and I'm *trying* to learn Japanese. I also love video games (bioshock series, sonic the hedgehog, spyro-the works!) I don't know anyone who shares the same interests as I do, so this should be fun!

-fiddles with hands-

I guess that's it. I'm friendly, I promise! Drop by, say hi. I love making friends.
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31 / M / Silent Hill, CA
Posted 7/28/13
woohoo!!! this is my 3rd year using crunchy roll! I just changed my name. I'm looking forward to attending more anime conventions, and catching up with the latest and greatest in anime and gaming ! If you enjoy interesting conversations, then feel free to add me
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23 / M / Columbia, SC...Bo...
Posted 7/29/13 , edited 7/29/13
- I'm Reginald
- I'm 22/M/SC
- My friends always say I have ESP -___- but I don't, or do I? :P
- In the 9th grade, I stayed up and watched Adult Swim, watched Inuyasha (was super late into the series, had no clue what anime was at the time) and then the FLCL marathon. Told a friend in homeroom, turned out he was a huge anime fan. He showed me some shows, and I was fan ever since.
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24 / M / Earth
Posted 7/29/13
Heya I'm Brock

22, Male, Cal (usa)

I love to do art stuff, weather it be cosplay, drawing, clay, etc. I'm shy but their only one you/me and all that jazz

I always ben into anime, music, and video games since I can remember.

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33 / M / MD, USA
Posted 7/29/13
Hey everyone I'm an anime noob.

32 (Yes I'm... old)/Male/MD (Moving to MA next year)

I think I'm more weird than interesting, I workout, play video games (360/PS3/Vita), and I have bionic legs (got blown up last year).

I just recently started watching anime, a friend of mine got me into Naruto a few years ago and I watched maybe the first 80 episodes, I'm going to have to rewatch all of them since I forgot most of it. I watched Kenichi on Netflix last week and I was instantly hooked. I finished both seasons in 3 days and was bummed when I realized there wasn't a 3rd season so I'm reading the Manga online. Right now I am watching Samurai Champloo, another AWESOME show!
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17 / F / Ca
Posted 7/29/13

Hi I'm Maya and I love anime! :D

I'm 16/ a female/Ca

Hmmm........I don't know? I'm a bit of a loner, does that count? XD

I don't even remember.XD I used to watch inuyasha on adult swim and occasionally saw episodes of naruto shippuden. It made me curious so started searching for more anime to watch and before I knew it I was hoked.
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Posted 7/30/13
Ramadan !

I Go by the name yoboyholiday cuz of my youtube channel check me out at www.youtube.com/yoboyholiday post 2 vids a week and make reaction vids for attack on titans
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18 / M / Finland
Posted 7/30/13
'Sup guys

I'm Samu, but you can just call me Samu.
I'm 17, male, and at the moment I live in Finland
Something interesting umm... I'm an absolutist (yes, a finn that is an absolutist!)
First anime that I've watched was Clannad. That got me hook'd.

oh yeah and...

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F / Dojo
Posted 7/30/13
1. Nana
2. 16/F/Cali
3. I like to do Mixed martial art
4. DBZ got me into anime
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