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M / United States
Posted 7/30/13
1. David

2. 27/M/Georgia

3. I like collecting toys and high end collectables. Right now my focus is on acquiring all of the S.H. Monster Arts Godzilla figures. I also love 90's jrpgs such as Xenogears, Chrono Trigger/Cross, Vagrant Story, Suikoden, FF tactics, as well as FF IV-IX. I also enjoy cyberpunk as well.

4. While I have seen many anime in my childhood, the one that got me hooked on anime was the original Guyver series back in the late 80s (not the one that came out in the mid 2000s). While the anime in of itself has not aged particularly well, it was still light years ahead of what I saw on TV or movies. The level of action, violence, and complex story (for it's time) got me hooked on anime ever since.
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27 / M / Maryland
Posted 7/30/13


Reason for joining Crunchyroll is anime

Radiotech Major

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22 / M
Posted 7/31/13 , edited 8/13/13
im Loi/Loylypop

Love anime, making new friends, and AIR got me hooked
into anime.
20/M/New Zealand and Australia

love sword art online and girls und panzer and claymore and evangelion series and gundam series ,
love good mysteries about earth and strange things.
im practically good at anything and can do anything but not the best at everything XD
still figuring out what i wanna do for future.

Crunchy roll = good anime and online community

plays Ps3 games alot like Battlefield BC2 and tekken and Blazblue and DOA5, Valkyria chronicles and yeah i love games .

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21 / M / Australia
Posted 7/31/13
Hey (:

I'm Danny (Dan)


I live for the fun of life!
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M / The Abyss
Posted 8/1/13
Name's SolidBarrel

Hi everyone, new arrival and happy to be on board.
Crunchyroll is pretty awesome and the forums seem pretty nice also.
A good friendship is unsinkable so lets all enjoy the ride! =)

Let me know if there's something cool to watch, peace.
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29 / F
Posted 8/1/13
Call me whatever you want

27 f lives in a country of ABBA and where Zlatan Ibrahimovic was born but I'm not legally blond
I'm not weird and I don't have a weird side of me... only gentleness

Anime has always been a part of me since I was young
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25 / M / NJ
Posted 8/1/13

that is all.
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17 / M / Collinsville, Ill...
Posted 8/1/13
I was never aware that CR had a forum section on their site. To be honest I was really embarrassed when I noticed it. (It's not like I've been on the site for three years or anything.)

- Blushes -

Well, any who.

I am Martin, also known as Vampyre or Vampy over the internet.
On Crunchyroll I am named Martymoe21, a nickname my older brother called me when I was younger.

What kind of nickname is Martymoe21?

I'm currently working on multiple stories on a site, which one of them can be found here http://figment.com/books/675503-Golden-Eclipse

Description Time!: I play a lot of video games, and watch a bit of anime. I'm always looking to meet new people too! Beyond this, I am open to people adding me on Skype ([email protected]) and am happy to be here too!

Martin signing off! Ciao-su! \\_// (<-- If you know where this is from I give you a "Vampy's Seal of Approval"!)
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22 / M
Posted 8/2/13
Hey there I'm kinda new here but I'm glad there's a way to watch anime and talk to others who share my interests.

I am Alfy
Location: California
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23 / F / En Mi Mundo....
Posted 8/2/13
Hello! Im not really new here. I made an account a while back, but never really used it. hehe

Name: Rayne
Age: 22

Hope to meet a lot of cool people on here.
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24 / F / Huntsville
Posted 8/2/13
Hello! My name is Jessica, I am 22 years old, and shy, socially awkward, and I like anime.

I'm weird and I do weird stuff that makes other people uncomfortable around me.:sweatingbullets: I hope you guys won't mind me being abnormal.

Anyways, I hope I can make new friends here and watch new anime everyday.
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24 / M / Goshen, IN
Posted 8/3/13
1. Eric
2. 23/Male/Goshen Indiana
3. I skydive...for fun
4. friends dragged me in, now i can't get out
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26 / M / US-NW
Posted 8/4/13

1. Kianzi

2. 25 - M - WA

3. I believe in Pantheism; that the nonphysical experiential feature of any object can exert novel causal force on physical bodies in proportion to said object's complexity =3

4. A friend of mine introduced me to Code Geass and Death Note in college. Came for the story; stayed for the characters
Posted 8/5/13
1) Dee (that's just a nickname btw)
2) 23/f/UK
3) err...you'll find out for yourself
4)hmm what officially got me hooked was Fruits Basket, though in actual fact I started watching anime from a young age, I just didn't know it was anime. Such as Moomins, Monster Rancher, Pokemon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Yugioh!
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Posted 8/5/13
I am not new, but if u would like to talk and can hold up a decent conversation then add me, i like meeting any kind of person.
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