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28 / M / Texas
Posted 8/6/13 , edited 8/6/13
Hello everyone. My name is Kyle.

24 / Male / Texas

I have interest in a wide variety of things, but they usually revolve around television, anime, or video games. Right now I'm into The Walking Dead (video game and TV show), Guild Wars (RPG), and Yu-Gi-Oh (the trading card game).

What got me into anime may have been Dragonball, but I vaguely remember that. After Dragonball I watched Pokemon and eventually Yu Yu Hakusho, which really got me into anime. What got me into video games was the Super Nintendo; things just got better since then.
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32 / M / Vancouver, BC, Ca...
Posted 8/7/13
Hello, just found out about Crunchyroll from a friend a few weeks ago, finally decided to visit and check it out!

1. Will Box
2. 28 / Male / Vancouver, BC, Canada
3. I'm a local cosplay photographer! It's probably the most interesting photography I've ever done haha.
4. Definitely watching dubbed anime as a kid, the Dragon Ball Z and Samurai Pizza Cats shows. Then playing all of the awesome JRPGs on the SNES and eventually seeking out the original source material and appreciating it in all its glory!

I hope to definitely learn more about anime and discuss my favorites with everyone here
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28 / M / Puerto Rico
Posted 8/7/13
Alright so I'm not a new user. Been around CR since 07 or 08 but this is my first time posting on the forums. I know right pretty dumb, anyway here it is.

1. Felix Torres
2. 23/Male/East Coast
3. I'm a Veteran as far as something weird 0.0....many things....
4. Not really sure must of been MMOs or DragonballZ
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28 / F / USA
Posted 8/7/13


Cosmetologist, Gamer, Nerd, cat lover

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20 / Chiraq
Posted 8/7/13
1. Gale
2. 16/genderqueer/USA
3. I have a really strong passion for nature or i like to keep bugs for a few days as pets n then release em cuties
4. Inuyasha. just inuyasha.

i am a studying artist and i reaeealy would love to meet other anime and artist peeps :o)
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25 / M / Washington
Posted 8/8/13
hi hi pretty new to the forums but I've been with CR since before we started paying for this site lol

Well nice to meet you all., my friend was talking to me about how he gets most of his updates/info from the forums. So I guess I'll stay connected more often. ^^

1. The name is Kevin nice to meet you
2. 21 (woot woot)
3. I'm down to chill and have anime nights because THEY'RE AWESOME lol I like working out, chilling with buddies, playing games and working. Gotta get money somehow
4. I'm pretty much a shounen. Love action animes, those are the best. Love all the classics fma, inuyasha, sailor moon, dbz and yuyu hakusho. I've pretty much seen countless of animes, sometimes when I see an anime I like I tend to watch over again (2-3times)
5. I've seen ano hana like 4 times by now. TOOO GUUUUD
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Posted 8/8/13 , edited 8/8/13
My name is Marcin, the english equivalent would be Martin, supposedly the name has its origins from the roman god of war, Mars. Don't know who made that up but I like it a lot. Oh, I'm male if that wasn't apparent.

As of now I'm 20, still trying to figure out how I want to earn my living.
Besides anime and manga, I'm interested in psychology and I also like to play online video games.
As far as anime and manga are concerned, I like a lot of stuff, but considering I'm a bit of an emotional romantic and a philosopher I tend to focus on psychological dramas, romances, horrors, fantasy and slice of life works. I guess that's not a focus at all considering I've named a couple of genres. I dislike ecchi and lately I'm straying away from shounens as well, oh and I love comedy! I mean we all like a laugh and there's nothing more refreshing than a good comedy show.

Having said that I feel compelled to mention a couple of titles.
For anime I like to recommend Gintama, Tatami Galaxy, Code Geass, Arakawa Under the Bridge, Baccano, Mushishi, Kino no Tabi, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Samurai Champloo... Oh my god, I could go on and on.

For mangas I'd recommend Kaibutsu Oujo and Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. There's a lot more but for some reason I've a hard time remembering manga titles.

Doubt anyone is interested but politically I'm an anarchist.

I'm sorry for the long introduction, I could blabber about myself for all eternity if given the chance, I hope to see you all around these parts. I'm more of a spectator than an actor anyways
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25 / F / Germany-- on fore...
Posted 8/9/13
1. Candace

2. 16/f/USA, but in Germany for a year

3. I have played violin for eight years, but taking this year off due to my exchange year.

4. When I was younger, I LOVED anime-- mainly Tokyo Mew Mew, Digimon, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Yo.. But I stopped reading/watching it for like six years until now, when I reminiced about the good ol' days with a friend. My friend never stopped watching anime, and encouraged me to watch Attack on Titan... and my love for anime has burgeoned ever since.
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23 / F / out of nowhere
Posted 8/9/13
1. just call me Yuu
2. 18/F/Ind
3. well, I'm a quite shy person. I'm just good to interact with people on cyber, I'm messed up face-to-face conversation. Eventhough I'm shy, I can change the opposite way when I'm angry or motivated with something like the newborn person.
4. Actually, I love anime since I was child. But due to lack of internet connection I couldn't be satisfied enough to watch anime and stopped this hobby. It began in the middle of 2012, to make it short since that time I'm able to watch anime and continuing this hobby again
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27 / M / The North
Posted 8/9/13
1. Hi im Kris.
2. 22/M/U.K
3.I have alot of pets including a turtle , frogs, hamsters, cats etc. Maybe not that interesting but all I can think off without having a cup of tea down me.
4. Ive loved anime since I can remember! I started with the basics (dbz and pokèmon) then one night my friend put ghost in the shell on and i couldnt believe what my eye holes were watching! After that I needed more! I stayed up late to catch cowboy bebop on toonami and managed to get hold of akira on video cassett that how I got into anime but I havnt watched alot recently now that I have a bit more time on my hands im wanting to catch up on all the great series ive missed. So if anyone wants to have a chat or suggest something that ive missed give me a message or something
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27 / M / New Mexico
Posted 8/9/13
1. Call me Stein
2. 22/M/NM
3. I am 6 year martial arts instructor.
4. i got into anime cause of friends showing me Rurouni Kenshin. I have also ways been into gaming, since the original gameboy advanced.

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22 / M
Posted 8/9/13
Ok I'm not really new to Crunchyroll but I'm new on the forums

1. I'm Jonathan
2. 17/M/Phoenix, Arizona
3. I'm a collegiate Waterskiier
4. I watched toonami (spelling?) when I was younger and my curiosity grew from there... and now I'm here
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29 / F / The Moon Kingdom
Posted 8/10/13
Hello, my name is Amber. ^.^ I am 24 years old and have been an anime lover since I watched my first anime on Toonami!

I love to play video games and watch anime. xD That's about all I do other than working at my job.

I absolutely love amusement parks and fairs/carnivals! Feel free to add me if you want!
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27 / F / Hightstown, NJ
Posted 8/10/13
2. 22 year old female, Hightstown NJ.
3. My favorite animal is the panda, i have a tattoo of one on my neck. I am a junkie for Anime an im an activist for Pitbulls. :3
4. Always been interested in Japanese culture since i was 7, fell in love with anime when i watched my FIRST anime (Dirtyflashpair) and then saw Akira!
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Posted 8/10/13 , edited 8/10/13
1. Jay
2. 21/M/USA
3. I can't think anything right now
4. Sailor moon and Cardcaptor Sakura got me into anime
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