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Posted 8/27/13
Hello! My name is Heidi.
I'm from Georgia and I'm 19.
Something weird about me: hmmm I sing constantly when I'm alone but I hate singing in front of others
First anime: Naruto! I was watching Cartoon Network one day and I came across the episodes where naruto and sasuke are fighting Zabuza and haku and I fell in love with it right away!
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21 / M / Washington, Unite...
Posted 8/27/13
'Sup! I'm Johnny!


I can eat more then 5000 calories a day and never gain weight! Lucky me!

My first gaming device was a GBC along with Pokemon Yellow Special Pikachu Edition! My first anime with ENG subs was Bleach. I really loved that show!

Nice to meet you guys!
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25 / M / North Carolina
Posted 8/27/13
Hello, all! My name is Kevin!

21/M/NC though that info is right next to the box, I guess...

I suppose this counts as an interesting fact: some friends and I competed in a Rock Band tournament at our local Best Buy in the spring of '08. Thanks to my constant pushing, we ended up winning first place! Surprised my game design professor a few years later when he asked the class if anyone had won money from playing video games. My drummer friend and I (the vocalist) were the only ones to raise our hands. Felt great!

What got me into anime? I think it was Naruto on Cartoon Network. Not counting Pokemon, of course... I ended up finding the Colours TV channel and their Funimation block and falling in love with Case Closed. Still one of my favorites!
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27 / F / itouch, ps3
Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/27/13
1. Snoodles
2. 23/F/Earth
3. I want to get rid of two guest passes? /laughs/ That is mega interesting huh? xD hmmmm hmmmm idk I'm not too interesting hahaha! I'm a failure when it comes to studying languages and I really wanna learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, and Spanish xD but I can't even get one down, even if I spend the entire day on a chapter of a textbook OTL (ive had months where it was the only thing interesting to do xD no computer does that to a person) I own lots of chickens? Most people don't own those right? Who wants to guess how many I own, I bet you can't guess 8D

4. What got me into anime? I have no idea ahahahahahahah I've actually been on a semi 2 year hiatus from anime until 2 months ago , got tired of wasting my life on watching anime xD but now I have nothing better to do, so what got me back into anime? My ps3 xD
What got me into games? The snes, gotta love the snes man! donkey Kong country 2 ftw!~
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24 / M / The Grand Line
Posted 8/28/13
1. Eddy
2. 19/M/IA
3. I'm a musician. I can play guitar, harmonica and I am currently learning how to play the drums.
4. I used to watch it a long time ago, and I sort of stopped for a few years. Then I met some friends who are really into it, so I picked it back up just recently.
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33 / M / Honolulu, HI
Posted 8/28/13
Just discovered this site. Awesome!!

1. Mark
2. 28/m/hawaii
3. im a closet activist
4. im a child of the 80 and 90s what can I say
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26 / M
Posted 8/28/13
1. Dylan
2. 21/M/Texas, US
3. I am the bassist in a band called Indigo on Blast. You can check us out by searching for us on Facebook.
4. I think that it was Toonami (a block on Cartoon Network) that got me interested in anime, but it wasn't until a year or two ago that I actually started branching out by watching different genres (and with subtitles)
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27 / F / Honolulu, Hawaii
Posted 8/29/13
My bro turned me onto this site! see above

1)Lindsay C
2)22 female, Honolulu, Hawaii (best place on earth)
3)I got in some trouble with the police when I was younger. friend me and maybe I'll share with you :)
4)one word------ CATBUS

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23 / Australia
Posted 9/2/13
As a member, I'm not that new but as a poster on forums, I'm new

I'm mollinol
19 y.o.
I'm actually Japanese, living in Australia but if you ever need help with Japanese, just ask me
What got me 'interested' in anime was Death Note and when I found out Sayonara Setsubou Sensei, I quickly got deep into it

Nice to meet you all
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Posted 9/2/13 , edited 9/2/13
1. Kenny
2. 23/m/SF
3. I work in the E.R. so I get to see all kinds of injuries, for example today we had a guy walk in with a screwdriver jammed all the way into his calf.
4. Friend of mine is into cosplay and she recommended Princess Mononoke, after that I was hooked.

Been here for a little while, but new to the forums
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32 / M / Chocobo's Dungeon
Posted 9/2/13
1~ Devan
2~ 27/M/Ohio
3~ I have two nintendo tattoos. On my right arm the 1-Up mushroom (LIFE) and my left arm the poison mushroom (DEATH). ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
4~ The old Toonami got me into anime, I suppose. Watching Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, and Dragonball Z is what got the ball rolling.

So yeah, hi! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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26 / F / london
Posted 9/3/13
Hi Everyone
i have been on here since june but have only just started talking on here i to found this site on xbox360

1. my name is rebecca but most call me boo
2. im 21, female and live in london/england
3. something interesting/weird about me...... i would say how i got my nick name i hope noone take offence

So i was about 5/6years old when my sister was born,(she has a different father to me) some of her fathers sisters come round to see my lil sister for the first time .

Anyway so these two women had very deep voices and a strong african accent, i could not understand them and on top of that they were big women dressed to the max with bright green , orange and yellow african dress suit. I had never really seen this before and never in my house, (not saying i had never been around african people before tho i am mixed race haha) anyway they said somthing to me which made me jump and run behind my sofa i was scared of them and while i was there, i was thinking of ways i could run to my room without them seeing me.

So i peak out to see if they were looking and theY shouted BOO!!!!! this just scared me more and now i really wanted out. I didnt learn the 1st time that they would always see me when i poked my head out and i must have done so about another 20 times and each time they would shout BOO!!!

I ended up staying in that spot till they left about 4/5 hours later from that point on whenever they saw me out and about or at my house they would call me boo as i had never introduced myself to them with my name then my mother and father started calling me beckyboo just to tease me and my friend would ask why they did this, and when i told them they too found it funny and started calling me boo and then it just stuck so whenever i went out with them they would introduce me to other people as boo.


4. what got me into anime: WELL OTHER THEN THE ONES THAT I THINK EVERYBODY WATCHED AS A KID (pokemon,digimon,bayblade,Princess Mononoke etc) altho i didn watch Princess Mononoke as a kid lool mayb more like 3 or so yrs ago anyway my boyfriend kept bugging me to watch anime with him and in the end he convinced me to watch one piece with him and i loved it soon after i started looking for some of my own and watched animes like claymore,air gear ,death note,D'gray man ,fruit basket ,skip beat ,say i love you etc i have been watching anime now for about 2yrs and i have gone through lot since (yes i seem to have to much time on my hands but i work from home and it always gets done haha)

sorry for a long read xxx

feel free to add me
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22 / M / Arukula, Harjumaa...
Posted 9/3/13
1. My name is Hardi aka Quixy

2. I´m 14 year old boy from Arukula/Harjumaa/Estonia

3. Something interesting/weird about me: I really like filmmaking and gaming. nothing more add

4. What got me into anime: Youtube videos.

My videoreel:

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22 / M / Arukula, Harjumaa...
Posted 9/3/13

Could anyone please check out and subscribe to my youtube channel:

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31 / M / Center-of-US
Posted 9/4/13
1. Hiyo, Quaternion here.

2. 26/M/Upper Midwest (US)

3. Interesting: there's pretty much nothing about me that isn't unusual: 100% African (well, by my parents; I'm 100% American as well), I like psy trance (a.k.a. techno done right), have two degrees (my name is a hint for one of them), make excellent kimchi (except that one time it was too spicy even for me... I think there was more red pepper than anything else). And sometimes I use too many parentheses (though not usually).

4. Out of curiosity, I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Hulu a couple years ago. It set the bar pretty high, and I endured a couple disappointments before getting to Death Note, which sealed the deal. Now I'd even like to make a Doujinshi someday featuring a complex story and a diverse set of characters. We'll see.
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