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38 / F / United States
Posted 9/5/13 , edited 9/5/13
1. Jenny I go by many names in games.

2. 33/F/W/United States,WV pm for city.

3. I can sence stuff about people.
I can see others auras-although.
Haven't used that ability in a long time.I can heal myself but it drains my energy.
I know what a character is gonna say before they say it.
I have a habit of appearing in places when dad least expects it.
I'm a artist not many know and am always. Busy with games and the internet.
And don't have time to draw. I have a weird power over animals.
I consider myself to be like fluttershy. I move so fast in the house I have my own breeze.
I consider myself to be like rainbow dash.I did magic at a early age and pulled it off.
I consider myself to be like twilight sparkle.I do have a thing for clothes anime and mlp stuff.

4. What got me into anime Playing pokemon and yugioh games.
I went to a convention in town.Bought my first set of anime figurines.
And have been watching anime since.I didn't like pokemon at first didn't watch it.
Cause I thought it was to much like yugioh.
Watched inuyasha a while,kekkashi,naruto,bleach.
Watching bleach,naruto shippuden,poyopoyo,yugioh Zexal.
Pokemon bw adventures in Unova,Cardfight Vanguard,Sword Art Online.
I like trying new anime but am particular about what anime I watch.
I like watching anime music videos.I play pc games,console games,handheld games.
Mostly action adventure games. Simulation,puzzel,strategy.
Feel free to add me if you are nice and take a look at my wishlist.
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23 / M
Posted 9/5/13
Hello my name is Mark, it is very nice to meet you all :). I am 19 years of age, I am male and I live in the United kingdom (England). Something I believe is interesting about is that I am very good at adapting and I am a competitive gamer. I first got into gaming when I was about 4 years old, as my father was showing me how to play doom. When I was younger I remember catching a part of a Naruto episode on the TV, he was like doing some crazy power thing to assist his friends save the day and this sent a shiver down my spine, so from that day I have loved anime.

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29 / F / Oregon
Posted 9/5/13
Hey I am Nicole
When I am depressed I watch anime to cheer me up
My boyfriend really got me hooked with read or die, and I started to look up other titles and fell in love.
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25 / M / SoCal
Posted 9/6/13
Hi im tj but lets see

21/m/south Cali

about me hmm well for starts im a marine administrative specialist i like to go fishing and get drunk with the friends ya!
and what got me into anime umm ive always been into anime but pokemon and sailor moon was the starter for me ahaha
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21 / M
Posted 9/6/13

I'm sneaky.

I browse the forums when i'm done watching anime or just doing nothing.

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23 / M / Seattle, Washington
Posted 9/6/13
I haven't been on for 6 years so I thought I would do this.

1. Allen
2. 19/M/Seattle
3. Dancing
4. My girlfriend o:

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22 / M / Scarbrough Toront...
Posted 9/7/13
Hi nice to meet you all :D

18/Male/Canada Ontario Scarbrough lol
I got in a relationship through highschool and she broke up with me, in the end I finished highschool with no friends...
I remember watching anime when I was really young on friday night at YTV lol
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24 / F / UK
Posted 9/7/13
Hey everyone! I've been here a while, but never quite introduced myself so;
I'm Lois, a 19 year old girl from the UK. ^^
& my favourite shows are Kuroko no Basket, Shingeki no Kyojin, Free! & Naruto :3
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27 / F
Posted 9/7/13
Hi nice to meet you strangers lol. ^_^ hm, let's see....

Hi, my real name is Susan. I'm 22 and pretty new to these forums as well. Im from the us, and I'm really quirky.

Something interesting? I like cosplaying at cons, but even then im kinda lazy at it. I plan to cosplay Marco and Sasha from Attack on Titan pretty soon. yay.

I started out liking manga first then I got into anime slowly.
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103 / F / BLANK
Posted 9/8/13
Hi I'm cookiemonstarrrrrr but you can call me cookie

I look at forms when I have free time
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27 / F / Florida
Posted 9/8/13 , edited 9/8/13
I go by Lee on here.
Inspired writer to be.
I love life and want to meet new people.
PSN: Starrie09
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19 / F / Canada
Posted 9/8/13
Hello, I'm Jocelyn.
I love painting and the only weird thing about me is that I have a dirty mind.
I've always loved anime. My first will have to be Pokemon.
Posted 9/10/13
1. Ann (Pen name)
2. 17/F/UK
3. I like art and umm...( not much to say here :D), oh and my pen name is just the last letters of my real name :).
4. I didn't have internet for a couple of months and the only thing I was watching on my PC were downloaded Naruto episodes ( like 2 or 3),
I used to watch shows like Shaman King, Rave Master and DBZ + many more on T.V without knowing what they were.
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21 / M
Posted 9/10/13
Hey. I'm Haydn 17/M/US
I enjoy learning new things from people. I enjoy a lot of stuff. Like art and music. Also making things with my hands.

My first anime I ever watched was probably either Pokemon or hamtaro... Though I believe it's Pokemon.
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24 / F / Tehachapi, Califo...
Posted 9/10/13
Hey there, potential new friends! I'm Amanda, 19/Female/California. Pleased to meet all of you, I'm sure. I have passions for art, music, and writing. I am a tattoo addict. I have an Akita pup who just turned 2, and she is my life. I have been into anime for as long as I can remember; and some of my fondest memories are watching Pokemon after kindergarten. I have a fascination for everything Japanese, though, and hope to end up there someday. I am even learning the language.

So that's my little bit about me~
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