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22 / M / Missouri, USA
Posted 9/30/13 , edited 9/30/13
1. Kevin
2. 20/m/Missouri
3. I take the works of Heinlein way too seriously.
4. I grew up playing PC games with my uncle Jonathan. Total Annihilation, Descent, Diablo, Civilization 2, MechWarrior... Ah, the good old days.
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21 / M / kentucky
Posted 10/1/13
I've done this before but because of college i didnt have time to be on as much as i used to. So i figured i would give this another shot.
I play a lot of video games mostly world of warcraft though. Also i watch A LOT of anime so if anyone wants to chat about what they like or play some games id be more then happy to add you
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26 / M / Wales, UK
Posted 10/1/13 , edited 10/13/13
Been watching shows and lurking for a while, Joined in June last year. made a few posts here and there but realised I've never made an Intro post:


24/M/South Wales UK

I'm Hardcore Milsim Airsofter, play for Team Cobalthttp://www.youtube.com/user/CobaltMilsim Also really enkoy and am really into the Guitar, And I also Enjoy Rock Climbing, Mountain biking, trail running and other general fitness things such as hitting the Gym etc, but on the opposite end of the scale I'm also a total nerd and Have been well into video games(PC Master Race), Anime etc etc. and by trade I word as an Aircraft Engineer for GE Aviation.

Playing all of the Final Fantasy series got me into Japanese entertainment but the thing that did me in and got me into anime was catching outlaw start on CNX when it was still a channel back in like 2004 or so been well into it sicne then, seen the usual suspects before however Pokemon, Digimon, Sailormoon, etc etc but didn't actually realise they could be classed as anime when I saw them because I was so young :p, but if they don't count - DBZ, Outlaw Star, GITS, Trigun, Cowboy bebop etc etc.
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47 / M / Cincinnati, OH
Posted 10/1/13
My name really is Starr, so maybe that can also be something interesting AND weird about me.

I currently live in Cincinnati, OH.

Im 46 and have been into Anime since my teens when the precursor to MTV called Friday Night Videos used to show Akira and Yamamota shows.

I discovered CR from my Hulu Plus subscription. They would often link more of a series available via CR. Needless to say, I finally cancelled my Hulu Plus for CR. :))
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30 / F / Trost
Posted 10/1/13

I'm a person of few words. I just came in here to say hey to everyone.

Hey everyone
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26 / M
Posted 10/1/13

24/M/Ocean Springs, MS

Hoping to meet friends of similar interest!


Have a great day!
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29 / M / Winnipeg, Canada
Posted 10/2/13
Guess I should do this too, been a member for a few weeks now.

Hi, my name is Kris! I'm a 27 year old male living in Winnipeg, Canada.

There's not a whole lot I don't like out there. I love sports, girls (still single though ), movies, TV, video games and recently discovered I have a real soft spot for Anime. I guess the only thing I really don't like is stupid people, haha (I work in retail, so that's very hard for me sometimes, lol...).

I've been playing video games since I was 4, basically lived on my PC (played MS DOS games and Civiilization for YEARS) guess the first time I ever watched anime was when I was maybe 12 or so... watching DBZ and Digimon on YTV here in Canada. Since those days, I really haven't watched much, but Attack on Titan brought me here and I've stayed and discovered I love many others!

It's crazy how many of my co-workers watch Anime, I had no idea it was so popular! Looking forward to meeting some like-minded people here!


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24 / F / Shadow of the mind.
Posted 10/3/13
Call me Lixy!
Hmm, I'm the odd ball of my entire family.
Bored actually got me into a lot of things.
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24 / M / Long Beach,ca
Posted 10/3/13
Hi, I'm Link
23/Long Beach ca
What got me into video games was when my brother started playing goldeneye for the N64. First anime was Card Captors.

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22 / F / Salem, MA
Posted 10/4/13
Jessie, 21, f, Massachusetts, I like to touch sting rays in my spare time, and /i got into anime/manga when I was 12 and an older friend loaned me her set of Love Hina books.
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23 / M / Sarnia, ON
Posted 10/4/13 , edited 10/4/13
So, Hey.
Ryan, 22 from Southern Ontario.
Lately I'm either on here or on Tumblr in my spare time.
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23 / F / Skyrim
Posted 10/4/13
Hmm lets see....

1. Aysia
2. 22/F/FL
3. I'm in school for forensics (oh yes dead bodies >:D)
4. My parents actually got me into anime and video games when i was a little kid.
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24 / M / Wales
Posted 10/4/13
1. Lewis
2. 22/M/Wales
3. Not much. I tend to bite my thumbnail when I'm concentrating... That's all anyone's ever pointed out to me.
4. . I watched the generic ones like Pokemon, DBZ and Gundam Wing when I was a kid, but when I was in my mid teens I had my own forum with some random people who got me into it.
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29 / M / Atlanta, GA
Posted 10/4/13 , edited 10/6/13
i guess a weird thing about me would be that despite people saying i'm smart i can be REALLY stupid sometimes. lost my left eye to stupidity. by the way if you ever have a "what would happen if..." thought, by all that you hold sacred ignore it. i also know most of Norse mythology by heart
my wife got me interested in anime and manga. she told me to watch Nausicaa with her and i've been hooked ever since. this was when i was about 16 i guess
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23 / F / Where I am now
Posted 10/4/13
Newbie here!
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