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Posted 10/13/13
1. name- Helen !

2. a/s/l --/Female, NYC

3. something interesting/weird about you- I have insomnia :(

4. what got you into anime/music videos/games

I got into video games about ten years ago. It started with my gameboy and my PS2. Although I'm busy now a days with other responsibilities, I still try to be active in the xbox gaming community
As for anime/manga I'm currently rereading Naruto. But I'm open for more suggestions !

Feel free to add me? haha

Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13
Hiya! :D

Name : Tolfest
Sex/Location : Male/Nihon
Something AWEsome : I only wear Speedos when I swim
What got me into anime : This classic titled "La Blue Girl." Have you seen?
Posted 10/14/13
Name: Sarah
Age: 18
Location: Virginia, USA
Gender: Female

- My whole personality is a bit weird o__o but not in a "can I check this girl into an insane asylum?" kinda way. SO instead of telling all you lovely people something weird about me, I'll just tell you something random: I. Love. Bungee jumping.

- I got into anime a long, long time ago when one of my best friends told me about Vampire Knight (I believe that's what it's called? I dunno, it's been a while) and then I started finding animes on my own! Then eventually she told me about this site ^_^
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Posted 10/14/13
1. Lukas
2. 19/M/US
3. I work at Round One
4. DBZ got me into anime
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22 / M / Where only anime...
Posted 10/14/13
3: I'm just an average guy
4: DBZ was amazing when I was kid!

Open to discuss anime anytime!!

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28 / M / Canada
Posted 10/15/13
Name: Mithos_Y
a/s/l: 23/M/Canada
Something interesting: I ride horses and recently took up clayshooting.
What got me into anime: When I was really young, my older sister would tie me to a chair and force me to watch Sailor Moon. I guess it's stayed with me after all these years.
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24 / M / Melancholy Hill
Posted 10/15/13
I'm Lorenzo
19/Male/East coast guy but now I live in Orlando..

My first anime was actually the original DragonBall then after that I never looked back.
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23 / M / Texas
Posted 10/16/13
1. Arthur
2. 19/M/TX
3. Nothing interesting or weird about except I'm a major otaku in my family (YOLO)
4. Around January I saw my little cousin watching soul eater and I saw in netflix they had those kind of anime so I saw a series and I got HOOKED on it, *It's like a virus, very contagious*
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F / somehwere in the...
Posted 10/16/13 , edited 10/16/13
1. names laviriot, I've been called Miss Riot also ^.^

2. 22/female/southern california

3. I have a cat that i treat like a child XD

4. started watching Sailor Moon when I was in grade school, played video games at my friend's house when I got to middle school on his PS2 and started reading manga around that time also when he let me borrow his shonen jump books during the summer and I was instantly hooked :3
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30 / F / USA
Posted 10/16/13
1. Robyn
2. 25/F/Tenn
3. I have three (or so) CR profiles cause I keep deciding I don't need a paid account and then I forget the password and what email I linked it to.
4. I lived out in the middle of no where with (thankfully and unusually) good internet connection. I already had an interest in anime/manga through my friends before we moved but being so disconnected from my friends, alone, and bored all the time really pushed me in that direction. Thank you CR.
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29 / M / London
Posted 10/17/13
Okie dokie, firstly Hi guys im new :-) (joined the site years ago, but thought i'd become a premium member and well chit chat with the community now :-) )

1. I'm Alex
2. I'm 24/male/London - UK
3. something interesting/weird about you is that im a weird/random individual :-)
4. Hmmm watching one piece/dragonball z on tv ageeeeees ago got me into the world of anime,

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22 / M / Florida ._.
Posted 10/17/13
Hey guys, I'm Robbie.

18/m/Florida (hate it here lol)

I spend most of my time listening to music, watching anime, playing games (Pokemon atm)

I grew up with anime (Mostly DBZ, Naruto, etc). I like most genres, but my favorites lately have been slice of life anime.

Deciding to post here to meet some new people Feel free to send me a message if you want. (Recommendations are welcome as well )
Posted 10/19/13
Hi everyone my name is reece, im 22, and I live in Michigan.
Not too much interesting about me just your average anime fan.
I'd like to get to know some of the rest of you and potentially become friends.
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26 / M / UK
Posted 10/19/13 , edited 10/19/13
Hi Reece, I am also 22!

I am Liam from the UK! Your typical geek I love anime video games etc. I don't normally post much on forums. I just creep and spy on them but I hope to make some friends on here!
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31 / M / Hampton,Virginia
Posted 10/19/13
Hey there, I'm Antonio!

I'm 26 male and I'm from Hampton, VA. What got me into anime was back then when Gundam/DBZ were on Toonami but even before that I used to see Dragonball/Saint Seiya back when it was new o.o...I'm also a Vocaloid/UTAU fan... Anyways I also don't post much on forums but willing to make friends also
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