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16 / F / New York
Posted 5/2/14
1) My name's Tatiana
2) 16/F/NY
3) I like to longboard. Currently learning how to slide.
4) My sis watches a lot of anime. I watched a couple animes w/ her & got hooked ever since.
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 5/2/14
Hello everyone!
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33 / M / Queens
Posted 5/3/14
Yo! First time taking a real look at the forums
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20 / F / Oregon
Posted 5/3/14
Gaha! Ehhh....Hiya! I'm Aloure, an anime fan outta Oregon and a huuuugggeee basketball fan~ I thought I'd check out these forums 'cause they look neat, so I we can get along, ya know? Nayways, it's nice ta meet y'all, and stuff!
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24 / F / Davao City, Phili...
Posted 5/4/14
1. Jia. But I want to be called Heebin whenever I'm talking to people online.
2. 24/ female/ Philippines
3. I am fascinated to Korean style d Music. I sometimes sing along whenever I listen to some kpop songs without minding if I pronounce the lyrics right. Hahahaha!!
4. I've been a fan of anime since I was a kid. You know, Dragon Ball time and the like. Plus, I have a friend now who's practicing drawing manga characters. And I'll tell you. She's great!

I hope through this post I can gain more friends here. Fighting!
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24 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 5/4/14
1. Alex

2. 23/M/UK

3. As a heterosexual male, I have an absolute love for fashion and clothes. I spend more time planning outfits than any guy I know (including my gay friends), and spend a questionable amount of money on new clothes, regularly. Sure, I get a lot of stick at work from colleagues and from my friends about it, but it's who I am and I'm in no way ashamed to hide who I am. Plus, who can live without a good pair of shoes?

4. I see them as an escape. I love to be able to get lost in a different universe and experience things I otherwise wouldn't be able to. Anime was a natural progression after books and visual novels
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14 / Fresno, California
Posted 5/4/14 , edited 5/4/14
1. rhyce
2. 1X/nonbinary/california
3. erm... i'd like to study abroad one day!
4. i used to be a really huge fan of the powerpuff girls when i was 8-9 years old (i have the whole series on dvd....) and i found out about the anime adaption of it (ppgz) and i watched all of it... i realized it was anime, so i began to watch more anime series so? im trying to get back into anime again, i suppose!
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16 / M / UK.
Posted 5/4/14


Looking for people to talk to !
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24 / F / U.S
Posted 5/4/14
Hello, Hola,Bonjour Everyone! (°¬°)/ I go by Ren ^^
•Something..strange.hmm.. theres quite a few,heh (^¬^')>, welp maybe that I think dead flowers are beautiful , I imitate facial expressions of peeps I see on t.v. , that I pretty much laugh at my own inside jokes and talk to myself sometimes ^^ I collect candles but rarely light them and I like vampire fangs and thinking of getting my own.
•What got me into Anime was, like many others, watching SailorMoon and Kikis Delivery Service ^^ I've recently began to watch more Anime so I'm a newbie in the world of Anime
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24 / M
Posted 5/4/14 , edited 5/4/14

My Name is Arsen and I have been a fan of crunchyroll for couple of years now. I own a gaming community and would like to know if I can stream your anime on my website. My objective is to let my members watch anime episodes by posting links from crunchyroll if that is allowed.

Please let me know if this is possible, if not then not a biggy :).

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21 / M / Light years away
Posted 5/4/14
Aritus is not new to crunchy roll, though aritus did manage to forget his original credentials a long time ago and has since been using the name "aritus2" but... aritus would still like to be referred to as Aritus or Air ^^: This is the first time Aritus has posted on the forums though!

Age? oh..well.. as of last november Aritus is 21. Aritus is male though not sure why anyone would want to know.. Aritus is physically here on earth but mentally he is light years away dreaming the dream of a story unwritten.

Interesting? Aritus isn't interesting.... Weird? Aritus types all his messages in third person. The reason for this is unclear, perhaps it stems from the idea that as we grow we change and when Aritus looks back at the past things he's written he'll be able to read them as though they were the words of his younger self and not as the words he would say at that point in time. Also plausible is Aritus is simply foolish, since he doesn't use past tense thus negating the previous theory.

Aritus wanted nothing to do with Anime for a very long time.... until he met the princess known to the interwebs as Glistelynn. Aritus seen her in chemistry class in 2009. He spent a few months trying to get her to notice him, Aritus pass simple notes to her like "Hi." and "something on your mind?" Eventually he got her to tell him what she was working on. As it turned out she was studying Japanese. Guess what became Aritus's favorite language from that moment on? Yep. Aritus asked her to teach him and she did. Then she shared a manga with him called "Detective Conan" and.. Aritus didn't like the idea of it at first but he gave it a try just for her. INSTANTLY fell in love with the series. So yeah... Princess Glistelynn got Aritus hooked on Detective Conan which opened the gate way to many amazing shows like Gundam 00, Full Metal Alchemist, etc.

Aritus has always been into games, Aritus was a volunteer game moderator for Acclaim Games and a game moderator for Tap 4 Fun inc for a while. Aritus has beta tested most of the free to play games on the market made before 2010. Aritus hasn't beta tested any games since the released of Star Wars The Old Republic but Aritus might get back into beta testing later on.

Aritus isn't a big fan of music videos but animated music videos has always been something Aritus enjoys.

Sheesh... Aritus sure writes a lot... Sorry T_T

so yeah.. thats aritus... ^^"

shinji wrote:

I was dumb and didnt realize it was hard to meet others on cr. so if you want to talk to other people, POST some info about yourself, like:

1. name
2. a/s/l
3. something interesting/weird about you
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games

you should also put this info in your PROFILE! (just click your name at the top right of every page)


So here's me:

1. shinji
2. 21/m/cali
3. i LOVE sushi from sushi house, and i crave ramen late at right now!!
4. one of my high school friends showed me ninja scroll and i was hooked

Welcome to the site everyone! Please don't forget to read the site rules before posting more on the site! Plus, if you have any questions, see our Help forums, especially Site Support / Minor Questions.

Finally, if you want to get to know the mods and community staff and hang out with them a bit, you can do so in the Chat with the Moderators thread. Have a wonderful time!

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20 / Southern California
Posted 5/5/14 , edited 5/5/14

20/F/Southern California

I'm Samoan, Chinese and White. But I mostly eat a lot of asian and hawaiin food lol oh but I do have a crazy obsession with french fries

I've liked anime ever since I was little, my first anime/manga was Inuyasha or Dragon Ball Z when I was about 14 or younger

I hope to meet new people and make some new friends!
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20 / F
Posted 5/5/14
Hello, my name is Daysi....


So not too long ago I took up the love for anime and kdramas, i loooooove them.
However the first anime i ever loved and grew up with was Sailor Moon, i was around 4-5 it was my show
and i am still such a huge nerd for it.

I do watch other anime when I can, just hoping to meet people who enjoy the same shows as I do.
My friends don't really know how much I love this stuff, so I just wanna talk about with people who appreciate it.
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18 / M / the bay area, Cal...
Posted 5/6/14
Yo, I'm Shawn, 18 years old, I live in the bay area.
Something interesting about me? Well, uh, that's not really something that I can really list off the top of my head f^^;
My aunt showed me Ouran HSHC when I was in middle school, and I fell in love. I wasn't able to watch any more for about... 2 years, but when I saw netflix had that series in my freshman year, I got instantly hooked. As a straight guy, I really love shoujo haha
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30 / M
Posted 5/6/14
Hello everyone my name is randy and it is nice to meet you all.
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