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24 / M
Posted 4 days ago
1. EnvylionX is my name... but could call me just Envy...
2 24/male/MN
3. complete stop talking in middle of sentence and do not say the rest what I am saying. people are super annoying when I do this.
4. how did get into anime... I was 12 years old had no life... not many friends because some little problems.. only watch subs..
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21 / M / California, USA
Posted 3 days ago
1. Timothy, but I go by my middle name Razdem
2. 21/M/CA(USA)
3. I'm not sure...guess you have to find out
4. When I was taking care of my little cousin for the weekend she made me watch anime with her, turned out it was interesting.
(Rurouni Kenshin)
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21 / F / Netherlands
Posted 3 days ago
1. Kisa
2. 21/female/Netherlands
3. i've actually been here since 2007 but never posted in this one >~<
4. my best friend made me watch tokyo mew mew when i was about 12 that has gotten me into anime later i found out i have loved anime since forever as there would always be shown on tv (dragonball z, pokemon, digimon, bayblade, sailormoon, cardcaptor sakura, yu-gi-ho pff yeah alot
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18 / M / UK
Posted 2 days ago , edited 2 days ago
1. I go by Ace, but my real name is Tom.
2. 18/M/UK
3. I have a pringle obsession ^.^...
4. Two of my friends both watch anime and they told me to check it out, starting with Code Geass a few years back ... been hooked ever since.
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19 / M / Earth
Posted 2 days ago
My name is Alex, I'm 19 and from Norway.. I mostly watch boys love, but i also watch sci fi anime and some other stuff.
Don't know anyone here really, would like to meet some new people c:
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14 / M
Posted one day ago
1. Christian. You can call me Chris or Christian. Whatever you like. :)
2. 14/m/connecticut
3. I honestly can't watch anything for a long time without taking an extremely long break. Trying to work on that, lmao.
4. I've always been interested in Anime, but the first one i've actually finished was Puella Magi Madoka Magicca.
I'd like to meet new people who like Anime just like I do. c:
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22 / M / Magalia, CA
Posted one day ago
1. My name's Thomas, but you can call me Tom for short.
2. 22/M/CA
3. Well, I'm certainly not normal around where I live.
4. I'm not sure what exactly got me into anime. I think it was the combination of finding different anime things along the years. My first anime was Dragon Ball Z when it aired in Toonami in the 90's. I think what really got me into anime was Hayao Miyazaki's movies, such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. My teenage years are almost all foggy, but I do remember watching bits and pieces of anime throughout the years.
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Posted one day ago
1. Kalen, though I'll answer to just about anything. ("Kale" is the nickname that's stuck the longest.)
2. 23/Texas
3. I've spent twenty minutes trying to answer this and still have absolutely nothing.
4. Combination of Digimon and okemon in the late '90s. I signed up to a forum for Digimon in 20000 and my life has suffered for it, ever since. I pretended to grow out of it about seven times. No success.
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25 / M / North Carolina
Posted 23 hours ago
1. Hey i'm Orphan, Orphand, Orfen!
2. 25/M/ NC (currently!)
3. Peter Pan is my idol.
4. I've always been a gamer and I started with anime on Toonami back on cartoon network! Shows like DBZ, Ruroni Kenshin, Zoids, YuYu Hakusho, Narutard, and Basilisk I grew up with! The show the got me into Anime was Beserk!
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16 / F
Posted 23 hours ago
1. Hello~ I go by Meru online.
2. 16/F/my imagination
3. Yukko from nichijou is freakishly like me.
4. Raised with Ghibli, forced to eat sushi at a young age until I liked it, and the purchase of an snes as well as The Secret of Mana got me into the world of otaku pretty early on lol. Only recognized myself as one when I started picking up Cardcaptor Sakura at the library in late elementary though.
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21 / M
Posted 14 hours ago
I have OCD, which can be interesting some times but not always.
I started with DBZ and worked my way up from there.
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