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17 / F / nz
Posted 12 days ago
Hey I'm Vivian.
hmm interesting/weird.. um I am just a weird person in general who generates responses such as 'you ok there Vivian?' or 'okaaay....?' from literally everyone.
and what got me into anime... I honestly can't remember. this might not be accurate but the earliest one I can think of rn is Deathnote which I got from watching AmazingPhil on youtube.
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M / (P'.')-o *wham*...
Posted 12 days ago
1) Ernie

2) old enough to be here/ M/ somewhere on earth :)

3) I watch anime. (interesting)

4) I got into anime because I was interested in it. I got into games and music videos because I was interested in it.
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22 / F
Posted 12 days ago
1. Karmelle
2. 22/F/CA
3.I am a hobbyist meaning i do anything and everything that catches my interest and take up the hobby but i would have to say my main hobby is sewing at least for now i never know with me lol
4. I think the thing that got me into anime was was manga and the first manga that started it all for me was tokyo mew mew lol
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15 / F / Georgia
Posted 11 days ago
3)Absolute perfectionist and neat-freak
4)I watched all of the classics on TV when I was younger.
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20 / M / Adelaide, Australia
Posted 9 days ago
1. Wardo
2. 20/m/Adelaide Australia
3. My job is moving dead bodys from there room in the hospital to the morg. Interesting stuff right haha.
4. I guess I just fell into it...Kinda like how every male protagonist falls into a girls rack.
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21 / M / Nagano, Japan
Posted 6 days ago
1. Carlos

2. 20/M/United States, Mexico, Japan, and Spain (every 3 months in that order).

3. I am an artist, usually draw anime stuff, and future game dev (Believe it!)./ I draw anthropomorphic characters even though I don't consider myself a "furry".

4. Speed Racer in my childhood /None actually/ Mostly platformers, (J)RPG, and FPS.

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16 / M / Phoenix, AZ
Posted 6 days ago
Hello Im Daris (think of Paris but with a D)
just look at my name for something weird..
hmm i was curious and stumbled upon the manga section in my library and became hooked on Manga & Anime
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13 / F / USA
Posted one day ago
I'm Starry.
13. Female. USA.
I'm really not interesting. At all.
I was interested when I first watched Your Lie in April. And it was all downhill from there, that's what started my anime addiction.
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F / ηєνєяωнєяє
Posted one day ago
Well, since I'm trying to find more people to talk to, here goes:

Old / F / Neverwhere
Not really interesting. Uhmmm.. I have 3 very adorable cats, though. ^-^
Nothing in particular. I just grew up watching anime, so I never grew out of it, I guess.
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21 / M / Internet
Posted one day ago

21/M/North Carolina

Stuff about me:
I like to go to super smash bros. tournaments but suck. I generally like competitive gaming and have rotated games over the years.
Green best color

How I got into anime:
If you don't count watching Pokemon, DBZ, Sailor Moon, and Yugioh as a kid I didn't start watching anime until I was 19 (february 2013). I had recently rewatched Pokemon for the nostalgia and I was looking at some Pokemon fan art on a deviant art page where the person also had some fan art of Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. I thought she was cute and thought Heartfilia was a really cool last name so I was curious and googled the character where I found this quote:
"What I want isn't money, pretty dresses, or fortune forced upon me. I'm not Lucky Lucy of Heartfilia anymore! Fairy Tail recognizes me as just Lucy and my other family, it's a far more loving family than this!"
I really liked the strength and resolve shown in this quote which lead me read more about the world of Fairy Tail which lead me to be interested enough try and watch "1 episode" of the show to see what it was like. It was really weird watching something in a different language with subtitles at first but i was hooked. I ended up watching over 170 episodes in a month and began looking for different anime series regularly and watching them.
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