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25 / M / Tibet
Posted 1/15/16
1. Professional Camel Thief
2. 24 / M
3. lived in 6 countries, know how to speak 5 language due to living and studying in different countries.
4. I started watching anime just for fun, started with dragon ball z
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Posted 1/17/16
1. Hibiki
2. 18 | F | USA
3. I'm 4'10 and I have the cutest evil laugh.
4. Pokemon and Ouran HSHC are what got me started!
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18 / M / P.A.
Posted 1/17/16
1. John

2. Just look a little ways to the left

3. I like sports, games, books, anima and all kinds of other stuff

4. The first anima I watched was Naruto and now that im caught up in that I mostly watch romantic anima
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18 / M / North Carolina
Posted 1/17/16
18/M/North Carolina
I am the definition of weird according to my friends but what is normal to the spider is chaos to the fly sooooooo
And what got me into everything was boredom and wanting to be better than my brother in dragon ball and Starfox 64 XD

If anyone want to talk HMU in kik:backinblack97
I reallyyyy don't have many friends so it will be appreciated
Posted 1/19/16
My name is Towa, it's nice to meet everyone!


I really like to roleplay.~

Found a video on youtube that looked interesting and wanted to watch more, ended up being called Zero no Tsukaima, and thus I entered the anime world!

Add me if your wanting a new friend or to roleplay.~ Thanks for reading. -She smiled sweetly-
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14 / F
Posted 1/22/16
1. Cecaelia Girlie (or just Girlie, for short)

2. 13/F/USA

3. I really have a thing for monster girls... Y'know, harpies, mermaids, centaurs, stuff like that. They're just so pretty and fascinating to me...

4. I have no idea what got me interested in anime initially... I kind of feel like I always knew what it was and that there were several anime or anime-like shows on tv that I liked to watch from time to time. This is might be because I have siblings who are incredibly older than me and often exposed me to a lot of nerdy things they liked at a age so young I can't even remember it happening. This might also be why I don't remember what the first videogame I played was....
Posted 1/22/16
Name - Sea
a/s/l - 19/F/AUT
Something interesting/weird about you - I'm half Russian and very close to the culture.
What got you into anime/music videos/games? - I got into anime from turning on the TV one day to discover a channel that streams shows from overseas. One of those being Inuyasha which I adored.

Feel free to add me if you would like to chat often.
Posted 1/24/16
26 f uk
I love being creative n knitting and im an organisation freak
Crunchyroll got me hooked on anime
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26 / M / Puerto Rico
Posted 1/25/16
Hi, my name is (Slim Shady lol), not really, My name is Davier but I also go by DaBeat

25 / Male / Puerto Rico (Guess you could've just looked to the left too but eh )

I'm interesting in a 'I make music instrumentals' type of way. I'm weird in a.. uh.. determined way.

The first anime I remember watching growing up were Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) and Dragonball Z. Since then, it's been on and off binge watching.
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17 / F / North America
Posted 1/26/16
Hello everyone! My name is Ciara, I'm interested in anything and very open-minded, funny, and sweet. That's all xD
Posted 1/26/16
I like jogging.
Zero no Tsukaima a few years back on Youtube.

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15 / F
Posted 1/27/16 , edited 1/27/16
Hey I'm 15. Like the colors pink and green. I would be the definition of sweet, mean,and weird according to a lot of people. My kik is damuna_ . Ill talk about anything. I also need anime recommendations to get back in the flow.
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26 / M / Somewhere....
Posted 1/30/16
Hey I'm Daquon
I actually rap and wrote poetry and in school I'm an awkward kid and outside of school very awkward.
I was introduced to anime at a young age watching old cartoon network for Pokemon then to toonami. This is where I got obsessed with Naruto and DBZ but then I reached like 12 which is when I stopped for a year. However a friend got me back into other anime o I currently watch to this day (not obsessed lol). we can be friends
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20 / F / california
Posted 2/1/16
Hi I'm Sarah
19/F/Cali(central valley)
weird thing? honey, i am a weird thing
First Anime Inu-Yasha when i was around ten i stayed up late one night to watch cartoon network annnd i was hooked, i went on to every other anime that popped up
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21 / M / Scotland
Posted 2/2/16
Hi I'm Craw
20/M fae Scotland
started watching anime quite a while back I don't recall when. Anime is my escape from the hardships of life.
Lets have some fun and remember STAY CRAWSOME
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22 / M / France
Posted 2/5/16
Hi, I'm Rookami

21/M/ southern France

For those wondering why i joined the english forum section instead of the french one, it is simply because i'd like to improve my english evel. I'm pretty confident but discussing and arguing will more than likely help me.

The first anime that REALLY got me into the japanimation world is Elfen Lied 5 years ago. I had seen some other anime before but i didn't know that anime could have such deeper meaning that would make you think a lot and that anime had double language, not only fun and cheerful but also crticizing society and raising philosophical question. On the one hand it can be really subtle at time and on the other hand really straightforward which make it even more worth watching.
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