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19 / M / Canada
Posted 10/22/16
Ayy why not.

1: Joseph
2: 18/M/Canada (BC)
3: I used to be an atheist until I tried fried chicken.
4: Watched FMA:B while it was still airing, just kept coming back for more.
Posted 11/8/16
Hi , Call me homura or whatever nickname is easiest for you
23/ M/ Mitakihara Town

Um idk what to say here
I'm pretty boring so uh yeah
I'll go kill myself for the worst introduction ever
Posted 11/20/16
Sup dude
My real name is Amin and feel free to call me that as well
Chiaki is best grill
Love dangan ronpa
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18 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 11/20/16
Hi i'm Cameron

1. 17/M/UK
2.I like to Draw in my spare time
3. Favourite anime is Gurren Laggan
4. Favourite music is Nightcore And Skillet
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21 / F
Posted 11/27/16
1. Please call me Yana
2. 20 years of age, am female, do not want to say where..
3. I am liking anime :p
4. I like because of the art style and I wish we had better dubs where I am..

Posted 11/27/16
this is difficult .............

Posted 11/28/16
I'm just another random person on the internet
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27 / M / England
Posted 11/28/16

1: Geoff
2: 26/M/UK
3: I love a good burger
4: Gaming is something that just happened, watched Pokemon and Digimon when they were big, recently went to a con and decided to give anime a go
Posted 11/29/16 , edited 12/4/16
1. Lexus
2. 21/F/US
3. I am a huge fan of the Weeknd
4. I watched a lot of Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Digimon, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam (my absolute favorite) when I was younger.
Posted 11/30/16 , edited 12/3/16
1: call me alisha
2: 23
3: I'm usually on the neko discord which you can check out here

4: I love the tales of series
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Posted 11/30/16 , edited 11/30/16
1. law
2. 20/m/australia
3. have a unhealthy obsession with yuno gasai
4. went over to family friend and their kid was locked away in room. went to see what they were doing and was watching anime. put a name of a website on piece of paper. found said paper 9 months later and watched from there.
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M / Vancouver, BC, Ca...
Posted 11/30/16

Alisha_Diphda wrote:

4: I love tales

Tales as in the Tales of games?
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25 / M
Posted 12/1/16
1. Vance
2. 24/M/USA
3. Gin & Tonic may just be my favorite thing. I like trying to play music.
4. I had a teaching stint in Japan, and my students would suggest various anime series. I started watching some and decided, hey, this is pretty cool. Then I discovered Crunchyroll, effectively eliminating any excess free-time that may have existed otherwise.

Glad to be here.
Posted 12/2/16
1. Sebastian
2. 18/M/SC, USA
3. Got my gauges when i was 13 in middle school, and had them ever sense. Played the Bass Guitar, Guitar, Drums and i love to sing as well.
4. I came across some anime on television when i was around the age of 6-7 years old, first saw Cowboy Bebop, DBZ, Naruto. Then discovered anime's like D-Gray Man, Darker Than Black, etc.
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25 / O / Massachusetts, USA
Posted 12/4/16
Um, hi. Just letting y'all know I exist too!
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