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19 / F / Chicago
Posted 7/4/17
1. Nicole
2. 19/F/IL
3. I love cheese
4. Ugh, it was more of a childhood thing with Cowboy Bepop, Inuyasha, etc... for me. I watched random animes throughout the years but I don't know why I never got so inclusively involved with any fanbase besides having stagnant interests due to own problems. Kinda want to be open minded now!
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Posted 7/12/17
1. randy but everyone at work seems to call me randos, randall,commander, or lord randos/randall of all things
2. 27/male/ Mt olympus mons
3. got burned out about everything in life lol i blame uni
4. dunno just happend
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Posted 22 days ago
Uhm hi
1. Schorriemorrie
2. 23/F/NL
3. Likes metal and (post)hardcore, puts ketchup on mac&cheese and takes naps at innapropriate times/places.
4. 90's kid so I grew up with DBZ, yugioh, pokemon etc. so that got me into it
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26 / M
Posted 22 days ago
I'm actually old to Crunchyroll. Just wanted to see the newbies.
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M / Australia
Posted 9 days ago
I did this 3 or so years ago, things change...

1. Ricky
2. 27/Male/Currently- Antarctica, Originally- Florida
3. Interesting- I'm a mechanic and I work as a contractor supporting science in Antarctica...its cold, but I love it.
4. Anime got me into anime.
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24 / M / Bergen, Norway
Posted 8 days ago
1. Kenneth

2. 24 / Male / Bergen, Norway

3. I play Pokémon competitively, although I'm kinda mediocre at it.

4. When i was a kid, they released the Dragon Ball manga in norwegian. After that I watched some of the mainstream shows such as One Piece, and now I'm a semi-weeb :]

Nice to meet ya folks :]
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18 / M
Posted 3 days ago
1. Caleb

2. 18/Male/Indiana

3. I took four years of French in high school and taught myself some German, Spanish, and Italian, and am working on Japanese.

4. I didn't get into anime until I was in 9th grade, but in middle school I watched Pokemon with my sisters on occasion. The first anime I ever watched on my own was Hetalia; first manga I ever read all the way through was Ranma 1/2 and Otomen.

I hope to make a lot of friends with fellow otaku on these forums!

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