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25 / Germany
Posted 9/11/17 , edited 9/11/17
Hi :)

2. Germany
3. I love watching Animes (Fav. Slice of Life, Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama,...) playing on my PS3/4 Games or enjoy reading Mangas and hang out with friends.
4. I started watching because one of my best friends introduced me into it. After that I was infected with Animes/Mangas ^^

Feel free to write me
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21 / F / The Galatic Universe
Posted 9/11/17
Hello everyone, a pleasure too meet you.

-I go by the name: Skye
-I'm 21 years of age, female, located somewhere in the Galaxy.
- I am happily taken, I enjoy Anime, music, and Graphic Design. I work as a Barista, and many more.
4. Adult Swim.. Inuyasha, the recent well you get it.

Feel free to message me if you like.

Warning: Is known to be brutally honest, and will speak my mind, if you are easily triggered then use caution.
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22 / M / Canada
Posted 9/11/17
Hey. I'm Sean.

I'm actually 20, and by the way, I'm a dude from Canada.

I don't like making friends online. If you send me a friend request, there's a very good chance it'll be rejected.

I have vague memories of seeing Claymore / Gundam Seed / Naruto / Eureka Seven when I was still in elementary school. Been into the medium since then.
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27 / M / NJ
Posted 9/13/17

1. Andrew
2. 26/M/NJ
3. Ummm... I am the only me in the world. Guess that counts as unique right??
4. I have been playing video games since I could walk. I am not sure how or who got me into anime and manga, but I thank them for it if I could remember.

I have been on this site for many years, just starting to post now. I hope we can be friends!
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34 / M / Fayetteville NC
Posted 9/14/17
1. John
2. 34/male/Fayetteville NC
3. I love anime and reading but also like fishing and shooting my guns. I know the 2 don't seem to go well together.
4. Read because I moved around alot and it was easier to escape into books than deal with people. Anime because I started on Dragon ball and dbz. who wouldn't love anime after that.
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24 / M / United Kingdom
Posted 9/17/17
1. Hey, my name is Dom

2. 24/M/United Kingdom

3. I enjoy anime and gaming; however I enjoy cooking more so. xP

4. I came across Bleach from a friend as my first notable anime and just carried on from there really. xP
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18 / M / In a xenomorphs s...
Posted 9/18/17 , edited 9/18/17
Hey, so uh I'm always bored when I finish a anime series, so instead of repeating the process of 'watch, browse, queue, repeat' I thought I'd make some friends to chat with.

My name is Jess.

I am 17, M (or am I?) and I live in Australia.

I really enjoy drawing anime, of course my art isn't as good as others, but I would say I'm improving I love music, mostly new hits. My current favorite is Young Dumb and Broke by Khalid. I usually have a new favorite every 2 weeks I play games and read as well. Also a movie person, excited to see IT! I am also an idiot at times.

I first got into anime when I was online and watched One Punch Man and Tokyo Ghoul, I downloaded Anime Lab and explored the genres (I only watched some of one other anime though), then I watched 84% of the Netflix anime catalogue Then one of my friends told me about Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. That's when I came here, I then bought Premium to be spared the ads. Now I watch Crunchyroll, my go to anime platform. On my otaku high (I'm not an otaku i just had nothing to do the whole week) I watched 4 whole anime series in a whole week. I feel like its not something to brag about but something to feel sorry for.

Feel free to private message me if you want to chat about something whether its recent films, anime or music. Even art
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20 / F / Denmark
Posted 9/22/17
Well I joined CR a month ago, but I guess I still count as new? (:

1. My name is Maddie
2. I am 19 years old, Female and I live in Denmark
3. I make jokes when I am uncomfortable
4. My older brother haha. Although I only started watching anime when I joined CR so only a month ago
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25 / F / in the mountain
Posted 9/22/17
1. My name is Rachel
2. 25/Girl/Colorado
3. I love pug puppies more than anything
4. My first anime was Sailor Moon! And my mom probably got me into video games, we used to play together all the time! Pokemon and Spyro were my jam.
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 9/22/17 , edited 9/22/17
1. casey
2. 26/M/Ontario
3. I thoroughly enjoy curry rice and would eat it every meal if I could afford to. I use to bite my toenails.
4. My brother convinced me to watch the original Fullmetal Alchemist and I took off from there.
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31 / M / Canada
Posted 9/23/17
1. Name: Shawn
2. 31/Male/CA
3. I like to draw. I am socially awkward.
4. I got myself into anime upon discovering it in the 90's. I've always been into pencil animation.
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23 / F
Posted 10/10/17
Damn, son. Shinji was 21 when he posted this. He's 35 now. I feel so old since I can remember myself logging on to crunchyroll way back in high school

Well anyway............

1. Cae (pronounced as "kay")

2. 22 / F / PH

3. I'm socially awkward. My anxiety gets the best of me most of the time. But I've been trying to break free from my introverted state, and it feels great.

4. My dad has been playing video games waaay back during the Nintendo Family Computer era. So I like playing video games. My exposure to AXN back in early 2000's probably started my anime hobby.
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24 / F
Posted 10/11/17

1. Lily
2. 24/female/mediterranean
3. Iam afraid of people dont trust them used to be extremely shy ,introvert well still am but when i meet people they think iam really social
i tried a couple of chats at the past with diffirent sites but they were either dead or people were bullying so no...likey
im not great with the internet and chatting and the rules and i get anxious and i may make some mistakes please excuse me i cant help my
self.......!!! also my memory sucks ducks idont remember most of the things i watched or titles. thanks....

4.It started from a really young age first Sailor Moon,Dragon Ball z on the tv .Then they would prodcast Pokemon i loved the first season
then yu-gi-oh i didnt have internet or other ways to watch anime but slowly i managed to watch some till 19 where it was easier for me to find

Im cluless and mmm yeah awkward....bye
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21 / M / Oppai Hell
Posted 10/11/17
Good morning!

1. My name is PeripheralVisionary, Onii-lord of imoutos, but you can call me PV, Onii chan, Nii San, or anything similar.

2. 21 years of age.

3. I love imoutos! Add me if you want to be adopted! I like anime, love video games, and am quite talkative!

4. I am a bit slow and or bad at converting sounds into words, so I need subtitles on everything.

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32 / M / Ohio
Posted 10/11/17
1. I am Nukadude. Known as Nuka the Insane or Nuka the Chaos God.

2. I am 32.

3. Yes I am insane. I fit the official definition. No I am not crazy. There is a difference.

4. Feel free to add me or talk to me about anything. Just remember that logic and order are only suggestions, while chaos with inevitably control everything.
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