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22 / F / philippines, benguet
Posted 6/22/09
im leigh anne im 12 yrs old and of course im new here =D i just like staying at home actualy i dnt really lyk school dats y........ my brother showes me lots of cool things and well here i am now thats it oh yahhhhh uhhmmmmm cn u check my dragons below plss just see just one second is okay to me plssssssssss and i know u guys know how to do that since ur older dan me (and cooler XD) soo plsssssss

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24 / M
Posted 6/22/09
1. Alex
2. 19/male/ Romania
3. "I'm like a chocoholic but with alcohol"
4. i grew very obsessed with anime and games....i used to watch the original dragon ball when i was a kid...loved it...still do.....right now i'm waiting for diablo 3 to come out....big diablo fan.

I like Death Note very much, Samurai Champloo, Elfen Lied...and others
Posted 6/22/09
jasmin Louize
13 years old...
i absolutely despised gym..or anything that has to do with sports..:D probably cuz i'm super clumsy all the way..
my sister got a series of the FRUITS BASKEt manga and i got all obsessed and i found out that they had an the liking of anime has begun
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Posted 6/22/09
Well, I'm not exactly new but I never introduced myself or bothered much to talk on Crunchyroll's forum.

1. Rainy-Days
2. Female/ US
3. I have a sweet tooth..
4. Friend of mine introduced it to me.

Please take care of me~! x]
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25 / F / in your boyfriend...
Posted 6/23/09
1.) Hey my Name is Celesta Anares, you can call me Celest if you like ^^ I'm a nubie here ^^
2.) 19, Female, and I live in Asia Region.
3.) I'm all wird hehehe, well interesting fact about me is, I'm Dir en Grey Minded ^^
4.) What got me into Japanese Music was Hyde... But rite now I've ebcome a dir en grey minded ^^
Posted 6/23/09
1.) Hey my Name is Callum or you can call me CALLY-KUN as most do
2.) 17, MALE and live in ENGLAND o.O;
3) I like old First Person Shooter games, horror/scifi movies and interested inAisia mostly Japan.
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24 / M / Canada
Posted 6/23/09
Name - Tristan
ASL - 18/ M / Canada
Weird/ Interesting thing - If you've watched TV in Canada in the past 11 years you've
probably seen me in a commercial.
What got me into... Anime - Digimon, and I will never forget that!
Video Games - Zelda: Ocarina of Time, still the best one ever!
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26 / M / Azusa, CA (666 IN...
Posted 6/24/09
1. Stephen The Richard Hughes
2. 20-M-SoCal
3. No one is going to read this shit anyway, lol.
4. Internet and lots of free time in my youth.
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34 / F / usa
Posted 6/24/09
1. name - Eden
2. a/s/l - 28 (wah, so old on this site!)/female/texas
3. something interesting/weird about you - uh, i'm a 28 year old woman who loves anime and manga? j/k uhm.. nothing pg-13 appropriate springs to mind
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games - when i was in high school a friend of mine liked sailor moon and i teased her for it, when i was in college i made friends with a bunch of nerds and became one myself, eventually becoming president of our science fiction fantasy society. ^_^ i was queen nerd! we went to conventions and even hosted a costume ball for halloween. those were good times.
Posted 6/25/09
1. Name - Korey
2. live in WA USA
3. I like boxing, paintballing, racing, eating, strength trraining, watching anime, and playing games.
4. Iduno

I am actually not very new but whatever.
Posted 6/26/09
Name -->
A/S/L --> 14/M/US
Hmm.. Something interest Cant think of any right now
My friend are a huge fans of anime so that how I got into watching anime
Posted 6/26/09
Forgot About The Name
Name ---> KB
Posted 6/26/09

1. ilhaM
2. 22/Female/Casa
3. Nothin' special a part from that I adore Photography,Write poems,Create some stuffs, Readin' ...
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games ??? euuuuh Everythin' I got into when I was young I think like every child I've adoored Anime!! for music tooo!! and Games when I was Thirteen I discovered iT by my neighbouuur if I have a gd memory I think the first game I played was Escape from Monkey Island !!!
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22 / F / United States
Posted 6/26/09
1. My name is Kaede
2. I was born in Japan and moved to U.S
3.I'm seventeen
4. My favorite anime is Clannad
5.Favorite manga is Fruits Basket
Posted 6/26/09 , edited 6/26/09
1. Jcee - nickname that i don't use in rl life
2. i'm 14, a girl, i lived in a tropical country
3. a person that changes personality and mood by every hour
4. for animes: i get into them because of the drawing and how was it colorized, for the music: i like the beat-y ones, for games: i only play games that are exciting; i mostly play games at facebook.
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