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24 / M / Perth, Australia
Posted 7/22/09
1st post on crunchyroll... here it goes =P

1. Brian, although most people call me Savage on vent etc
2. 16/male/perth, australia
3. Aussie born, Asian raised, Anime bred, Gaming influenced (AAAG)
4. lol... been so long since my first anime xD... can't remember... most influential has to be fate/stay night which got me into otakuism (figurines and the like), saber ftw
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24 / F / Sweden baby
Posted 7/22/09
1. Michelle
2. 16/F/Sweden
3. I have no problems what so ever with spiders, but worms that just lay there scare the shit out of me!!!
4. I don't watch anime xD I like liveaction and anything asian though : D
Posted 7/22/09
1. Jacob
2. 21/M/Trapland
3. I can't help feeling that this thread is a dating site.
4. Naruto got me into anime because it was the first anime I ever downloaded.
Posted 7/22/09
1. Enrique.
2. 19 years old/Male/Mexico.
3. My eyes change color from light brown to greenish, don't know why, probably because of the light.
4. I don't remember, ever since I have memory I been playing games and watching anime, the weirdest part is that none of my family members do it so I don't know who or what got me to it.

Posted 7/22/09 , edited 7/22/09
1. Alan
2. 16/F/America
3. I'm really not F.
4. dsgusldkgj hi
Posted 7/22/09
Name: Tomoya
Age: 17
3: Yo
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28 / M / El salvador
Posted 7/22/09
2. 20 years old, male,Beaverton Oregon
3. I Like to Scuba dive
4. I think pokemon was the first anime I watched and from then on I have watched around 9 different anime
Posted 7/22/09
death is all around me
lets leave it at that
Posted 7/23/09 , edited 7/23/09
1. name ---> ???
2. a/s/l ---> 13/?/?
3. something interesting/weird about you ---> hold the name Devilzzz in MF
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games ---> i first watch Dragon Ball when i was 8/watching many cartoons on cartoon network/GBA
Posted 7/23/09
(DeSenpai: De for Devil, because I like to be a little evil sometimes, Senpai for...well Senpai.)

Okay so this is basically it:

1. Sofia
2. 20/Female/Lund-Skåne-Sweden
3. I remember very random pieces of information. Rome, for example, was according to legend founded on the 21st of 753 B.C.
4. A friend introduced me to manga, whick led the path to anime..and then to japanese music and asian dramas...and well it sort of went on from there.

Yoi ichinichi o mina-san!
Posted 7/23/09
I have many nicknames around the word onehicup.... 1h 1cup hic hicup jizzcup cup #1 one... mick.
Pokemon on SMTV live! i loved it because of Ant and Dec... i mean seriously they're still awesome. I'm more of a fan of music which was soul and guitar jazz when i was a kid, to rock when i turned 15yo. Now @ 20 i do random things like spend weeks obsessed with 90's music because it reminds me of when i was a child, and then japanese music because the music doesn't seem to repeat itself. ^So above was how i got into, and how i'm staying a fan of music!
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24 / M / Somewhere in Asia
Posted 7/23/09
Hello CR Forums!!!

1. Aiden Clement
2. 16 / MALE / SG
3. I have a life =D... got a band, perform gigs, loves fun
4. I used to think Naruto/One Piece/others suck
but when I started watching, that awkward feeling turn into some sort of liking for it ^^ haha
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28 / F
Posted 7/23/09
for me, a cup of coffee is a therapy
a friend introduced me to a korean boysband, and now, i can't stop to get to know about korea.. but im not so into anime..
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22 / F / my room... DUUH.
Posted 7/23/09
1. heeeyy im carol (:
2. 14/ F / korean
3. i like being weird, odd and different. :]
4. anime was always really interesting to me since i was born and ever since i turned on the radio and this music was on o_____O
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29 / M / Big Money Baller...
Posted 7/23/09
hey just call me strawberry or berry or straw or last straw whatever u like

im 21 im quite funny but i can be very mean also so dont cross me or u will know defeat
i like anime and reading manga im into naruto the most and by far one of my favorites
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