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37 / F
Posted 8/3/09
Hi there. I'm a newbie here. Hope I can make some friends o^.^o . I'm Vietnamese, so my Eng isn't very good ( means it's sooooo bad )
1/ Rinny ( or just Rin ), BabyKissU, Pineapple,...
2/ 18, Female, and what the hell is L ?
3/ I can move my ears without touch it ^^ weird
4/ I started to watch comics first when I was 6 (W Juliet) Then my big sis bring some Hitman and D.gray-man comics home. I borrowed her some. It's soooooo great! And dad bought me my own TV when I was 8.My "Anime #1 Fan career " finally begin I watch anime all the time. Hayate, Pokemon, Dragonballs, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood,... all went throught my hands and eyes.
10 years later (now), I wanna some anime club to gain more experience (about anime of course ^^) and I found Crunchyroll, my anime heaven ^^
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35 / M / TN, USA
Posted 8/4/09
Hello everyone. At the risk of being boring, I'm just going to stick to the basics I suppose, sorry!

1. Maelore is fine. If you know me well maybe some other name would be fine.

2. Currently I'm 26, and male. I live in the US, in Tennessee.

3. I have standard hobbies for an anime junkie I suppose (besides the obvious)... guitar, martial arts, drawing, reading. I'm good at many things I do, but not great at anything, really.

4. I was drawn in by a history with liking that style of drawing. Also I have an ex girlfriend from Hokkaido. She wasn't really much of a fan of anime though, hehe. Part of life's little ironies I suppose.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to being here with everyone.
Posted 8/4/09
1. Kazuko
2. 14/M/Tokoyo Japan (Its So Peaceful) :]
3. I come from a nice family... but my parents died a cupple months before my birthday now i have step parents and alot of step sisters... always harrasing me... its kinda fun actually hahah... i kinda love it =^.^= but i still miss my parents well... uh... I look like a girl but honestly... girls think im kawaii =^.^= so does my step sisters! xDD
4. Anime shows drawing got me into it i love it <333 plus we japanese made anime and the ps3 so thats why i love it! =^.^= i mainly play Runescape Main Game :]
5. I love to eat veggies i hate meat veggies are healthy meat kills animals not nice!!! >.< just made a number 5 cause thats how awsome i am heheh.... Go Japan! Sayonara! =^.^=
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25 / F / The Pokemon center
Posted 8/4/09
Haha...well i'm not exactly new to CR, but i'll introduce myself anyways xD

Hello all ^^
You can call me Mishy-chan :]
or just Mishy is fine too xP
i'm 16
if you want to know more
just check out my page
and feel free to add me
I love meeting new peeps :3
Posted 8/5/09
1. Katie
3.intresting........ 0_0 ummm nothing i can think of :3
4.When i saw people drawing manga i started drawing manga and i started then that got me into anime
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32 / F / Australia
Posted 8/5/09
1. Woodchips serves just nicely, wouldn't you agree?
2. 23/F/AUS
3. I have three surgical scars on my body.
4. Discovering-- purely by accident --Neon Genesis Evangelion on TV in 1998.
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38 / F / deep space
Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/6/09
1. My names Lily and i'm fifteen.
2. female and i live in california
3. What got me into anime was when i was looking for some cute pictures of ballerinas to print out this one picture kept popping up in my searches, an image of princess tutu, it is a cute little anime about ballerinas. after i watched that i found that my friends were into mangas as well.
4. i ended up liking the darker animes though.

i forgot to put something interesting about myself... uh... duh... I was once on the label of a soda bottle when i was little.

what are crpoints and why do ii have 19 already i havent done anything?

Please don't multiple post- you just need to edit your previous post ^-^ - thanks!
For info on CR points: ~s_j_b (CR Moderator)
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22 / F / United States
Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/6/09
1) Sakura
2) 13/female/United States (I'm not allowed to say what state.)
3) I'm usually a very random person. There's really nothing interesting about me, though.
4) The very first anime I watched was Pokemon. I guess that's what got me into it.

SaltyCornFlake wrote:

what are crpoints and why do ii have 19 already i havent done anything?

I've been trying to figure that out, too. What are they?
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Posted 8/5/09 , edited 8/5/09
1. Jessica (Kanna, as I'am known on most forums.)
2. 16/ F/ California, USA
3. I am right handed but I can't bend my right arm that well because I draw ALOT. So I'm guessing drawing messed up my right arm. T^T
4. Anime: Inuyasha is to blame. Music: I listen to mostly Johnny's music(KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjan8) so I guess I found out about them through a forum.
Posted 8/5/09
1. Jasmine
2. 17 / F / USA
3. I'm usually random and somehow I make people laugh all the time.
4. I blame everything on my cousins. HAHAHA They got me started on every anime/music videos/games.
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23 / M / Sweden
Posted 8/6/09
1. Jasper,friends call me Jess
2. 14/M/ Who cares anyway
3. I'm a drummer,in a band,a skateboarder...ehh that kind of shit...and i swear a lot..xD
4. I saw pokemon on TV and it got me interested in anime..later i found out about all anime shows
My family is full of musicians so i loved music since i was a kid...
And video games...i'm not into that shit...except Wii games.I saw a commercial on TV.
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30 / M / Campbell, CA
Posted 8/6/09
1. LaLut or John
2. 22/m/ca
3. im learning how to play my guitar =D
4. my friends got me into anime, and i found cr and love it and stayed =D
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26 / M / Toronto, Ontario
Posted 8/6/09 , edited 8/6/09
1. Call me Jacky
2. 18/M/Toronto
3. I want to be a professor at a university and do research on genetics/bio
4. Youtube has been a major factor
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47 / F
Posted 8/6/09
I'm Jo-Anne
San Francisco
I studied graphic design at City College and I'm also as a sales associate at the perfume store.
I love surfing (Santa Cruz's Cowells is the best) - it's like let it go from stress. I love video games (Final Fantasy series a must). I love drawing (sketch to computer), and I also make wooden swords (for cosplay).
I love listening ambient/electronica (Moby, Fatboy Slim..), classical (Chopin, Vivaldi..), and jpop/jrock (High and Mighty Color, Abingdon Boys School, etc)
I'm an anime freak/animeholic since I was happen Voltes V came out and it blow me away. Then Macross (before Robotech) came. And then Fullmetal Alchemist. And then Bleach. Then there was Victorian Romance Emma....that show changes my life - is like addictive like chocolate (I'm a Victorianphile), and Ouran High School Host Club gave me a burst of laughter to hell.

Thank u and I'm happy to be as a member
Posted 8/7/09 , edited 8/7/09
Hi I'm Giulio. I'm 22 (male) and live in Trentino, Italy. I am mostly interested in anime movies and OAV, so I basically would enjoy seeing some preview of what's coming up from Japan and share comments about the best works. Practicing my English is a secondary goal, but I still have good intentions
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