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21 / F / 'Someone' 's Hear...
Posted 8/7/09
1. Ma-chan
2. 14/f/UAE
3. i have a broken back and go to germany twice a year for recovery
4. i was watching Detective Conan when i was younger, it was in Arabic.. then my uncle (( a tottal jap freak )) came and told me "did you know that DC is jap" and i said "yah as if" and he said "no really" then he showed me the DC movies in japanese and i got so addicted and watched them over and over again then found out that many of wut i see is actually japanese and then watched them then got into drama and other japanese stuff
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22 / F / Australia
Posted 8/8/09
live in australia!!!!!!!!
i started with Dragon Ball in kindy................then....the originals like..............pokemon....sailor moon! interested again with avatar & One piece.......then.....................Naruto...........naruto shippuden................bleach......................
others like Bakugan & Blue Dragon were just flicks.................didnt do much 4 me!!!!!

feel free to pm or Gb me anytime.....anyone................need more buddies!!!!!!!lol...xoxoxo
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26 / F / uk
Posted 8/8/09

please click..!!
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21 / M / philippines
Posted 8/8/09
1. im jay
2. 15/male/______
3.interesting ones
4. my friends
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21 / F / *points to the sky*
Posted 8/8/09
1. Amby
2. 15 / F / Tenn.
3. I hate pudding o__o "
4. Was watching CN, and Naruto came up - now I hate naruto xD
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26 / F / New Zealand
Posted 8/8/09

1. Amy

2. 20/f/NZ

3. um...i love potatoes!

4. TV, before school I would watch beyblade, yu-gi-oh and dbz.. wuld b late most days! oh and my mate TIM! who suggested i watch naruto! love you lots!
Posted 8/9/09
1. Wittle
2. 15/Female/Philippines
3. Some people love eating tofu but i totally hate those. ><
4. Everything about it. Anime, music videos, and games don't bored me so i like those. But the only thing i hate about those three is that it made me give off less focus in my studies.
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25 / M / England
Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/9/09
1. Josh
2. 18/male/england
3. I'm pretty tall at 6ft 5... I want to be a writer..
4. A friend I was playing video games with linked me to code geass and it blew my mind... loved anime ever since, always played games though since I was little and had one of those computer like things you could play space invaders on.
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23 / F / Pluto
Posted 8/9/09
1.Christine alias Hunny
2.16 years old, living in germany. one of my toes always hurts me on PE lesson...-.-'' So at the end I'm bleeding there xD
4. I always loved first one was pokemon XD
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27 / F / Greece-Athens
Posted 8/9/09
1. My name is Niki (but you can call me Nikaki.... )
2. I am 21 years old/female (but my friends keep telling me that my character is really manly...,i don't know why )
/I live in beautiful Greece,Athens..
3. I enjoy writing poets or just little stories.....hmm something weird is that i cried a lot while i was watching L's Death in DN ( ) but recently,when i lost my little dog i was really ok!!!and i am!!! ...
4. I don't remember really well...i think it's because of my older-brother...he is a super super anime-maniac... ...

I am happy to be a member here...Domo arigato
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25 / F / Providence, RI
Posted 8/9/09
I usually go by Rain
live in Wading River, NY but i attend Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.
I have an awesome apartment there. I live with 8 other girls in a 3 story house.
I LOVE to play tennis

I got into anime by watching tenchi muyo on cartoon network with my best friend when i was little. Thats where it all began =D
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27 / M
Posted 8/10/09

-Jake (or BJ)
-21 / male / western australia
-I work for security at my town's airport
-I watched a little bit of DBZ when i was a kid but my anime addiction really started in high school when my friend showed me an AMV he had created and then gave me some episodes of the series he based it on

Check out my profile for some cool pictures you can use as desktop backgrounds!

I'll try to get some good photos from the airport up as well but that'll be difficult as there are certain areas that i'm not allowed to photograph and whether I'm allowed to get snaps of planes depends on where / when they are parked thanks to various laws and regulations :/ There's four up there now of some RAAF troop carriers that landed to refuel and perform a supply drop training exercise a week ago.

Add me as a buddy or drop some comments or whatever, i'm into the whole online community thing but i'm not good at seeking out people to chat too
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22 / F
Posted 8/10/09
Hello. Rong imouto here! Haha. Younger twin of rongrong94.
Pleased to meet you all. Got hocked on anime thanks to ane.
watched about all my ane's favourite animes eg prince of tennis, shugo chara, black jack etc etc.

Please be my fren! :D

rong imouto.
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36 / M / Davao City
Posted 8/10/09 , edited 8/10/09
1. Jonee
2.29/m/phil frens got me into anime..Dragonball was my first anime i watched
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F / Wonderland :DD
Posted 8/10/09
haii MissSarang here xD
sarang=love in korean btw
but i dont speak it D:
anyways nice to meet you all =)
i got into anime, music, and games because of my brother
so i watch all sorts of them
feel free to add me whenever you like
i dont care if you dont have the same stuff i like
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