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20 / M
Posted 8/17/09

1. name | aMc-drey.
2. a/s/ l |15/M/phil./
3. something interesting/weird about you | everything seems weird to me :/
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games | i don't know. suddenly im lured to it.

i'm still new the site.
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23 / M
Posted 8/17/09
1. Hazujin/ RL name: Wal


3.Uhh... I cut my hair by my own, i'm the guy who always makes weird sounds in the class room when the teacher isn't looking, though i do own at University ;D. But yeah, I'm the kind to think that the rest of the world is weird and i'm normal when the truth is the opposite, as my Uni mates remind me everyday...

4. Uhmm... i used to watch Cartoon Network since i was like 4, i was fascinated by english, and as i was growing up, i started watching cartoons/anime in german too, then japanese. I think Cartoon/Anime have been my greatest teacher ever. In both sociology and languages, teaches you how to live and how to share that life with people around you =]
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25 / F / La La Land
Posted 8/17/09

2)20/F/GA(its hott down here)

3)I'm quite 4 dimensional(sometimes),,i always say
something weird(like im a talking alien)...i sleep with
gum in my mouth(people say if you sleep with gum in your
mouth it ends up in your hair) aha not for me

4)Started listening kpop last yr..now working to listen jpop
(taking baby steps aha)..got into anime couple yrs ago..watching
it on adult swim remember watching Inuyasha & Case Closed late at night
even on a school night hehe..but now they rarely show anime like they used too
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21 / M
Posted 8/17/09
Yang =)
Just your average asian.
I was really bored one day and decided to find out why all my friends were addicted to naruto... Watched the first episode and i got hooked, which led me onto other animes lol...
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27 / M / Directly above th...
Posted 8/17/09
21/m/ LRAFB, United States
I love trying new foods and i've been known to be a pyro of sorts
I'd have to thank my buddy Lance for getting me hooked on the original dragonball that spurred me into the world of anime
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22 / F / Blargoerrgo
Posted 8/18/09
1. Bobblina (aka not telling you)
2. 16, Female, and hmm. . .I'll say Alaska:D
3. I am just wierd, but you should see me when im hyper:D
4. My cousin and im spreading the anime love to my friends mwuahaha

Ive been on here lots of time! and each time i had to find new friends cuz they deleted their pages just like me. . SO HIT ME UP!. . not literally though
Posted 8/18/09
male 19 Lisbon.
i´m pervy and bipolar.
anime: love Naruto and One Piece.
music: techno and metal.
movies: underworld, blade, hellboy, public enemys etc...
my friends told me to see the best quality episodes here and i end up signing in.
invite me to be friend or ask anything you want on my page!
luv u all!
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22 / M / World's End
Posted 8/19/09
1. DrkDrgn (All you need to know is that my last name literally has the word DRAGON in it; no joke)
2. Age:16/Male/New York
3. Something interesting about me is that I have lots of friends and its really amazing since I'm shy at first when talking to new people, even if i have seen them before.
4. I've been watching anime since I was little, but now is when I have become more interested about it.

Hope to make plenty of new friends here!
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21 / F / Where the sun set...
Posted 8/19/09
Um Hai ^^-waves-
1. Akina-chan ^^
2. 15/f/Canada ^^
3. Um....I hear voices inside my head O.o
4. Oh , my friends :)
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M / Louisville, Kentu...
Posted 8/19/09
3.I love to play Cello and breakdance. I guess i'm decent at it. Uhmmm... My first cosplay will be Eddy Gordo and it will be at Sugoicon! ^_^
4. I've always been into anime since I was a kid. Grew up with it due to my parents. Awesome, no?
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30 / F / sheffield
Posted 8/20/09
1. Hi im kaitlynn
2. 24/f/uk
3. i like ramen ALOT and i have an anbu tattoo on my thumb im really loving naruto Im a professional musician and im 6 feet tall
4. I used to steal my step dads anime videos and watch them in my room my first was doomed magalopalis

i have been on C.R for months and i only just found this lol
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F / Canada
Posted 8/21/09
1. You can all call me Eka. =)
2. Not going to diclose my age, but I live in Canada and I'm a Female.
3. Something interesting/weird about me, eh? ... Well I don't believe I have any qualities worth calling, "weird", but as far as interesting goes, I create anime music videos and some videogame music videos. It’s something I picked up in 2007, and eventually went from small-time to gaining quite a number of subscribers on Youtube. xD;; ^^ I love to edit in my spare time.
4. A friend, actually. ^_^ I met someone and became friends with them really quickly back in 2007, and she told me to watch more anime. Of course, I'd heard of it at the time, but I'd always bypassed it. So, I decided to check it out: I watched anime shows on TV every Friday or so (usually Naruto or InuYasha was on, but they really didn't interest me.) THEN I watched Eureka seveN and found myself totally and completed hooked on the show. From then on, I've been addicted to anime and manga. Eureka seveN is now my favourite anime, and my favourite manga is Fruits Basket.

I'll post as often as I can. =)
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26 / M
Posted 8/21/09
My mom, my friends call me wissam :D
Nice to be part of this lovely forum
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21 / F / Minnesota
Posted 8/21/09

1. Katie Lee
2. 15 / Female / MN , USA
3. Something interesting -- This is I think my 2nd time posting in here . I aged a year -- I thought it needed an update (:
4. My sister got me into drama which led to anime which led to the music which led me to manga which led me back to anime which led me to now dramas which led to watching and listening to them all at once (:
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24 / M / Las Vegas, NV
Posted 8/21/09

1. Glen
2. 19/M/Nevada
3. My real name is really interesting, not glen. Also im a doodle freak who likes filling up notebooks with random drawings.
4. I was exposed to anime when I was a kid in PI and reintroduced to it with toonami here. After that, I was hooked and it branched out to manga, dramas, even korean girl groups haha.
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