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32 / F / Maine
Posted 8/24/09
1. Hi my name is Manda!!
3. I am an extreme carnivore :D
4. I found my love for games when I started playing Nitrous Racing through a site that I work for. !! It's great!
Posted 8/24/09 , edited 8/24/09
3.People have found me to be random but by the stuff I have said, they find it funny and interesting
4.My love for games started on an old N64 and my love for anime arose when I watched Cowboy Bebop.
Posted 8/24/09
1. Likun/Avin/Jyuuna/Li
2. 16/ M/ Philippines
3. Hmm.... they said to me that im a jolly person with different personality to other persons.. XD
4. Hmm... for games .Hack//G.U.
in music.. hmm.... I started to listening jmusic when i heard the opening song of the anime series Flame of Recca.. XD

Nice to meet you all! XD
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26 / M
Posted 8/25/09
1. Hi I'm Martin
2. 17/Male/Australia
3. Half the people I know say I am random... the other half say I'm to seriouse >_<
4. I got into anime through friends... and old childhood cartoons ^_^
Posted 8/25/09

Kyvanatic wrote:

1. Kyvanatic
2. 14 / Female / Indonesia
3. Hard to describe how interesting i am!!

Hope meet you again (in hell)!!!
I'm queen, I'm lord....

Nice to meet you!!

Haha, props to you girl! DONG BANG SHIN KI FOREVER! ^^

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23 / F / Manila
Posted 8/25/09
Here it goes...

1. Gia / Amaterasu
2. 14 / Female / Philippines
3. I somehow love going to school... while others don't...
4. Ever since I'm a small kid... I'm already watching... I think it's in the genes... Both of my parents likes anime and usually persuade us to watch (like their faves such as Voltes V, Dragon Ball, etc.)

So the outcome is that I become anime addict along with my sis and bro...
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26 / F / Oman
Posted 8/25/09

1. Fatima
2. 17 / Female / Oman
3. LOVE DANCING / I like jumping on bed while listening to music
4. What got me into anime was my sister who kept persuading to watch it .. when i did .. i became addicted
i dont really like game and these stuff xD
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F / somewhere where d...
Posted 8/25/09

1. Marie
2. 28/ Southern California
3. First anime/manga.. GetBackers. Fell in love with it, and never looked back!
4. Best experience.. Japan in 2007!! Can't wait to go back!

If you wish...Add me as a buddy
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28 / M
Posted 8/25/09
1. Giygas
2. 19/m/USA
3. I want to destroy you
4. my friend converted me into a weeaboo
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37 / M / Yorktown VA
Posted 8/26/09

1. Craygee
2. 28/M/Virginia
3. Huge computer geek! w00t! Trying to convert an 8x8 storage room full of boxes with VHS and LaserDisk copies of anime! Last time I counted there were a little over 1200 titles in the storage room. LOL They are at the age where the VHS are starting to go bad and I dont know where my backup lazerdisk player is
4. I got the privilege to watch Laputa on LaserDisk in 87 or 88. I was amazed and haven't seen much else better
Posted 8/26/09
Dave, newbie to anime scene, my sister is Rina-San and told me to join so yeah.
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24 / M
Posted 8/26/09
HI im megan
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28 / F / apple street
Posted 8/26/09
hi pplz im new, i was smellyeggs sis and was using his acc so if i pulled my scythe out on you u know its me :)
psst i evolved into a weeaboo!!
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30 / F
Posted 8/27/09
Hi everyone! Glad to be on CrunchyRoll!!!!!! ^_^
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26 / F / BLEH
Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/27/09
1. name
Vikkeh or Sakki.. either way works
2. a/s/l
17/F/Somewhere ;3
3. something interesting/weird about you
Hmm.. good question.. I move from things to things. But as of right now. I study Music for a career in life.. ^^;
I'm also training as a Capoeirista and working on stunts. I love British stuff! <3 Someday i want to move to London xD
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games?
Lol.. it was born within me.. My mom use to LOVE anime, so that got passed down to me. Although i don't watch as much as i use to.. >_<;
As for Games.. hehe being playing them since i was little, so bleh.. I still play them, but just not as much. I think i enjoy Fighting and RPG the most..
MV.. i dunno what to say about that.. just something i watch from time to time. i guess
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