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27 / F
Posted 8/28/09
hello everybody!!!

I am new here. Name is Misbah, live in canada. I am half pakistani and chinese.

I joined this site coz i loveee korean, twainese dramas!!!
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117 / Where the Wild Th...
Posted 8/29/09
1. OhGeeWillikers : ) > Yuki is the name (for real ) :P
2. 15 / good question / CANADA
3. I like to count things :3 && right now, everytime I hear the song`Jai Ho` I feel like dancing :D
4. I was born with it x3
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F / UK
Posted 8/29/09
1. My name is Ruth.
2. 11 yrs, female, UK.
3. I don't know. Aaargh. Umm... My friend calls me Dictionary Girl cause apparently I know every word in the English language. Oh that sounds so sad.
4. I told my friend about when I went to Japan and think I may have mentioned anime or manga, I'm not sure... Anyway, next day she told me about this really great anime, Tokyo Mew Mew. I have watched all of it and it's really good. P.S. PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE TOKYO MEW MEW WITH MEW MEW POWER. PLEASE.
Posted 8/29/09
I am Rin :P
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25 / M / England
Posted 8/29/09
1. name
Thomas / Tom / (My Anime loving Japanese Nerds call me) Tomu-(Insert Formality here)
2. a/s/l
16, 17 in October 09 ;D / Male / England - Milton Keynes.
3. something interesting/weird about you
Did you know I'm actually a(n) - Using your imagination, make up a cool sounding word and insert it here-
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games?
I'm not sure what got me into Anime and manga, it just lured me into it's ever-binding trap of Japanese goodness.
Posted 8/30/09
1.) My name is a secret
2.) Im 19, male, living in sweden.
3.) There is nothing special about me yet i can never fit in a crowd.
4.) I guess it was sailor moon and pokemon that got me into anime, later i read the dragonball manga and after that one piece. But it wasn't untill i was 18 i got into it for real. That was when i started watching naruto because a friend wouldn't shut up about it. I remember i finished the whole series (220 episodes) in like a week or two, eating nothing but cup noodles and drinking pepsi (my parents were on a vacation so i had to get my own food :P). If i could have turn back time i would never have started watching anime, its a gateway to hell. I dont think you can ever get rid of the addiction.
Posted 8/30/09

leigh_nn009 wrote:

im leigh anne im 12 yrs old and of course im new here =D i just like staying at home actualy i dnt really lyk school dats y........ my brother showes me lots of cool things and well here i am now thats it oh yahhhhh uhhmmmmm cn u check my dragons below plss just see just one second is okay to me plssssssssss and i know u guys know how to do that since ur older dan me (and cooler XD) soo plsssssss


thats some really nice dragons you got there!
Posted 8/30/09

Rainy-Days wrote:

Well, I'm not exactly new but I never introduced myself or bothered much to talk on Crunchyroll's forum.

1. Rainy-Days
2. Female/ US
3. I have a sweet tooth..
4. Friend of mine introduced it to me.

Please take care of me~! x]

Dont translate yorushiku into english xD it sounds weird
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28 / M / Everett
Posted 8/30/09
i am not new but i havent been using this site, i need new friends! =]

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22 / F
Posted 8/30/09
1. Kate
2. 14 years old born in 4/25/95
3. I'm a goth girl, and I have ADHD
4. most of that information in on my profile so yeah
Posted 8/30/09
• PM if you'd like to know. :P
• 15 years old / Female / Philippines
Something interesting/weird about you:
• there are times that even i'm already mad, i still looked like happy, that's why my classmates and friends asks me all the time whether i'm mad or i'm just happy. LOL.
What got you into anime/music videos/games?:
• Hmm.. Because they lessen the boredom and it just amazes me at times.
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32 / F / Florida
Posted 8/31/09
1. You can call me Momo
2. 24 (feeling very old right about now)/ Female/ Florida
3. Something weird? I can pick up pennies off of tile floor with my toes.
4. What got me into games? The Legend of Zelda back when it was released on the NES. I so rocked that game as a kid. As far as anime, Akira. I LOVED Akira as a child.
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25 / F / At Home.
Posted 8/31/09
1. Rose
2. 17/F/Canada
3. Hmm, im not very interesting ><;;
4. My friends got me into anime/manga when i was young~
Posted 8/31/09
3:i like funny drama
4:i think frist anime k on was frist anime i watched
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29 / F / malaysia
Posted 8/31/09
im hana
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