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Posted 9/17/09
1. name Karen
2. a/s/l 16/female/California
3. something interesting/weird about you I'm allergic to milk and eggs.
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games I went to Vietnam, and I watched animax. That's all.
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24 / F / NM
Posted 9/18/09

18(gonna be 19 next fridayy)/ f/ NM..the fkn desert lol

-um...I love the Japanese culture and pretty much all of Japan, but..I personally HATE fish and seafood.. yea,doesn't really work out for me,does it?

-Let's see,it all started back when I was about...hmm 6? 7? and me and my little sister would sit in our room, eat peanutbutter&jelly sandwiches,and watch our Hello Kitty movies on VHS. Hell yea, I was that legit back in the day! haha
(still a major HK fan, btw)
Ever since then, I've just always loved cartoons, old school "normal" ones, and anime as well. But at the time I didn't really realize there was such a genre for those shows.

Final Fantasy games, Saturday morning Yu-Gi-Oh! shows/marathons with little brother, Case Closed and random anime shows later on when he and I were older, watching late night Adult Swim anime.

And then came...FRUITS BASKET! pretty much the best manga series ever, so far, in my opinion. :]
Since I became so obsessed with Furuba, however, I kinda lost track of any other manga or anime even existing..lol
So now I'm slowly getting back into the scene and checkin out what's new or good.

Anyone got any suggestions, or wanna shout out to their favorite anime or manga, let me know! ^_^
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18 / F / England
Posted 9/19/09 , edited 9/19/09
1. Diana
2. 12 / Female / Newcastle-UK
3. Ummm. Umm. Um. I Have A Birthmark That Goes all the way up my arm.
4. Well. When I was Like 5 I started watching Dragon-ball z and sailor moonThen It stopped coming on tv! then i searched about it online when i was 9 and found all sorts of other things like Them! Such as Naruto! And Bleach! And Yugioh! and Shugo Chara! And Skip Beat! and Death Note! And still going strong 4 years later.
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21 / F / *gulp* I forgot a...
Posted 9/19/09
1)Scarlet desu~
2)16/100% female/the watery sky
3)random alright, also, I'm very spoiled, and change personality real fast!
4)My damned cousin got me into anime when I was barely 8!! Well, I suppose I decided to follow her cause anime was uncommon to me. I don't really regret it. My imagination has grown a lot since then.
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32 / M / Costa Rica
Posted 9/20/09 , edited 9/20/09
1. My name is Henry, my close friend and family call me Joel (It is my second name(In my country with have two names and two last names))
2. 26 next saturday I will turn 27/m/ San José, Costa Rica (Great place for Tourism)
3. When I was a kid my local channel showed Captain Harlock (I can't watch here :'( and It was called Captain Raimar(Mexican traduction), Josefina (I don't know the name in english and it was the most bizarre anime ever), Candy and others. But I got hooked up with Ranma when I was in highschool.
4. I am a pc gamer my favorite games are Hl series and Psychonauts, I like Adventure games, RTS, Platform games and RPG. Also I like to read my favorite book is Dracula (Bram Stoker), I like Jose Saramago and Classic literature like Odisea, Ileada and I like to read light novels and mangas.
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27 / F
Posted 9/20/09
LOL IS IT to late to introduce myself
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23 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 9/20/09
17/Male/ Wisconsin
um, something interesting. let's see here. i have never meet anyone who likes my type of music.
from what i can remember, watching the first gundam series to ever be released to basic cable got me hooked. I got hooked on crunchyroll after a friend told me about it.
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32 / M / Sweden
Posted 9/20/09
Name's David. Yoroshiku!
I'll be 27 years old this October. (2009)
I'm from a small town in southern Sweden (it's not as cold here as most people think, NO we do not have polar bears crossing the streets!)

Hmm, something interesting... Well, urgh... I like the rain, but hate thunder. <.< >.>
I can cook without using a microwave! (I bet you're impressed now! /sarcasm)

I watched my first animé when I was in jr.high, Akira. But I didn't really get hooked on anime until much later when a friend introduced me to Suzuka. I've always been fascinated by japanese culture, so it wasn't really hard to get me hooked.

Feel free to add me, I always enjoy a good chat. :)

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20 / F / Tokyo, Japan
Posted 9/20/09
kaede desu~!

i'm turning 15 on december 24 :P

i live in philippines.

i'm into all sorts of anime and jpop.

i don't know how to campaign my profile so please please add me!

thanks in advance!
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19 / F / Indonesia
Posted 9/21/09
My name is Riska.
I'm from Indonesia (please don't hate me because of that..)
My birthday 28 Mar 1995.
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Posted 9/21/09
The name is Meown. I am a cat in human's clothing. See you.
Posted 9/22/09 , edited 9/22/09
Name: Brandon =D

A/S/L: 19/M/Massachusetts for a few more months =[

Something interesting:..hmm..im half korean/ quarter italian and quarter american lmaoo and i laugh at everything T_T.

What got me into..: Music everyone is into =D so it's a good point of interest =D.

Something else interesting: My mom woke me up at the crack of dawn to tell me shes shipping me like some food to korea in a month or two lmaooo.
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19 / F
Posted 9/22/09
1.) lovecity :)
2.) 14 / f / England - British-born Chinese, (Y)
3.) I can roll my tongue 2 time into a little wave Oh, and I lovelovelove weird food, eg. chocolate-coated jelly sweets from HK
4.) My beloved sister <3
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19 / M
Posted 9/22/09
the name is Achmad
14 m indonesia

and something interesting? ummm maybe, drawing skill and the weird this about me is that i have 2 inner sides of myself... i'm so nice to everyone but i'm so easy to be raged by someone,i dunno why i can't hold it...
Posted 9/23/09
1. LadyYellowViolet
2. 23/f/Finland
3. My aura has many colors....
4. I was like 9 or 10 when I watched Sailor Moon, but what really got me into anime (after I found out what that is) was Gravitation.
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