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Which movies have you seen that you were really looking forward to seeing, but ended up being disappointing?
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29 / M / Behind You
Posted 8/1/12
The Hangover.
I think I fell victim to the hype. I kept hearing that it was the funniest movie since ____________ .

Then I saw it in theaters and thought it was avg.
Posted 8/5/12
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29 / F / Cerulean City
Posted 8/20/12 , edited 8/20/12
Inception. It had a divine cast, and while of course they all acted sufficiently, all of these actors can be much more than this movie, they didn't give anyone a great character to fill out. Marion Cotillard just kept popping up with a gun, Ken Watanabe spent a good part of the movie unconscious. I mainly remember Joseph Gordon-Levitt floating through the air, Ellen Page walking and talking. Tom Hardy chilling in the cafe. They weren't parts that challenged them, it was all action. It wasn't deep. Though people kept going on and on an on about it, saying it was the best movie ever made. It wasn't bad, but I think Shutter Island which came out the same year with the same star (Leo) was a much more imaginative and emotional film, even if it had some flaws. Inception wasn't visionary, it felt like a heist movie to me pretty much.
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