FanSubs and Industry Panel
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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/20/08
Heres an interesting read and watch

Pretty much the status of anime or something like that

[Qoute]At Otakon 2008, a new sort of industry panel took place. Attempting to bridge the gap between the American anime industry and the fansubbers that are increasingly overtaking them as the means fans use to get their anime, the panel hosted several prominent fansubbers (under their IRC pseudonyms) from groups LivEEviL (YaoiBoy), Shinsen Subs (GetFresh) and Dattebayo (Hishoburaiken and Interactii), along with Funimation's Lance Heiskell, Media Blaster's John Sirabella and MB production guru Sean Molyneaux. The panel was hosted by Ken Hoinsky from the new translation company MX Media.[/qoute]

The video is an hour long but worth watching.

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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
OP gone, dead thread.

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