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Posted 5/4/09 , edited 5/5/09
Name: Alyssa...everyone just calls me Aly or A.J. but seriously speaking I like Aly

Age: 15 (16 in october....but hey i'm older than Chii even if it's just a month...)

Grade: 10....and in a few months 11th (I feel old TToTT)

Hobbies: Reading, writing, music, singing, acting, baking, DRAMAS, ANIME, research on my fave j-bands (aka KAT-TUN, HSJ, NEWS, Arashi, Ancafe...etc)

Interests: KAT-TUN, HSJ, Yuto, NEWS, Japan, shiny things lmao, dramas, learning many languages (I know like 3 english, French, Tagolog, and im working on japanese)

When you found out about Yuto: I was and still am a kat-tun fangirl and my friend suggested hsj.....i ignored her....then i saw mayonaka no shadow boy thought the guy who did the second 'Shadow' was hot and well the rest is history

What his ranking is in your heart: Ehhhhh um about 2 or 3

Why you love him: Dude he's frikin adorkable lol i find guys who can be hot and cute very attractive plus he can act and sing BONUS and he's tall i like tall. And also I luffles his personality yes

Random Comment!: My head hurts CURSE YOU AKANISHI JIN (inside joke feel free to ask) and Yuto is TEH SH......AWESOME SAUCE YEAH THAT
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