New drama Coming up called ''East of Eden''
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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/22/08

The new MBC drama "East of Eden" stars Lee Da-hae as an ambition driven woman.

Her character is of a woman who graduated a Law school top of her class. And with her great intelligence and talent, Hye-rin chooses to give up on love for her ambitions.

Hye-rin's first love is Yeon Jeong-hoon acting as Dong-wook, a king and gentle man. Dong-wook loves his family dearly and became a judge in revenge for his father's death. He is as ambitious as Hye-rin for becoming so far in his career. Hye-rin falls in love with his innocent eyes and heart.

Another love that Hye-rin encounters is Song Seung-heon acting as Dong-cheol who has lived a rough life. He is a wild spirit who can even give up his life just to achieve vengeance for his father's unjust death. Hye-rin falls in love with this man who has a passionate yet innocent heart.

Hye-rin is a different character compared to other bright and cheery characters that Lee has taken. Hye-rin is strong and serious. Let's see how this love triangle is resolved in this drama!

"East of Eden" will be aired this 25th.

OMg me im so totally inlove with Song Seung Hun and Lee Da-hae!!

cant wait!!!
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Posted 8/22/08
CAN'T wait!
Lee Da Hae!
can't wait
to see her
again! nd Han Ji Hye!
can't wait to also
see Yeon Jeong-Hoon
nd Song Seung-heon.
I am SO
gonna watch this!
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Posted 8/22/08
oki i'll watch it
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Posted 8/22/08
um....i wonder is dis drama nice or not^^
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Posted 8/22/08
Ohh the pictures are very stylish, no?
She's so pretty, and the men! Oh la la!
LOL, anyways can't wait for this either

Posted 8/22/08
does anyone know when its going to start
Posted 8/22/08
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