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Post Reply Important Facts about Yama-chan!!!
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Posted 9/13/09
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Posted 10/8/09 , edited 10/8/09
Wow he is the most popular of Hey!Say!Jump!! I kind of know that since he has
sooo many fangirl. I hope he will keep up with his hard work and we will always support him.
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Posted 10/8/09
Posted 12/19/09

Anime_Loli wrote:

1)He is the most popular member of Hey! Say! JUMP and was the most popular member of Johnny's Junior (over 200 people) before he debuted as Hey!Say!JUMP.

2)He gained the largest popularity in the TV drama Tantei Gakuen Q.

3)At Hey! Say! JUMP concerts, the screams of fans are the loudest when Yamada sings since he is the most popular. The goods (paper fans, posters, stickers, towels, files, etc.) of Yamada, available at concerts, are always sold out. At the spring concert the goods that were sold out were only Yamada's out of the 10 Hey!Say!JUMP members.

4)Since the agency knows the popularity of Yamada, people working at the concert make more of his goods than the other 9 members's so it wouldn't be sold out, because they don't want the differences in popularity(the number of fans) to be so obvious.

5)He has received many awards and is usually in the top 5 in rankings. Some of the awards are: Best Actor (2007), Best Helping Actor (2007), Most wanted as a boyfriend (2007 and 2008), Most wanted as a pet, Most wanted as a brother, Most wanted as a senior at school, Most wanted as a friend, Want to Kiss, Nicest, Most good-looking, Best at cooking, Most in style, Best to go for help, Most sexy, Most likely to be a good father, Want to go to Karaoke together, Funniest, Best Photo of the Year (2007,in a magazine), Star Raking (1st place(2007 and 2008), 3rd place(2007 and 2008), etc.), Favorite Male On-Screen Talent(1st place, 2 times), Most likely to have a major break through in 2008, etc.

6)On June 28, 2008, 500 people (250 men, 250 women) were asked the question, "Who do you think is being successful in Japan right now?", and Yamada received 3rd place, following 1st place Haruma Miura, a Japanese Actor, and 2nd place Ryo Ishikawa, a Japanese pro golfer.

7)When Hey! Say! JUMP members are asked, "If you were a girl, who would you want as your boyfriend in Hey! Say! JUMP?", half of the members answer "Yamada". Also, when 150 Johnny's Jr.s were asked, "If you were a girl, who would you want as your boyfriend in Johnny's Jr.?", 1st place was Yamada.

8)In the last two singles of Hey!Say!JUMP, Dreams Come True and Your Seed, Yamada has been the lead singer, dancing in the center of the stage, and getting the most time in front of the camera, almost like the leader of the group now.

9)He is famous among fans of Hey!Say!JUMP as being the best dancer and even fans of other Johnny's groups acknowledge that.

Yamada is REALLY GREAT!!! Hope this info helps in u getting to know Yamada better!! Ah,and this where i get the info from- With that,Have fun reading it! For all Yamada Lover including myself ^_^''

sugoi nee...
i'm so jealous..!
because my chinen yuri is not that popular...
gambatte chii and ryo-chan..

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Posted 12/20/09
DAAANG, it's really tough falling in love with a total celebrity.
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