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Sick things in forums
Posted 9/16/08
*waiks up* hey Zein did u pick something out *gets up off of the couch*
Posted 9/23/08
-growls but says nothing-
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23 / F / In your house wit...
Posted 9/24/08
i have never heard of a rappist wolf before now
Posted 9/25/08
ya ask moon she`s always tryin 2 rape me lol
Posted 9/26/08
eww gross am not
Posted 10/7/08
ya u kinda do lol she a serious perv
Posted 10/7/08
am not -walks up to rikki and smacks himon the back of his head - quit talking about yourself
Posted 10/8/08
im not tlkin bout me im tlkin bout u lol u ecchi girl
Posted 10/20/08
yaa sure ur not -bends water on u soking u then laughs-
Posted 10/21/08
rikki laughs as a wind blows all de water of of him nd blow dust into ur eyes
Posted 10/22/08
-keeps my eyes closed so to dont get in my eyes-
Posted 10/22/08
wen u open ur eyes u suddenly find dat u cnt see nd dat everything is quiet
Posted 10/26/08
-sighs- ur using ginjutsu arnt u Zein
Posted 10/30/08
"haha u no? well doesn`t matter ur not strong enough 2 break dis if u still haven`t learned 2 control de lightning ^^"
Posted 10/30/08
o fuck off
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