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Posted 8/26/08
Oh yes introduce myself......ok!!!
My name is mimi
i am 14!!!! fave superhero hmmm.....BEN TEN!! lol jk meh likes..i dunno ima pick at random ~Dash~ (from the Incredibles!!)
Hm...may sounds like a lie but its true Your choice to belive me...or not :(...SOMETIMES and only SOMETIMES i can tell whats going to happen before it happens..
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22 / F / behind you :{D
Posted 8/27/08
1. Hana / Kay
2.13 yrs old (currently)
3.born in usa but grew up in indonesia xD
4.umm...i don tink i hav 1...lolz xD
5.Nyappy~! X3
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23 / F / in the heaven
Posted 8/27/08
1.My name is Juliani,my nickname is Sakura
2.I'm 14
3.I'm Indonesian favourite superhero........i dunno leh
Posted 9/13/08
-is there a real superhero O_O i didnt know it xD
-im pissed....
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22 / F / ( ・∀・)/ in my lal...
Posted 9/13/08 , edited 12/23/08
1.Sofia ;
nickname is Cozumi<3
2. Thirteen
3. Singapore
4. None ; didn't really think about it or adore them ><
5.&I loves ANIME(:
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Posted 10/2/08
1. My name is Paul. (Boring, huh?)
2. Just turned 17 today!
3. United States *Sigh*
4. My favorite superhero is Spiderman.
5. Something random that I want to say: My battery is about to die, because my laptop's charger doesn't work, and my mother will not let me borrow hers...and it's aggravating me. Badly. So don't mind me if I suddenly disappear.

Nothing can represent me better than myself, right?
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77 / M / Toronto
Posted 10/30/08
hi my names is james but call me j
i just turn 18XD ..
im from toronto canada..
fav superhero ~ venom :P
random ... i wanna go ghost hunting now but none of my friends wanna go or busy darn cant check out old finch >_>
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29 / from the peace
Posted 11/4/08
Hi everybody
my name is Eman. my nickname is emo or emy.
Iam 20.
Iam from egypt.
My favorite hero is catwoman.
I love ancient egyptian civlization. I hope to know all the secrets of them.
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23 / my blog :P
Posted 11/4/08
my name is Chocolate Ai :), i'm 14 years old XD
i'm in Malaysia, a Chinese XD
superhero.... Genjyo Sanzo!! XD wakakakakaka
random? world domination!!! XD wakakakaka

Posted 11/4/08
1.) im Sniege! Nice to meet you all^^

2.)13 but on monday i be 14...XD

3.) im from lithuania

4.) my fav superhero....hehe..i dont know..>.<

5.) i love to listing to music and dacing...^^.. also meeting with my friends ans chatting..^.~
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Time & Space
Posted 11/5/08
1. Write your name:
Tychina - Nickname In RL: Meme(it means little sister)

2. Your Age (please be honest about it):
13 Years Young( XD i don't think 13 is old)

3. Your Country:

4. Your Favourite Superhero:
do anime-drawers count 2??

5. And something random...just something u wanna say...:
Random... Random... Random... hm...

Walking alone in the icy wind with a little piece of hope.

also if you want, you can post a pic representing you...:

Actually i kinda look like Jigoku Shoujo, but i like Manatsu so let's say i wanna be represented as her XD
Posted 11/5/08
1. My name is Alexxis but my friends call me Alex
2. i'm 14
3.From the U.S
4.My fav. superhero: I don't really know
5. Everyone in my school is weird!!

I love to play basketball
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26 / M / In the dark under...
Posted 11/11/08
2. My name is Bryme....
3. Im 13
4. Im A filipino
4.My Favorite superhero is...... Invisible girl from Fantastic 4.... Shes hot Though
5. I wanna say...... Hot Chicks Loves me... ^_^
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27 / F / earth ... duh
Posted 11/15/08
1. Sam 'nickname' (my real name's a little unique and hard to say)
2. 18
3. Bangladesh
4. (currently) none
5. one of favs quotes Friendship is like peeing in your pants, everyone can see it, but only you can feel it, thanks for being the pee in my pants
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24 / F / my stories ;)
Posted 11/15/08
1. Write your name: Madiha Khan XD
2. Your Age: 15 =)
3. Your Country: well im from Pakistan, but born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
4. Your Favourite Superhero: Batman...defiantley Batman XD
5. And something random...just something u wanna say: i like to read, write, listen to music, i like randomness, but even randomness has its own moments XD

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