Post Reply ~*GAME*~ Ahh-LITTER-ATION x]
Posted 8/23/08
1. make an alitteration for a chosen letter from the previous forumn! try 2 make urs longer from the previous person!

2. u may not quote forumns

3. u may not repeat any1 else's alitteration

For example: letz say the chosen letter is "M":

Mistress Mary Morgan Made More Meat Meals Madly.

make 1 for

Posted 8/23/08
oh i wanna try.
hm lets see
Ancient Artist Alvin Adams Ate Applepies At Appleley's.(lol that's what my lil bro calls applebees)lol
Posted 8/24/08
Dont 4get ur chosen letter is

Posted 8/24/08

Big, Bald, Bashful, But Bored, Billy Boy Bake Bananas

Posted 8/25/08
Carly came carefully, calling canned-candy canes calmly
Posted 8/25/08
i choose:

Posted 9/12/08
The fax was fugly
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